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Can You Learn to be Attracted To Someone?

By Randy Mitchell, published on Apr 2, 2015

We all have our “type”. Most of us can walk into a room filled with nice, well-dressed, educated, professional, open-minded people and almost immediately, after scanning the perimeter, see the ones we’re closely drawn to.

Perhaps it’s the chatty blonde in the corner holding a martini, the olive-skinned brunette with great curves, the short Jewish princess dominating the room with her witty intellect and pearly grin, or the one who, according to your libido meter, is average-looking but subtly throws you a stare and smiles.

Maybe you dismiss her because she doesn’t give... (more)

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Letting Go of the Wrong People

By Randy Mitchell, published on Mar 20, 2015

Have you ever loved, cared for, supported or wished for a relationship with someone and it just wasn’t meant to be no matter how hard you tried? Made you someone you weren’t? Caused you to lose part of your soul in the process, leaving you empty-handed after weeks, months or even years of trying?

Well, you’re not alone.

But why do so many keep hanging on when clearly the object of their affection just doesn’t feel the same way no matter what?

Raising my hand, like most others, I’ll admit being guilty of this. I’ve had failed relationships that I gave way too much effort... (more)

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Love Your Unconditional Friendships

By Randy Mitchell, published on Jan 27, 2015

If you've been lucky, people have often entered your life for the sole purpose of being your friend, mentor, lucky star, partner-in-crime, even those who share your most intimate secrets, etc. They're people you can trust explicitly, never having any intention of causing you harm, and truly wanting the best for you and your family. There's a willing, mutual bond. And like a favorite movie or place to visit, they make you feel better just being in their presence. is defined as: Without conditions or limitations. Well, that pretty much sums up what I'm discussing. But,... (more)

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Hollywood Needs A Re-Boot

By Randy Mitchell, published on Oct 13, 2014

I love the creativity surrounding movies and fictional television: the writers, directors, actors and actresses, promotional personnel, and genius minds all merging together transporting us into another world, if only for a few, short hours. Hollywood was created to make the unbelievable, believable and in times past they did an incredible job drawing us into circles of fantasy and illusion. But, the past few years the winds have changed among this once, anointed community: Its quality has been greatly tarnished in favor of extreme violence, ultra-liberal propaganda, and anti-social behavior.... (more)

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An Un-Educated Nation

By Randy Mitchell, published on Jul 15, 2014

More than ever, I fear for our nation’s youth. I’m not referring to their health and well-being so much (although that’s a huge problem) as I am their knowledge and facts about our country and other countries status; politically, socially and economically. Why, you may ask? Let me start off by giving an example:

I spoke with a young lady recently (probably late teens) while sitting in the lobby of an automotive center. We were both waiting on our cars being serviced. A television was communicating along the wall in the room, the news was on and current headlines were being shown. Among... (more)

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Don't Be A Donald Sterling

By Randy Mitchell, published on May 15, 2014

By now everyone has heard about the antics of billionaire Donald Sterling, whose racially-charged rants gained media coverage everywhere.

It’s a sad testimony to an obviously smart businessman (you have to be either very smart or extremely lucky to have that kind of wealth.)

You would think someone so talented in the art of making money would be just as sharp in his personal life, learning to play correctly within the affairs of society and piecing together an inner personal circle having his back and protecting his interests.

Isn’t it amazing what the right face can... (more)

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Are Politics Influencing Your Writing Style?

By Randy Mitchell, published on Apr 10, 2014

If you write books, are a blogger, post on social media and tap into the latest pulse of our social and political landscape it’s easy to consider popular opinions while churning out your current content. The question is: how much are you allowing these to dictate what you write?

Our world has become very judgment-minded, politically and socially correct and is constantly trying to find the right balance as to what’s trendy, acceptable and careful not to offend. It’s become exhausting and I’ve known some who’ve resorted to keeping their opinions to themselves for fear of reprisal—delicately... (more)

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Are You Seeing Elizabeth Taylor?

By Randy Mitchell, published on Apr 9, 2014

It’s 2014 and guess what? The fact remains approximately one-half of all marriages still end in divorce.

That’s always a startling number and definitely causes many to evaluate their thinking when hiking and stumbling through the dating world.

However, what do you do if you meet someone you really believe is The One? The only catch or source for concern is they’ve been married before - several times.

Let me share with you some interesting statistics:

The divorce rates of people who have been married multiple times consistently rises as their number of marriages... (more)

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Why Some People Choose to Remain Single

By Randy Mitchell, published on Mar 25, 2014

Everyone wants and desires love in their lives. It’s natural and part of what makes us all human – edgy feelings when you connect with another, making your heart skip in those crazy, irresistible beats.

However, for some it doesn’t mean running to the jewelers, racing inside a church or shopping for furniture together at Crate & Barrel.

Many are content searching for and finding love as it comes and don’t require the legal paperwork people believe makes it valid and official. Love is great when it’s pure and true.For certain people, finding a real soul mate is all... (more)

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Books, Children and the Art of Giving

By Randy Mitchell, published on Mar 12, 2014

In order for a disadvantaged child to become educated, skilled, resourceful and ready to tackle the world with competitive spirit, the books and developed love of reading they have available to them oftentimes arrive through the love of selfless hearts. And right now, there are literally hundreds of book drives and charities which, through the use of volunteers and determined will, deliver free books and other reading materials to low-income children who otherwise wouldn’t enjoy the world of literature.

For children to become strong readers, they need books in their hands that... (more)

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