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Sinner In The Sanctuary

By Lumiere, published on Dec 2, 2012

Marble Collegiate, founded in 1628 in NYC is one of the oldest Protestant churches in North America with continuous service for 380+ years, it has a LGBT Faith Based Fellowship. Which cannot help but cause one to wonder, why doesn't every church have a Gay Friendly Fellowship? If Marble, one of the countries oldest churches can embrace change, every religious institution can raise the bar and take the spiritual high road by respecting and opening their doors to ALL people for the sake of Equality.While volunteering at Marble Collegiate, I could not help but be reminded that Love is so much... (more)


Eunuch Law: Criminalizing the Penis

By Lumiere, published on May 4, 2012

Thomas is not the least bit excited today, he has to appear in court for failure to pay child support. The court ordered him to find employment within 90 days or enlist in the military at the branch of his choice. He must appear with either proof of employment or military enlistment. If he does not provide either, Thomas could lose his testicals under Eunuch Law and spend 30 days in jail. Eunuch Law may sound extreme but it was Emperor Shun and Yu in China, in 2281 BC that passed castration into law as punishment. Castration remained part of Chinese Law through the Zhou Dynasty. Now it is making... (more)

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Amor Vincit Omnia

By Lumiere, published on Feb 10, 2012

Standinghumblebefore blinding light

Some call you God,others ReligionSpirituality


you are the truth we seekthe Holy Grailin the midstof our lieswhich dividerather than unite

Wars of disagreementlasting centuriesnever defilecrumble like old bricksbefore what is incorruptible

Wet tears to save the unbornarguing razor rhetoricnauseating wordspro life versus pro choice

While 6 million childrenbornwoundedbloody by warlimbs brokenfamilies destroyedsouls pierced by tramacry dailyin desperationfor healing from injusticearsenals of our hatredspreading... (more)

Tags: poetry, love, hope, lex lumiere, children of war, valentines day, valentines weekend

Heal Your Own Heart, Heal the World

By Lumiere, published on Nov 2, 2011

I have spent the last eight months intensely focusing on my meditation practices, with a commitment to healing my own heart in hopes to help others heal. During this season, it becomes essential to withdraw ones energy from external creative projects to recharge your batteries. What I have become aware of during this time has amazed me because life seems somewhat surreal, there is a certain detachment from things that once had great meaning to me, now life is quite like watching a movie, a comedy of sorts. Everyone has a story, everyone has drama, problems abound, the world is spinning with... (more)

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Glass Walls (L'amore è Sacrificio)

By Lumiere, published on Sep 5, 2011

Some call it power,spend their lives climbing or creating it, addicted to the money machinean insatiable need driven by scarcityfameenough it is neverthe glass wallsjust to maintainSome break themselves chasing their dreams

What they can only wish for, you have achievedbut the glass walls surround you keep you caged like a lion on display at a zooflashes of strobe lights flickeringfilling my sleepthey think they know you believe they can see those walls mix with self preservationnaked eyes cannot perceiveglass walls built to protect yousometimes prevent others from loving you

When... (more)

Tags: poetry, love, dreams, trust, verse, vulnerability, walls, boundaries, self preservation

The Lesbian Housewife

By Lumiere, published on Jun 20, 2011

Every morning, Analisa, a petite two year old girl, the daughter of my best friend Jewels, would push open the door to my room, sneak in, climb onto and over an upholstered rocking chair to get onto my bed. Her goal was to cover me and my blanket with as many of her brother's orange, green and yellow dinosaurs as possible. If turning me into a human version of dinosaur mountain did not wake me up, Analisa would crawl closer to my head, put her tiny little hand on my face and say "wake up," in the sweetest, softest little voice. Some mornings she would even sing, " Twinkle, twinkle, little star,"... (more)

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By Lumiere, published on Jun 13, 2011

While participating in an intense meditation process that lasted from 1pm until 9pm, thoughts of Alexander McQueen came into the forefront of my mind like when you click a link to an internet site and a hundred pop up windows take over your computer screen. Normally I can tune out the universe but for some reason, Alexander McQueen and visual images of the 'Savage Beauty' exhibition were infiltrating my zen. During one part of the benediction we were divided into two large groups to receive 21 blessings for healing. While receiving the blessings my attention was drawn to the fact that in my... (more)

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By Lumiere, published on Jun 10, 2011

Four years and eleven months,Infidelity came wrapped with a worn out ribbon

Infidelity came wrapped with a broken bow

Infidelity came wrapped with torn paper like the one you ripped in my soul

The only one who told the truth was the man paid for hire," I don't know how to tell you this but at four years and eleven months, your partner is a cheater, and a liar. On the internet, in person too. I'm sorry, your lover was being unfaithful to you.'

One month shy of our five year anniversary,

Tears fell like raining fire,

burning away edges of dreams built... (more)

Tags: poetry, relationships, healing, trust, cheating, lex lumiere, resilience, judas, infidelity

Beauty In Unlikely Places

By Lumiere, published on Jun 3, 2011

While sitting at a coffee shop, a soft voice politely asked if she could share my table. I obliged by moving over my cup of green tea and my newspaper. The young woman before me was very petite, dressed in a silk suit, and she had the most beautiful sea-green eyes. Immediately she attempted to hide half of her face with her hair, which had noticably been burned. She, having delt with peoples responses to her scars and appearence on a daily basis was waiting for my reaction, so I just smiled at her, "Don't hide your face, your beautiful. Own your beauty."

She sat down beside me a little... (more)

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End of the World? Probably Not

By Lumiere, published on May 21, 2011

On my way to the airport there were neon colored signs going down the escalators claiming May 21st, 2011 as Doomsday. My first thought was about how the date on the signs clashed with Nostradamus and the Mayans date for Doomsday which is December 21st, 2012 otherwise known as the day of the Grand Alignment, or Returning to Zero Point. The theory is that the planets will align, the earth's gravity will shift to zero, in which the position of the north and south pole change, causing major environmental shifts like; earthquakes, tsunamis, catastrophic fireworks, mudslides and sudden death due... (more)

Tags: love, hope, lex lumiere, doomsday, the grand alignment, prophecy

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