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Interview with Jean Hackensmith, author of Identity Crisis

By Novel Noise, published on Aug 13, 2014

Title: Identity Crisis

Genre: Detective Author: Jean Hackensmith Publisher: Inkwater Press Language: English Pages: 260

When rumors of how Dan Hamilton actually died reach the Cheyenne Chief of Police, Brian Koski is forced to resign his position as captain of the Sixth Precinct and go into business for himself as a private detective. His partner? A mahogany colored Belgian Malinois named Sinbad. A former NYPD police dog, Sinbad is vicious when need be and reliable to a fault–unless a train goes by or there’s a thunderstorm, then chances are he will turn tail and run.

Brian’s... (more)

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Interview with Dr. C, author of Shopping for a Lighter Cross

By Novel Noise, published on May 29, 2014


Title: Shopping for a Lighter Cross Genre: Biography Author: Dr. C Publisher: iUniverse Pages: 64 Language: English ISBN - 978-1-47599-682-1

Everyone has life’s challenges and can face them with fear or with trust. I choose to look at them as experiences where God blessed me with His curve balls thrown in. These curve balls are not the negative, painful or abusive life experiences that I have lived through, but rather the unexpected, blessings, gifts, and graces God threw in to help me through the experiences. I believe that these curve balls were given... (more)

Tags: shopping for a lighter cross by dr. c, shopping for a lighter cross

Interview with Cheri DeGroot, author of Dear Friend

By Novel Noise, published on May 23, 2014


Title: Dear Friend

Genre: Non-fiction humanities

Author: Cheri DeGroot

Publisher: iUniverse

Pages: 60

Language: English

ISBN – 978-1-44016-146-9

Are you looking for a way to meet new people from all over the world, make new friends, and help others? The solution is simple and affordable—become a pen pal. In Dear Friend, author Cheri DeGroot shares the joys and rewards of becoming a pen pal and provides tips on sharing friendships through handwritten letters.

Based on fifty-three years of personal experience as a pen pal,... (more)

Tags: dear friend by cheri degroot, dear friend, cheri degroot

Interview with CD Harper, author of And Face the Unknown

By Novel Noise, published on May 17, 2014


Title: And Face the Unknown Genre: Historical Fiction Author: CD Harper Publisher: iUniverse Pages: 232 Language: English ISBN – 978-1-47594-754-0

As Levy clings to a tree high above a river and tries to catch his breath, he doesn’t know what to do next. He has been a slave for Mr. Willoughby since he was little boy, and now things are changing. Unsure of what year it is, Levy escapes the jaws of slavery on the cotton plantation. He is a runaway slave without a plan.

As soon as he sees a boat floating in the river, Levy knows what he must do.... (more)

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Interview with Becky J, author of Ghost Sanctuary

By Novel Noise, published on May 12, 2014


Title: Ghost Sanctuary Genre: Non-fiction paranormal/occult Author: Becky J Publisher: AuthorHouse Pages: 166 Language: English ISBN – 978-1-49180-336-3

Ghost Sanctuary is a factual accounting of a family’s struggle with ghosts living in their home. The book explains in detail the happenings faced by the family and their reaction to the invasion of the spirit realm into their own. The book contains fascinating photo and video evidence of what the family has and continues to experience. The author identifies how her own belief in God and the afterlife has... (more)

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Interview with author Richard Williams

By Novel Noise, published on May 12, 2014


Title: The Disappearance of Jessie Hunter Genre: Mystery/Suspense Author: Richard Williams Publisher: iUniverse Pages: 174 Language: English ISBN - 978-1-47599-936-5

Jessie Hunter is spoiled and always has been. He is in college when his father unexpectedly dies, and he must return home to sort out the family funds. Jessie expects to become lord of the manor, taking over his father’s business and land and becoming the high-powered man his father always wanted him to be. But nothing is as it appears to be.

Jessie soon comes to suspect... (more)

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Interview with author Katherine Perreth

By Novel Noise, published on May 10, 2014

With deftly wielded humor and heart-wrenching candor, Katherine Perreth vividly recounts the myriad physical, mental, emotional and spiritual repercussions stemming from her son’s massive brain hemorrhage. Seven-year-old Ben suffers numerous disabilities and, later, mental health challenges. Yet, love wins.

Making Lemonade With Ben is a compelling Cinderella story tracing sixteen years of Ben’s life. It begins with the night a University of Wisconsin Hospital neurosurgeon saved Ben, and follows Ben through young adulthood. Although he encounters years of substantial obstacles, in 2011... (more)

Tags: katherine perreth, making lemonade with ben, making lemonade with ben by katherine perreth

Interview with author Boniface Nwugwo

By Novel Noise, published on Feb 18, 2014


Title: The Silent Immigrants Author: Boniface Nwugwo Genre: Inspirational Memoir Publisher: AuthorHouse Pages: 378 Language: English ISBN-13: 978-1-49180-508-4

When Boniface Nwugwo left his hometown in Eastern Nigeria in 1980 to study in America, he had only $4600 to his name for his tuition, his faith in God and an unquenchable thirst to succeed in America. In this revealing, inspiring and compelling memoir, Boniface with uncompromising candor, tells his story of courage, insurmountable struggles, and triumphs that he and many West African immigrants faced... (more)

Tags: boniface nwugwo, the silent immigrants, the silent immigrants by boniface nwugwo

Hope Springs Eternal in the Priestly Breast

By Novel Noise, published on Feb 16, 2014


Title: Hope Springs Eternal in the Priestly Breast Genre: Family/Law/Religion Author: James Valladares, PhD Publisher: iUniverse Pages: 328 Language: English Format: Ebook

The clergy abuse scandal has posed the greatest threat to the traditional understanding of the Catholic priesthood since the Protestant Reformation. Now, as then, the deadliest attacks are coming from within the Church. In an attempt to improve a system that allowed a small minority of the clergy to violate children and ameliorate the gross negligence of some... (more)

Tags: religion, clergy, hope springs eternal in the priestly breast, james valladares

The Lords of Hanrahan by Darrell Tooker

By Novel Noise, published on Feb 14, 2014

Title: The Lords of Hanrahan Genre: Paranormal/Suspense Author: Darrell Tooker Publisher: iUniverse Pages: 364 Language: English Format: Ebook

Rumors circulate that the old McPherson place a couple of miles outside of Framingham, Connecticut, is haunted. But one summer day, fourteen-year-old Laura Mueller and her three friends summon the courage to go there. Just because old man McPherson committed suicide there a couple of years ago at age ninety-three doesn’t mean it’s been overtaken by ghosts. But Laura has no idea what the old house has in store for her in the future,... (more)

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