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Opening of Rodgers & Hammerstein's South Pacific is Radiant

By Kim, published on Jun 3, 2010

Many people go to the theatre to experience the essence of the stage performance, to view the costumes, to see the choreography, the unveiling of a story, to engage in the allurement of the subtle and obvious lessons presented by the producers, directors, and writers. The production can leave an imprint that stays with you long after the show is over.

Much of the framework that is meticulously created is the genius of individual innovative master minds dressed in black and white in the pit of the stage. These gems paint beauty through the musical score that takes one beyond anything... (more)

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Saturday Night Date with the Elliott Caine Ensemble

By Kim, published on May 24, 2010

A crowd milled in front of an unpretentious club in Glendale, CA. on Saturday evening, May 15th, 2010. The space inside is nicely lit for an evening meal and drinks. Mr. Elliott Caine and his ensemble of musicians set up for a night of sheer delight. This crew knows how to brew some of most exciting straight ahead Jazz and enchanting ballads you've ever heard. This was the line up -

Elliott Caine on Trumpet and Flugel Horn

Kenny Elliott on Drums

Chuck Manning on Tenor Saxophone

Mahesh Balasooriya on Piano

Bill Markus on Bass

The quartet began the set... (more)


Undisputed Gentle King of Bata

By Kim, published on May 19, 2010

Years ago, he was hailed "Aguabella is the John Coltrane of the Conga Drums.” -- Dizzy Gillespie


This is my tribute to Francisco Aguabella

A whisper to announce his song

A genius filled blessed with greatness and charm

Voices of angels called his name

All too soon his departure came

A kind smile and pause before he began

Hold on to your seats

Artistry, glory, euphoria will fan

Sweeping the space

Cleansing the land

With the percussive... (more)


Sonny Rollins - Eminent Artist in the Midst Entertains L.A. Crowd

By Kim, published on May 18, 2010

An unusually overcast Sunday evening on May 16th 2010 brought a shining legend to the stage of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, CA. Theodore Walter "Sonny" Rollins shared a wealth of wisdom, innovative and unforgettable music to an enthusiastic audience. There are no words to articulate the astonishing air this sage brings to his disciples.

Mr. Rollins was accompanied by an exceptional ensemble consisting of the following musicians.

There was Russell Malone on Guitar, Bob Cranshaw on Bass, Kobie Watkins on Drums and Victor Y. See Yuen on Percussion.

Burton Lane's... (more)


Opening Night at LACMA

By Kim, published on May 6, 2010

The Friday Night Series of Jazz at the Los Angeles County Museum opened on April 16th with a legendary group of musicians.

The eager audience had long anticipated the return of this treasure-filled weekly event and we were not disappointed.

Red Holloway, a King in Jazz and Blues joined Geeryck King and the J.O.S. Band for a night of sheer musical pleasure.

Red Holloway - Saxophone

Gerryck King - Drums

Jacques Lesure - Guitar

Tom Tonyan - Organ

The trio started the set with a Jazz Standard without Mr. Holloway because Mr. King said, "I don't want... (more)


Barbara Morrison & Friends New Web Show

By Kim, published on Apr 20, 2010

March 28, 2010, Palm Sunday afternoon was graced with beautiful weather in Los Angeles, CA, along with a wonderful time of sharing, inspiration, affecting music.

A queen of Blues and Jazz - Vocalist, Barbara Morrison and her infectious ensemble presented a LIVE recording concert that shared Jazz, Blues, and R&B in down-home fashion.

Roland Holmes- "The voice of Jazz, Blues, and Gospel" at KUCI - was our host and introduced the audience to Barbara's eager and exciting band consisting of the following great musicians.

Guitar - Charles

Piano - Steve

... (more)


Lost in Jazz...

By Kim, published on Mar 23, 2010

Passion reaches a pinnacle of euphoria at the marvelous venue of Jazz at the A Frame over looking Los Angeles nestled in the Hollywood Hills on Sunday, March 21, 2010.

The Willie Jones III Quartet presented an afternoon of splendid bliss in the affair of musical adventure.

Willie now resides in New York City was once a Los Angeles resident. An extraordinary musician, proficient on Drums led his Quartet.

Hamilton Price - Bass

Gil Castellanos - Trumpet, Flugel Horn

Donald Vega - Piano

The afternoon of melodic and harmonic wonder began with a beautiful... (more)


The Rhythm Section is All That's Needed

By Kim, published on Mar 10, 2010

Black History month wrapped up on February 28th, 2010 with many celebrated events. The community at the University of Southern California's Alfred Newman Recital Hall presented a tantalizing spirit of musical bliss to honor glorious music and the musicians that made it magical.

Pianist and Guitarist David Arnay and his extraordinary trio gave remarkably soulful renditions of hallmark Jazz pieces and innovative pieces. The literally incomparable Nedra Wheeler was on Bass with the always infectiously addictive Angel Figueroa on Percussion. Before or after selections performed, David shared... (more)


A Double Feature of Passionate Art at the Electric Lodge

By Kim, published on Feb 19, 2010

A Pre-Valentine's gift was lovingly presented at the Eclectic and Socially Consciousness Electric Lodge on Saturday, February 13th.

The event kicked off with an art exhibit showcasing exotic and beautiful works by Ellen Burr, Artist, Musician, Composer, Jeweler, Sculpture, and Teacher. Ellen posses an innovative and magical approach to all she touches. For this event, she shares works known as, "Bad Spanish and Other Works" depicting a humorous correlation between the art pieces and her challenges and triumphs in learning the language of Spanish after the age of 40.

The artist... (more)


Re-Try to Re-Kindle

By Kim, published on Jan 4, 2010

The trees await recycle

Tinsel and bells put away

Scattered houses still implore beauty

Of the season with a luminous display

Hold Dear

All those without

Are now wonderfully adorned

Cries heard.

Mouth feed

Bodies clothed

Ah! Here's an abode


The 25th has passed

It's New Year's at last...

Now the music and merry are faint in sound

For me still wonderously endures

Hope, Joy, and Expectancy

For an innovative and blessed New Year

St. Nick came to town

So put... (more)


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