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How To Build Bigger and Stronger Biceps

By Peter Farrell, published on Nov 17, 2015

They either over train them or use very poor technique, which is why we want to focus on both of those things by featuring top workouts that we think covers everything you need to know when it comes to building big biceps.

Let’s take a detailed breakdown look at how to build big biceps

Barbell Curl – The Grand Daddy of any Bicep routine. The Barbell Curl works to build the short peak of the bicep, it’s what gives you that softball action you’re looking for in developing those massive guns. The goal with the barbell curl, size, mass and strength so go heavy on your weight and blast... (more)

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Food That Help Lose Belly Fat

By Peter Farrell, published on Aug 3, 2015

Are you looking for food that help lose belly fat? You will be glad to hear that you have many options. Belly fat is one of the most dangerous types of fat, and in addition to what you can see on the outside, there is also fat on the inside, around the organs. Excess belly fat has been associated with heart disease and other cardiovascular problems.

Eat Filling Foods to Help Lose Belly Fat

So, how to get rid of belly fat? Some of the food that help lose belly fat are what you would expect, but others are surprising. Oatmeal is a good food because it is filling and will satisfy... (more)

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Bodybuilding Diet: What Exactly Is It?

By Peter Farrell, published on Jun 22, 2015

This might be true when the great bodybuilding trainer, Vince Gironda always emphasizing the importance of bodybuilding diet. He used to say 80% of bodybuilding is diet. As a person who train Arnold Schwarzenegger before, he believes that bodybuilding diet was the key to build huge muscles. What is Bodybuilding Diet? Generally speaking, a bodybuilding diet focus on the best useable sources of protein and natural carbohydrates. These may come in the form of fresh vegetables and fruits, fats and oils, and finally, nuts. In addition to grow muscle tissue and reduce the fat on the body, you also... (more)

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5 Ways to Lose Cheek Fat

By Peter Farrell, published on May 26, 2015

Most people just dislike their chubby cheek and would instead want a well toned face. If you are one amongst them, below are given 5 ways to lose cheek fat, which surely will prove to be of great help.

1. Diet and Exercise Improper diet together with lack of physical activities can lead to accumulation of fat not only on face but throughout the body. Thus, following a balanced diet and exercising regularly is very important to tone up the entire body. As you start burning fat, and lose excess body weight, your face will also start getting toned up, and look much firmer and younger than... (more)

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How To Lose Fat And Gain Muscles Same Time

By Peter Farrell, published on May 19, 2015

You can also use machine weights and free weights. However, the latter is noted as the most effective way.

Other techniques include food intake, especially the ones high on protein. By eating protein, you can get the highest thermic effect. Suggested foods include beef, eggs and cottage cheese. There is also a popular type of protein known as whey protein which a lot of athletes and body builders are going crazy about.

Another option is to schedule work outs and set a time to recover. Most pro-athletes would workout five to six times a week but they don’t usually start this way.... (more)

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Muscle Building for Skinny Guys - The Simple KISS Approach

By Peter Farrell, published on May 13, 2015

The phrasing isn’t very polite, but the principle is absolutely sound. Especially, if you are the skinny, you must follow the KISS rule for muscle building.

The fact is, bodybuilding isn’t rocket science. It is a simple process, but it’s a process that you must FORCE your body to accomplish. How to get bigger biceps? The body is a wonderfully efficient machine. It takes care of itself, and it uses the calories and nutrients that come in to its own best advantage. It sends all of the right “stuff” around to the organs, it replaces cells as needed, and then it very efficiently stores any... (more)

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BodyBuilding For Beginners – Read These Important Guideline

By Peter Farrell, published on May 6, 2015

If you are an absolute beginner and have never been a part of bodybuilding program before, there is always doubt that whether you will be able to make big muscle or not, how to get bigger biceps and choosing the right food.

Don't worry, following are most effective tips which will be helpful for bodybuilding at beginning level.

1. Ask For Good Advice It is always good to ask some experienced body builder. Taking all the decision by a newbie is not advisable. Especially when a beginner has encounter hours of time dealing with the equipments and have to follow effective diet advice.

... (more)

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Some Tested And Tried Tips To Having A Fast Flat Stomach

By Peter Farrell, published on May 1, 2015

You may engage in several forms of workouts and observe your legs and arms become firmed and toned. Still, your stomach may not be feeling similar impact.

The truth is that, something can be done about this area, just follow the following tips and you should soon have a flat stomach. But of course - you have to really “follow” the tips to get flat stomach. It’s not just about reading these tips but taking action that will give you the flat stomach you desire.

First and most important tip: Try contracting the muscles of your stomach when you are seated. Perhaps you are at work,... (more)

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Build Muscles & Biceps Fast in 30 Days

By Peter Farrell, published on Apr 24, 2015

There are ways to build muscle fast without any risks to your health and without only obtaining apparent results. You can build muscle fast with the help of a balanced diet, the use of necessary supplements, the proper workout routines aimed towards muscle building, getting bigger biceps and leading a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few ideas about how to build muscle and bigger biceps fast.

Your diet has to be well balanced and muscle building oriented. In order to build muscle fast, your intake must have the proper protein, carbohydrate and fat percentage, respectively 30, 50 and 20%.... (more)

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