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More Caine Quartet...this Time, Illuminating The Edison

By Kim, published on Sep 22, 2008

It wasn't Christmas....but the lights were all on.

The location is 108 E. 2nd Street nested between a neat stretch called Harlem Place and Main.

This gem can easily be missed if you're not careful so think...Electricity, Fire, Groove,

Hallelujah, Innovative, Ignition Jam. "EFGHIIJ".

All of the above is applicable to the gentlemen's performance on Thursday, September 18th, 2008 at a club that was once The Edison Electric Company. The space is inviting for those interested in the happy hour scene, some appetizers, conversation, house music that encompasses everything... (more)

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Sunday Afternoon Chill

By Kim, published on Sep 11, 2008

One is surrounded by pictures of all the greats on the walls, Dexter Gordon, John Coltrane, Billie Holiday comfortable seating, and beautiful music performed by passionate musicians making their mark in the community, on the stage and in the hearts of fans and other artists.

5th Street Dick's is a coffeehouse, cafe, and venue for chilling at the beginning of the week.

The space is inviting to all who seek a refuge from the commercialism of the trendy and cookie-cutter coffee shop. There's culture, calmness, courtesy, and inspiring music and a motivating film... (more)

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Mo' Than A Cup Of Joe...

By Kim, published on Sep 5, 2008

A writer's wish is a true sanctuary where they can write with mental freedom...and get published.

There's open space, nice lighting, low key surroundings, cool music that isn't intrusive and includes all from blues to oldies, minimal distractions from customers in conversation, an unhurried atmosphere, caffeine in varied formats, and the hum of the espresso machine that almost assists the writer articulate their thoughts.

Groundwork Coffee at Traction and 3rd Street is in the very core of the Arts district in downtown Los Angeles. You can stop and chill out... (more)

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Break Out Blues And A Taste Of Much More@ Parkway Grill

By Kim, published on Aug 30, 2008

Imagine this... An Olympics Marathon of the blues mixed with straight ahead jazz relays, all seasoned with a dash of ballads, swing, and contemporary compositions from the 60's and 70's and a standard turned into a tantalizing tango.

This was the soulful session that occurred Friday night August 15th, at the Parkway Grill in Pasadena. The packed lounge and bar area was alive with easy conversation, food and drink; I was seated with a friend. As we settled in for an evening of dinner and Friday night relaxation, we anticipated a wondrous musical experience.

Pianist - David Arnay... (more)

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Friday Night Frenzy

By Kim, published on Aug 8, 2008

August rolls in and we prepare with a sigh for that unwelcomed heat the month brings to Los Angeles. The Otmaro Ruiz Quartet warmed things in a much desired fashion at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art: Friday Night Jazz Series.

In fact, we reveled in the mix of fiery Jazz, Venezuelan influences with hints of classical cleverly expressed by the ensemble.

The quartet has a soul connection that is apparent in their exchange of euphoric expressions on many tunes. As the musicians played, a few magical links and smiles were shared on varied tunes between:

... (more)

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A Taste Of New Orleans In Los Angeles

By Kim, published on Aug 4, 2008

A boulevard in one of the most integral sections of Los Angeles, encompassing some of the most authentic Jazz, Blues, African clothing, jewelry, posters, CD's, cards, artifacts, books, coffee venues, and food from Bar-B-Que to Soul, and Los Angeles to New Orleans style cooking. There are also opportunities to hear rare narratives about the "City of the Angels" from local residents.

It is on this street at 4317 Degnan, you'll find "New Orleans Vieux Carre Creole Cuisine”. The restaurant was opened on June 22, 2008 by a native New Orleans family who now... (more)

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Live At Atelier - Enjoy The Ecstasy

By Kim, published on Jul 24, 2008

Sculpture, beauty, greenery, dainty morsels, and an enormously wonderful musical feast awaited us at Live at the Atelier of David Andersen Pianos presentation Sunday, July 20th, 2008.

Ah!!! What joy...

Rare pieces mixed with raw and rapturous compositions that were innovatively laid out for us in the afternoon breeze. What more could any heart desire? The duo musicality of Nick Mancini and Otmaro Ruiz merged, surged, and took us to plateau beyond our most ardent desire.

Some of the works was layered with undertones of jazz and blues centered... (more)

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6 Freedom Riders Revisit Their Passage

By Kim, published on Jul 18, 2008

The balmy evening of June 16, 2008 proved to be historical, monumental, stirring and most of all poignant. Six members of the 1961 Mississippi Freedom Riders shared their voice in regards to life-changing event occurring more than 45 years ago to a captive audience.

The engaging activists along with author Eric Etheridge of "Breach of Peace" - Portraits of the 1961 Mississippi Freedom Riders also shared insights regarding their journey.

The book is a moving narrative with effective photos, quotes, and recollections from the individuals’... (more)

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Elliot's Groovin' Ensemble Gives A Shout At Farmer's Market

By Kim, published on Jul 14, 2008

A dutiful audience got an earful and a soul-stirring fulfillment at Farmer's Market - West Patio on July 10, 2008. Please correct me if I'm wrong but didn't we go to the Moon in July, 1969?

Well all of us didn't go so...The Elliot Caine Quartet shuttled us through the galaxy of Lee Morgan, Benny Golson tunes, and pieces that were their original compositions. It was a melody of straight ahead, Latin-tinted, and standards.

Elliot's Quintet consisted of the following ingenious musicians

Paul Randall - Saxophone

Rick Olsen - Piano

Kenny Elliott -Drums

Bill... (more)

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It's On The Southside

By Kim, published on Jul 9, 2008

If you're coming from downtown Chicago, the ride to the "Southside" seems a million miles away. As I made my way there by Highway 90 and 94 all I could do was anticipate seeing the icon, the true great one, a legend in time, one who had performed the Jazz scene before I was born, a man who had more Jazz in his finger tip than I had in my ardent soul. Why? Because that man is the MAN! Saxophonist, Von Freeman had been around for decades. He had played with some of the best. Von had breathed, walked, talked, and lived Jazz.

Von's son Chico Freeman was also a great Jazz musician. He's saxophone... (more)

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