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5 Inexpensive Dorm Room Decor Ideas

By Rip Van Winkle, published on Jan 21, 2019

Think of a dorm room as an extension of your personality: Every poster, every painting and even the furniture reflects who-you-are to your guests. In effort to separate you from the other 40,000 students that have "unique" beer replicas hanging in their dorms, I have created a list of 5 inexpensive dorm room ideas.

Go to Thrift Shops

Don't let the stigma of shopping at a thrift shop send you running for the hills. Thrift shops have two main advantageous to you. They have unique items accompanied by a cheap price tag. Enter the doors of a thrift shop and you'll find... (more)

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5 Decor and Design Ideas That Will Make Your Apartment Feel

By Rip Van Winkle, published on Dec 17, 2018

A lot of complexes come with amenities like on-site gyms, pools and security. And if you're really lucky, you can find a place that offers free water or Wi-Fi.

In fact, there aren't a lot of challenges that come with apartments other than the fact that sometimes it can be a bit difficult to make it feel warm and cozy like a house does. But, if you would like a few tips on how you can do just that without spending a lot of money in the process, we have five decor and design ideas that you can easily apply over the course of one weekend below:

Paint your walls (or your... (more)

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Cross Platform Tools Benefit Mobile Application Developments

By Rip Van Winkle, published on Mar 15, 2018

Experts are coming up with modifications and great improvements in these application developments. While that has made the apps these days really efficient and successful, the only aspect to look forward to is cross platform development of these apps.

Apps that run and work today on a particular operating system say Windows isn’t efficient enough to get live on Android or iOS and so on. Hence, there is an indispensable need to make the platform independent. Besides, making the apps platform independent has numerous advantages too.

Cheaper Cost and Resources

... (more)

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How to Put Together a Care Package for a College Student

By Rip Van Winkle, published on Feb 11, 2016

Well, am I right or am I right? Fortunately for you, you came to right website! Read on to learn how to put together the perfect care package for your college student.


What is something that you, me and 99.9% of the human population have in common? We all like receiving money! Let's face it, every college student would love to have a few extra bucks to buy themselves a nice meal. Give your child the gift of free choice by putting money in the care package. I won't promise you that your student will use the extra funds to buy a new calculator; but I promise you that this... (more)

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5 Low Cost Businesses That College Students Can Start

By Rip Van Winkle, published on Feb 10, 2016

There are even a lot of ways to start a business without very much money. Here are 5 low cost businesses that college students can start.

1. eBay Store

Is there anything that you particularly love to buy online? Do you know exactly where to find the rarest items within this field and where to find the best deals? If so, then you might be great at running an eBay business. You can start by selling a few things that you already own, or that you can find fairly easily. Once you've grown a small bit of capital, you can start to stock up on items and sell them to the public for a profit.... (more)

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Advice for Students That Want to Play Sports in College

By Rip Van Winkle, published on Feb 10, 2016

The downside is that many college students don't see a dime of this money, but the upside is that you get to be a part of a team that travels and is sometimes featured on television. Most of all, it will give you a chance to get your foot in the door of the professional leagues when you graduate.

If you play at an elite level in baseball, basketball, football or other Division I sport, you may be able to land a full scholarship to your college of choice with the prospects of continued success in the pros. When you get a scholarship, you have to maintain a certain grade point average,... (more)

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Helpful Advice for Starting a Small Business in College

By Rip Van Winkle, published on Feb 9, 2016

If you are wondering how starting a small business is possible, especially if you live in the dorms or a small apartment, you need to realize that there is a plethora of businesses concepts that don't require any physical space to be a success. Of course, you could start an online delivery business or you could launch an online website design firm.

Before you start your business, you want to make sure that you have all your ducks lined up in a row. Starting a small business in college is not like starting a small business later in life. You have to think of the constraints of actually... (more)

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Why the paper is so important among the scientific community

By Rip Van Winkle, published on Feb 4, 2016

The paper is one of the assessment guidelines that are important in almost all universities. Therefore, every student needs to have access to the quality paper.

One form of paper is a scientific paper. A Scientific paper is a written report describing the results of research or studies that have been done by a person or a team to fulfill the norms and ethics of science that have been confirmed and adhered to by the scientific community.

There are various types of scientific work, including research reports, conference papers and journal articles that basically, all of which is... (more)

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Tips on Going off the Grid to Live the Way You Love

By Rip Van Winkle, published on Jan 30, 2016

A real off-the-grid place is able to function completely independent from all the conventional public utility services. Many people who think about how to go off the grid, is driven upon the need to get rid of the debts, spending money, dealing with finances and to walk far from a life of servitude. There are even tips available to guide those who have decided to go off the grid, which will be discussed in the rest of the article.

Do what makes you happy and live as you wish

Quit following the way of debt slavery that chains you to a dangerous mortgage and leading your life income... (more)

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10 Ways to Save Money on Utilities

By Rip Van Winkle, published on Nov 20, 2014

Utilities are like food – you can't live without them but you don't need much in order to survive. If your water, electricity, heating, and telecom bills look outrageous to you, don't get desperate how you will pay them but try cutting them down instead. There are many steps you can take to minimize your bills without much inconvenience and here are some of the easiest ones:

Cancel your landline. Landlines are so last century. In the era of mobiles and Voice Over IP, landlines are just an unnecessary expense. So, cut your landline and use mobiles or the Internet to make and receive calls.

... (more)

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