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Oh Yeah!!! We're Ready For The Friendship Flight

By Kim, published on Aug 4, 2009

There was a spectacular departure that took off from Crowne Plaza's Lounge, only minutes away from the Los Angeles International Airport known to most of us as simply (LAX) with Fuasi Khaliq and his roaring yet beautiful ensemble on July 31.

They presented a series of in flight adventures for those interested in excitement, ecstasy, and excellent execution of innovative compositions.

The band consisted of the following musicians.

Fuasi Khaliq - Saxophones & varied percussion instruments

Ramon... (more)

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A Lunch Hour Musical Interlude

By Kim, published on Jul 31, 2009

Break away from the boring fast foods,same old, same old salad bar selections, sit down safe cafe predictions and venture into an instantaneous immersion into body, soul, and spirit delight.

The Ernst & Young Plaza at 7th and Figueroa in Downtown Los Angeles hosted a relaxing concert amidst summer sun on July 29th, 2009.

The Red Holloway ensemble with special guest vocalist, Ernie Andrews gave the attentive crowd a mixture ofjazz standards and other selections.

Red Holloway - Saxophone

Ernie Andrews - Vocals

... (more)

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Speaking In Music

By Kim, published on Jul 1, 2009

No Sheet music needed at Catalina's Bar and Grillin Hollywood for the Monday night gig that was raging with complexity arousing attentive ears, eyes, bodies, souls, and hearts on June 29th.

Tim Garland and his Lighthouse Trio gave a performance that will not be erased from anyone's senses that experienced it.

The Trio's home base is the United Kingdom. They have been touring in the U.S.A. at various venues from Eastto West Coast for the last several weeks.

Asaf Sirkis - Percussion including... (more)

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Before The Moon Walk....

By Kim, published on Jun 27, 2009

I will undoubtedly date myself with this, but it is something that must be shared in memory of a compassionate man leaving a legacy for  all.

A summer night in the early 1970's was filled with anticipation as an anxious relative dropped off two young teens at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, CA

"Ah...., as soon as this thing is over I'll be parked in front of the Greek to pick you up, come right out!"

My best friend and I sighed..."of course"....I remember mumbling, "Where would we go?" as my friend gave me a poke in my ribs.

We got out the car and headed for the... (more)

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Eve Of Juneteenth Brings Jubilant Jazz

By Kim, published on Jun 23, 2009

"Juneteenth" June 19, 1865 -marked the end of slavery for the slaves of Texas.

President Lincoln had sent the proclamation on January 1, 1863. The most focal reason for this failure in communication in this state can be attributed to slave owners wanting to obtain free labor out of the slaves as long as possible.

Alas, men, women, and children of Texas remained enslaved until General Gordon Granger and troops came to Galveston, Texas, took possession and enforced Emancipation Proclamation.

It is widely believed... (more)

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A Shout Of Jazz At Playboy

By Kim, published on Jun 16, 2009

The annual Playboy Jazz Festival took place on June 13 and 14th at the Hollywood Bowl, in Los Angeles, CA. The line-up on both days ranged in style from Contemporary to Reggae while diversity abounded.

Clouds couldn't keep the crowds away that Sunday afternoon as a number of extraordinary musicians took to the stage.

A Quincy Jones discovery - Alfredo Rodriquez - an incredible Pianist and his ensemble shared many tunes with a Latin tinge on Jazz favorites. His style was flourishing and invigorating despite the constant chatter as he utilized the upright Piano to his own advantage.

... (more)

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Aloha Presented In Musical Format For Late Night Pleasure

By Kim, published on Jun 15, 2009

If you're on Oahu and looking for a place away from the crowded cove, then head over to the North Shore of Haleiwa, HI for relaxation on the beach, Matsumoto's Shave Ice, dinner at a local restaurant. Then head back to town in time for soothing standards by way of the Halekulani Hotel's - Lewer's Lounge.

Ahh!!! The perfect setting for a late night rendezvous with Jazz.

On this particular balmy evening, we were serenaded by a tranquil Pianist who had a very cool blend with the audience. Tennyson Stevens.

I walked in on what must have been the final set of music for the... (more)

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An Essential Rhythm Excursion...

By Kim, published on Jun 10, 2009

A show presentedwith Clayton/Hamilton candid configuration. The Clayton/Hamilton Trio exposed all the essence of Jazz for a sold out crowd of passionate followers, May 24, 2009 at the celebrated "Jazz at the A Frame" in Los Angeles, CA.

John Clayton - Bass - the ultimate on bowing, strumming, plucking, and serenading with his fingers.

Gerald Clayton - Piano expounding on all 88 keys...too many arpeggios and soulful changes to count.

The musicians played a few old time Jazz favorites and some choice gems from... (more)

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Jazz On The Scared Side

By Kim, published on Apr 20, 2009


Palm Sunday afternoon at the Jazz Bakery was filled with fitting music as Justo Almario - Saxophonist, Clarinetist, and Flutist led the way with his joyous ensemble.


Many songs performed were from the group's latest project, "Open Hands" that explores a variety of South American rhythms, Straight Ahead Jazz and the Blues in an authentic and sacred fashion.

 Justo Almario - Woodwinds

Abraham Laboriel - Bass

Greg Mathieson -Piano

Bill Maxwell - Drums

The set got started with a very engaging piece, "Drum Along With Bill".  Please pardon... (more)

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Meditation For Any Season...

By Kim, published on Apr 14, 2009

A cool Friday evening of April 3rdfound an audience at the First Presbyterian Church of Santa Monica enveloped in the melodic sound of waves from the ocean in the background.

This proved a perfect settingfor Musician - Flutist Ellen Burr as she performed a stunning arrangement of George Telemann's "Twelve Fantasies for Solo Flute"

Each Fantasy whether performed in a major or minor key, flat or sharp sound, displayed emotive expression that gave you the feel as if you were in the living room of heaven with the creator hosting a private... (more)

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