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There's A Child Sitting in The Bus Monitor's Seat

By Lady J, published on Jun 24, 2012

If you live in the United States and have access to a news source, then you have most likely heard of Karen Klein. In case you have just emerged from a hole in the ground, awakened from a medically induced coma, or returned from a fabulous vacation in North Korea, I'll bring you up to speed. Karen Klein is a 68 year-old bus monitor in New York state who was bullied by a group of middle school boys on the bus while performing her monitoring duties. To be clear, the treatment she was given could be characterized as verbally abusive; it was savage. The boys' intent was to cause her emotional... (more)


But, Grease is NOT a country!

By Lady J, published on Dec 16, 2011

I used to be a snob. A big one. You know, one of those people who couldn't let another person be wrong because, of course, I was always right. I was particularly snobbish about grammar and all things linguistic because, you see, I was convinced of my own linguistic expertise. I was a logophile, a veritable connoisseur of linguae francae. My pedantic priggishness took root in high school wherein I was the only person to take four years of Latin in the history of my school. I reveled in my scholastic notoriety. Of course, I was shoved into a corner in the back of my classroom during Latin... (more)


Dogs Get PMS?!

By Lady J, published on Nov 16, 2011

I have an Australian Shepherd named Rally. She is known by the American Kennel Club as Gold Dust Playin' To Win at Defiance, but that sounds more like a name one would hear at the Kentucky Derby, not a name called out at the local dog park. My husband and I were walking Rally on a recent crisp autumn afternoon. This dog is highly trained, but she likes to pretend that she isn't. When I walk her, she heels like a pro. When my husband walks her, she practically licks every spot where the various neighborhood dogs have peed. I stand back and listen to him spout the command: "Return to heel!... (more)


Wanted: Parking with My Husband More Often

By Lady J, published on Nov 6, 2011

Marriage. Commitment. Monogamy. Long-term relationship. For some, these words might be swoon-worthy, tapping into deep longings, bringing forth wistful sighs. For others, these words bring forth shudders, slight nausea, along with an instantaneous urge to text that hottie from the club last night-"You can't take me alive!"...words to live by. For those of us in long-term relationships, those words probably elicit a spectrum of responses. When everything is going well in Marriage-Commitment-Monogamy Land, we might feel a deep sense of contentment. We gaze at our partner feeling blessed... (more)


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