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La Familia Moral values

By manny osborne, published on Oct 24, 2009

La Familia formed in the 1980s as a group of vigilantes with the purpose of bringing order to Michoacan (a central Mexican State)and to help and proctect the poor. La Familia emerged to the foreground in the 1990s as the Gulf Cartel's paramilitary group and trained with Los Zetas, The group splintered in 2006 into a group drug traffincking operation itself. have ties with the Sinaloa cartel.

La Familia a Faith based cartel is described as a pseudo evangelical cult and they may have  ties with devotees of the New Jerusalem religious movement. Nazario Moreno Gonzalez (A.K.A El Mas... (more)

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Joaquin Guzman Loera In 2009 Forbes List

By manny osborne, published on Mar 12, 2009

Mexican Drug Lord Joaquin "Chapo" Guzman Loera, one of the biggest suppliers of cocaine to the U.S. is the newest Mexican billionaires, the Capo of the Sinaloa/Federacion cartel one of Mexico's most violent cartel is now enjoying  life like a rock star.

Guzman was arrested in Guatemala on June 9, 1993 and extradited to Mexico; he was then transferred to the CEFERESO No. 2 located in the state of Jalisco. In January 19, 2001, he escaped, apparently hidden inside a laundry van; according to officials, seventy-eight people have been implicate in his escape plan. Guzman regained control... (more)

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The Three Amigos

By manny osborne, published on Feb 13, 2009

Among the group's proposals ahead of a special United Nations ministerial meeting in Vienna to evaluate global drug policy is a call to decriminalize the possession of cannabis use.

The former presidents said the U-S-led war on drugs has failed and urged President Barack Obama to consider new policies, including decriminalizing marijuana. U.S president Richard Nixon declared "war on drugs" in 1971. More than 5,300 people were killed in drug-related violence in Mexico last year, and Mexican lawmakers have said the U.S holds some responsibility for the bloodshed because demand for... (more)

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Peace Agreement Between Drug Cartels.

By manny osborne, published on Jan 25, 2009

Representatives of criminal organizations  Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman Loera, Arturo Beltran Leyva, The Arellano Felix Brothers and the Carrillo-Fuentes, allegedly participated in the cease-fire agreement.

The Pact  involving cartels of Sinaloa, Tijuana, Juarez and the Leyva-Beltran, the last three maintain a war against Chapo Guzman  and Mayo Zambada, wich has been expressed in a bloody form.

The first approach was in a private exclusive seafood restaurant in Culiacan, a day after was thrown a grenade at the facade of the provisional headquartes that has... (more)

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Letter To Santa

By manny osborne, published on Dec 31, 2008

Dear Santa...........

" You know I'm a good person, I pay my taxes, I give to the needy, I give to the wanted. I'm only asking forone thing this year, I want the woman of my dreams. I know you can make this happen for me.

I definitely do not want someone shallow. Or someone who has to look at the physical aspect. Do you know how hard it would be to try to make conversation with a girl who keeps staring at my wheelchair. Trying to figure out why I put spinners on it. Or the girl who keeps looking around, because she can figure out which one of my eyes is looking at her, *sigh*.... (more)


Youtube And The Mexican Cartels

By manny osborne, published on Aug 15, 2008

Videos of bloody bodies and Mexican drug trafficking had flooded YouTube, is the new way the cartels use to communicate and post "the news".

You Will find all kind of information  names, places, who they killed and who are they going to kill, which police corporation are in the payroll and so much more.

Critics say the police has been slow to recognize the Internet as a source of clues "imagine, if you are a police, you can find gold here on this site".Yea police are looking into these sites very closely, but they are not looking for clues, no they are looking at "the black list",... (more)

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Mexican Students In The Andean Conflict

By manny osborne, published on Mar 15, 2008

The case of the bombing at the FARC's (Revolutonary Armed Forces of Colombia)camp in Ecuador by Colombian troops, taking between the legs of some Mexicans students, is becoming a complex tangle.

The outrage should be addressed to Venezuela's president, Hugo Chavez whose government funded a large amount of money to cover the costs leading the operation of the FARC. Ecuador's government was well aware of the existence of such camps overlapping its existence.

Lucia, Juan Gonzalez del Castilloand the other young people were students from the National Autonomous University of Mexico... (more)

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The Other Queen

By manny osborne, published on Feb 17, 2008

Teresa Mendoza was the Queen of the South, in Spain, Mexican born she grow up in Culiacan between Lords and Kings of the dark Mexican Royalty. 

Sandra Avila Beltran Lived in a world of luxury and power, accompannied by the barons of drug trafficking.

Few Mexicans woman had starring in the drug-trafficking operations, but no woman has exercised leadership as the niece of capo Miguel Angle Felix Gallardo.

Precisely because of her activities, her contacts and influence in the world of drugs, this woman who dominated the maritime area from Colombia to the United States from... (more)

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Consensual drunk sex or rape?

By manny osborne, published on Sep 2, 2007

If a woman is deemed to have consumed so much alcohol that she is incapable of agreeing to make love, the man would be far more likely to be convicted of rape.

Rape is a very sensitive term to use loosely, it can ruin peoples life and reputation, and rape can destroy the victims life, having sex while you are drunk should be your responsibility, is not the guy fault if you have a morning after regret, but is the guy responsibility to stop and respect the girl decision when she said no.

Some people think "NO" means "MAYBE" and keep trying or use force to get what they want.

... (more)

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Kids meals toys, made in China!

By manny osborne, published on Aug 18, 2007

last week I decided to take my niece to get a chicken nuggets kids meal, she loves chicken nuggets, to celebrate her first day at school, so we went to a fast food restaurant, I was enjoying a milk shake when she asked me if I could open her toy , I was about to open the plastic bag when I noticed the Made in China label, I went to the cashier and asked him for a different toy, that hasn't be made in China, "Sorry but all our toys are made in china" that's the answer I got from the employees, those were bad news to my little niece, I explained to her that we have to go shopping for a better... (more)

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