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Congrats On Your Accounting Degree, But What’s Next?

By Neil Hanks, published on Jan 22, 2014

There are many accounting jobs to choose from when you consider that every business or organization, small or large, will need someone to look after the financial aspects of their enterprise.

Public Accounting. This type of accounting firm caters to individuals and businesses and offers a variety of accounting services including personal financial planning, financial and tax, international accounting and risk management consulting. You need to have a CPA designation in order to work for a public accounting firm.

Corporate Accounting. A variety of businesses in different sectors... (more)

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What To Pair With Your Aviator

By Neil Hanks, published on Nov 27, 2013

These wire-rimmed framed glasses that were originally made for fighter pilots of the 1930s and 40s have crossed all imaginable fashion lines. They’re practical for both men and women, while easy to sport in summer and winter seasons, and can be worn with a variety of apparel options and outfits. If you’re considering a new pair of sunglasses, opt for these classic and crazy-stylish possibilities.

Attention all single men! When looking for a sure-fire way to attract the ladies, start sporting aviator shades. In the spring and summer, nothing will look better with jeans, a basic black... (more)

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7 Factors to Consider for Relocating your Business

By Neil Hanks, published on Nov 7, 2013

Many business leaders have chosen to move their company to the province for a variety of reasons.

There are countless resources for business relocation available in Ontario, Canada. Small Business Enterprise Centres are located throughout the province to help get your company settled in. Professionals at these locations can help you get started, by offering advice on legal issues, import and export information, networking opportunities, and much more.

7 Factors to Consider Prior to Business Relocation

Many important decisions need to be made before choosing a new location... (more)

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Steel Buildings Offer Many Environment Benefits

By Neil Hanks, published on Oct 25, 2013

Steel buildings that have been created with more durable materials can provide a number of important ecological and environmental benefits. More durable construction means that fewer resources will be needed in terms of long-term maintenance or a premature replacement. The resources and materials needed to conduct repairs or perform routine upkeep on structures that have not been designed for long-term use may make a far greater environmental impact than you may have expected. Structures that have been built to last and that make use of a simpler and more durable design offer a more sustainable... (more)

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Guide on Updating Your Church Chairs

By Neil Hanks, published on Oct 23, 2013

The chairs in your church get a lot of heavy use, so chances are good that they are slightly worn and in need of a bit of care and repair. Making these repairs can be much more affordable than replacing your chairs completely, and you can take this opportunity as a way of making them look nice and making a difference in the appearance of your church as a whole.

Choose the Right Fabric

Obviously, one of the first things you will have to do before updating your church chairs is to choose a fabric, but this step can be more involved than you might think. It is essential to choose... (more)


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