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Weather Patterns

By L DeSilva-Johnson, published on Nov 5, 2010

Weather Patterns

Chart, Storm systems of

you and I, who shift like squalls:

Now thick like fog's soup,

now sun, when reports

call for thunder. Drenched and cold --

when just a moment

before, one revelled

in warmth on toes and eyelids,

(lest one lull too soon.)

No almanac guides

through these seasons of the heart,

no algorithm

foretells their chaos

beyond approximation.

Yet we venture out,


thrilling to another's snows,

formula absent.

Ours an ecstatic

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Tags: love, haiku, challenge, weather, epistemology

Evolution: Nonbinding Ties

By L DeSilva-Johnson, published on Jun 15, 2010

?prelude:The processes [in which we find ourselves]/[that we [call to ourselves/seek out]] of our lives take us from point A to point B. We cannot skip these interim steps. Many of us say, "oh, if only I had known," but the fact is that we could have never known without the having participated in the processes as we have. In the end, we've called these processes to ourselves in order to [find out]/[determine]/[come to see], ironically, that our perspective upon having started was "flawed" in myriad ways. Perfectly flawed, as I've become fond of saying. The flaws that inspire growth -- if we... (more)

Tags: love, philosophy, self, polyamory, open relationships, family structure, kinship

Do you tithe? Figure out your

By L DeSilva-Johnson, published on Jun 1, 2010

As the fiscal year draws to a close, the various institutions and organizations with which you have been aligned or involved will be knocking again on your door - perhaps multiple times, or via multiple media. For example, I just got an email, a phone call, postal mail, and a facebook message from my undergraduate institution. (And yes, Swarthmore, there is a Santa Claus.)

If your experience is anything like mine thus far, you may notice that this year these entreaties sound a little desperate in their honeyed cooing, plying you with thank you gifts and the promise of both the philosophical... (more)


Notes On The Human, Conditioned; Part I: Hair Apparent

By L DeSilva-Johnson, published on Aug 1, 2009

A brief series in which I take a tongue-in-cheek look at certain subjects in light of how I have found both myself (and others) to display levels of conditioning to which we might wish ourselves (or like to claim ourselves) immune. Beginning with the seemingly frivolous "hair," and working up to more clearly serious issues such as relationship structure and marriage, I seek to illustrate how plainly our reactions to certain situations and topics can begin to remind us how far from "free" is this "will" we tout so boldly. Ultimately the goal is not to suggest that we are chained, though,... (more)


Reframing The Man In The Mirror, Reflecting Ourselves

By L DeSilva-Johnson, published on Jun 27, 2009

And suddenly, there appeared a brilliant streak of white light as the meteor left the atmosphere, trailing behind a single glove, redolant with stars sparkling like ever so many diamonds ….

Or so it would seem from the headlines, as we find ourselves awash in the mournful public outcry of unadulterated adoration that followed Michael Jackson’s death: something I found… surprising, under the circumstances.

Don’t take this the wrong way. I wasn’t surprised because I think ill of the Pop Star, but rather because I believe... (more)

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Writer's Forum:: Citizen Journalism... What's The Point?

By L DeSilva-Johnson, published on Jun 11, 2009

Of late I have been finding that there is a broad range of approaches to submitting pieces on the Broowaha, and surely this is as it should be -- as our writers come from all over the world, and came to this forum, this thing, this Broo via many different roads and for many different reasons. Our ideas and beliefs are vastly diverse -- something that is visible not only in the articles themselves, but sometimes too in the vehement debates that follow, in comment form, at the bottom of some of the articles.

In response to some recent pieces I have found myself thinking critically about... (more)

Tags: journalism, citizen journalism, broowaha

Practicum: Teaching Critical Thinking In The Machine Age

By L DeSilva-Johnson, published on May 26, 2009


In the past few semesters of teaching I have radically altered my curricular approach -- not only in my writing classes but across the board. Whereas I previously felt as though I was sneaking illicit material into the classroom when I addressed various issues of quantum theory, conceptions of the "self" and or consciousness, now I am quite certain that these are not only useful but perhaps essential elements of a student's ability to access and participate in their own personal education (whether in the classroom or beyond) on a level neither they nor I would have imagined. 

What... (more)

Tags: education, critical thinking, creativity, quantum theory meditation

Make Inroads By Walking: A Call To ( Pedestrian ) Action

By L DeSilva-Johnson, published on May 13, 2009

I am a stalwart pedestrian. This is a subject of endless amusement to my friends and people I meet, especially now that I have moved out of the Big City... because it means that at 30, I still have not gotten a driver's license. I had a permit for years, took some lessons, never quite got the test, and the permit expired and I'm back to nil. The only ID I have is my passport (only recently renewed) -- and for a while I didn't even have that.... which is a whole other story, and another area of incessant hilarity around the bar.

Now, let's make sure we're on the same page: I am not opposed... (more)

Tags: city planning, community action, city living

Buy, Buy, Baby! : A Meditation On Your *very Own* Superpower

By L DeSilva-Johnson, published on May 6, 2009

Growing up in New York City, one's pressure to keep up with the eponymous Joneses is amplified by that to keep up with the Ramones, the Rothschilds, and a whole slew of ever-morphing tribes. Beyond the trend, however, and beneath those changing tides of tastes in tile or tulle is a deep politics.

On the surface this appears to be clarified by the retail outfits' own self-appointed titles as green, organic, free trade, union, and the like: allowing the consumer, still, to participate in the transactions only semi-consciously, by simply entering and exiting through different doors.

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Tags: new york

The Scent Of A Human: Eau De Schwinn?

By L DeSilva-Johnson, published on Apr 16, 2009

TheGray Ladywonders this morning if New York can truly (re)vert -- or reinvent -- itself into Neue Amsterdam via bikes.Her focus du jour is theDutch "It" bicycle , and the question is that of how to look delicious(ly continental) while doing so.

It suggests looking like the guy pictured here... in which caseI heartily approve.

However, trembling under those textiles is the unSPOKEn (10 point pun, don't you agree?)dialogue in this aestheticised vision of a psuedoeuropean paean to fashion a la bicyclette: that is,that bicyclingleaves one... shall we say... moist?

The ">LEED... (more)

Tags: new york, environment, sex, fashion

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