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Los Angeles Band Has The Right Idea

By nhemerson, published on Jul 24, 2008

It would appear that my endless ranting about the state of music in this world has begun to spread like a cancer on the internet. Now, whether I am directly responsible or not, I will consider this a win in my book. Los Angeles band, Gas Station Robber has chosen to adopt the Radiohead, NIN code and give their music away for free via their website. Now who is Gas Station Robber? Well, you don't know them. But unlike all the other unknown bands polluting our beloved internet, this band has chosen to eliminate their crappy music carbon footprint. To do this they have put their music up... (more)

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Music 2.0: The Age Of The Global Band

By nhemerson, published on May 24, 2008

Let's just pretend for a second that we have no current, American music culture. That there never was a Buddy Holly, a Miles Davis, a Jimi Hendrix or an Al Green. Let's say that while music would still exist, there were no icons of prolific status. No rock stars. No classical geniuses or world changing folk lyricists. Let's pretend for a moment, that there were none of these because we were all them. The entire artistic population was at the same status and level of "respect" as anyone else. In fact, there is no world musical culture. Instead, we as a race have learned to create music... (more)

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What In God's Name Were You Thinking?

By nhemerson, published on Mar 31, 2008

I'd like to start this article out on a personal note to explain the wonders of faith and love. The therapeutic qualities that a hug has on us during our worst times. The inspiration that religion brings to millions of people all over the world. The profound insight that this planet's top spiritual advisors share with us day in and day out. I am a firm believer that love cures all. Well, except one thing...ACTUAL DISEASES.

In the small town of Weston, Wisconsin a community was recently shocked to find out about the death of a local, young girl, Madeline Neumann (Wausau Daily... (more)

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Now Drinking And Cell Phones Make Even More Sense Together!

By nhemerson, published on Mar 18, 2008

It makes a lot of sense that we want to call and text people when we're drunk. It's an easy, faceless way to communicate our inebriated retardation without really worrying about repercussions. It's a lot easier to call your ex and let them know what you really think of 'em. It's a lot funnier to wake your friend up at 3 a.m. when you are at the party he skipped. It just makes sense that we move to the cell phone when we're drinking. It's fast, easy and fun as hell.

Now that mobile Internet is quickly becoming more and more accessible through streamlined cell phones like the... (more)

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All Music Should Be Free

By nhemerson, published on Mar 6, 2008

I am a jaded, cynical bastard. I'll be the first to admit. But my cynicism is not the usual pretentious, disgruntled angst that rages in many others that never got their "Shot in life." No, my cynicism is focused on the realities of what I and all things music related. From bands, to the records, to the labels, to my own attempts at making music I have spent most of my adult life obsessing and pursuing a phantom dream. The dream of creating something people would like. That would move people. Something that would change the world and at the same time loving others that are already... (more)

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Clicker Training To Learn Guitar

By nhemerson, published on Feb 29, 2008

You've probably seen your neighbor doing it recently, or at least heard about it somewhere. It's called clicker training and it refers to using a clicking device to train animals. The clicker is a handy little tool that animal behaviorists and trainers alike are realizing is a more healthy and effective way to teach our pets. Clicker training is based on many things but one of the fundamental elements is “Operant Conditioning." When an animal intentionally performs a behavior in order to bring about a desired consequence, as clicker trained animals do, they are learning in a way... (more)


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