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I Hate Valentine's Day

By Marcy Lynne, published on Feb 5, 2012

I wouldn't want to mislead you here. I have no personal sad story to account for my abhorrence of Valentine's Day. My heart has not been tromped upon for many years. I am married to a wonderful man who shows me his love in hundreds of little ways every day.

But every February when Valentine's Day seems to glow neon pink on my calendar, I wish it would just go away. Couldn't we all just ignore it for once? I have too many friends who are widowed, divorced, living in nursing homes, still unwillingly single, or otherwise going it alone who really don't need this omnipresent reminder of... (more)


Two Sisters, A Grandma, and Blessed Assurance

By Marcy Lynne, published on Feb 4, 2012

My sister and I were talking on the phone the other day and got to remembering the time we visited Grandma and sang hymns for her. She was close to a hundred years old at the time. Her body had grown frail, and her once sharp mind had weakened considerably. But she was still Grandma and she still knew exactly who we were. Obviously delighted to see us, her old eyes brightened at the prospect of company for the afternoon.

After my sister and I had reported briefly any news about our families and our lives, we soon ran out of conversation. So somebody got the idea to go to the organ... (more)

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The Anniversary Dinner

By Marcy Lynne, published on Jan 12, 2012

My husband and I recently celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary. It's a little embarrassing to say this, but now we have finally been married for as many years as we lived together before we were married. Can anyone say "commitment issues?" Anyway, we have now been together for 36 years and we've never been happier together. And it makes me happy to say that.

We decided to celebrate by going out to dinner. We chose our anniversary restaurant with utmost care. Which means that in true Florida geezer tradition, we chose the restaurant we already had a gift certificate for. A nice little... (more)

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A Conversation In the Halls of Heaven

By Marcy Lynne, published on Dec 24, 2011

All is quiet in Heaven. Not just quiet. This night is so still you can feel it. Hear it. As if all of Heaven and all of creation is holding its breath.

Muriel, the youngest angel, always curious, always questioning, finds her way to the Great Room and approaches the Throne. There is not a trace of fear in her as she stands in His magnificent Presence.


"Yes, Little One?"

"I know something is happening. Everyone here is shining a little brighter than usual, but no one is speaking. And that star. I've never seen that one before. What is it? What's happening?"

... (more)

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How NOT to Take a Picture

By Marcy Lynne, published on Dec 20, 2011

This is a quick lessson in photography, under the subhead of "what not to do."

I took this photo, along with many others, in the small town of Albion, New York on "Charles Howard Day" last year. It was a day of festivities and ceremonies honoring one of their hometown heroes, a man who dedicated his life to being an authentic Santa Claus, opening the first ever Santa Claus School right there in Albion in 1937, and appearing as Santa in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade for 17 years. He was a real local celebrity, and if you ask any 'authentic' Santa Claus today who Charlie Howard was,... (more)


I Found My Thrill On the Oldies Station.

By Marcy Lynne, published on Dec 14, 2011

I've been listening to the oldies station on the radio again. Some of the songs bring back great memories and get my foot tapping, my head bobbing, and my pulse racing. Then there are other songs that are just plain annoying. Maybe they always were, but I'm really noticing it now all these years later. Case in point: American Pie. Oh sure, no one can help singing along to the part we all know; "Bye bye Miss American Pie, drove my chevy to the levy but the levy was dry" etc. etc. But the rest of it? Well first of all, the song is about as long as a TV miniseries. I swear DJ's only play it when... (more)

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"Merry Christmas?" or "Happy Holidays?" What'll It Be?"

By Marcy Lynne, published on Dec 8, 2011

You know, the whole "Merry Christmas" versus "Happy Holidays" thing is getting old. At least with me. To the rest of the world it may be just revving up, but I'm over it. The emails have started up again from all the self-appointed defenders of Christmas, strongly condemning the "happy holidays" greeting. Got one the other day with the usual, 'this is not a holiday tree, it's a Christmas tree, this is not a holiday wreath, it's a Christmas wreath' etc. I understand the frustration. It's upsetting that schools won't allow Christmas trees in their hallways, and non-Christian neighbors complain... (more)


Pistol Packin' Me

By Marcy Lynne, published on Dec 3, 2011

Well I did something different today. I went to the firing range with my husband. First time for me, second time for him. This is the same husband who, until the age of 67, had never held a gun in his hand. I had hoped he never would. He is, after all, Sicilian, and I have always had a bad feeling about the combination of guns and Sicilians.

How did we get here? Well, it began with a nasty neighbor who repeatedly "let us know" that he had a case full of automatic weapons in his condo. Upstairs from us. Oh goody. The guy was six-foot three, thirty-something, ex-Marine, often... (more)

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Underneath the Jeans

By Marcy Lynne, published on Nov 25, 2011

You know what I just realized? I look a lot younger with my clothes on.

I may be on the north side of 50, but in a well-fitting pair of jeans and a hoodie, I feel downright collegiate. Because underneath the jeans it's all a mystery. Underneath the jeans I could have smooth, even-toned skin, or I might even have a tan. (Not to mention that my legs might be shaved.) Underneath the shirt I might have washboard abs and perky boobs. I might have underarm skin that does not swing to and fro. Who's to say? And this is one reason I enjoy a nice cool day like today here in Florida when I can... (more)

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Bran Power

By Marcy Lynne, published on Nov 5, 2011

I make these bran muffins. They are, well... therapeutic... as well as quite delicious. I have tried various recipes over the years, beginning with a recipe that used regular bran flakes cereal as the main ingredient. They were nice muffins. But my current version, uses the kind of bran cereal that contains FOURTEEN grams of fiber per half cup serving. They are little sticks of dynamite in a box. I call the new resulting muffins my WMD's.

One day, back when I first started making these muffins, our air conditioning guy (who is also a friend of ours) happened to be here at the house doing... (more)

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