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Leimert Park Beat: Keeps The Groove Going Strong

By Kim, published on Sep 26, 2011

John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme" softly resonates on a Sultry Sunday afternoon in the heart of Leimert Park at a green and calm forum neighboring Ackee Bamboo Jamaican Cuisine. People began to come in, greeting each other and settling into the good vibes surrounding the grounds.

This was no ordinary day in Leimert Park. The balloons, smiling greeters and community of artists of all kinds are gathered to celebrate Leimert Park Beat - 1,000 member statuses. Musical Entertainment was provided by DJ Tendaji Lathan. Tendaji kept us grooving with what I call the nucleus of music - Jazz to... (more)


Steeped in Summer Blues

By Kim, published on Jul 5, 2011

It was a picture perfect afternoon in Los Angeles, June 26, 2011 when New York Jazz vocalist, Nancy Kelly took us on an unforgettable journey at Jazz At The A Frame snuggled in the Hollywood Hills.

The meaning of the Blues; which is without a doubt the heartbeat of Jazz was portrayed in a most engaging fashion by Ms. Kelly and her mind-blowing rhythm section.

Eric Reed - Piano

Hamilton Price - Bass

Kevin Kanner - Drums

Just a few of the engaging arrangements that graced a spellbound crowd on a perfect summer day were

Cole Porter's "You'd Be So Nice... (more)


Feel of Christimas time

By Kim, published on Dec 27, 2010

The mall is packed

Sleigh bell sound


Children look in wonder

The deocrations abound

Glee in their young faces

Cookie crumb and hot chocolate traces

Santa's helpers stationed for wrapping

Festive boxes, bags, with holiday tags

In the midst

Nat King Cole croons

St. Nick is on his way

Its a magical, glorious, refective day

Just 1 before

Angels are rerady to soar

The heavens with Joy

Stay in that inner space

Don't let anything put you out of place

1 day after

... (more)



By Kim, published on Sep 17, 2010

She glides through the air to catch a tennis ball

As if she were a Sports Star

Always enjoyed ripping a Costco box to shreds

Any chance to race through the house

She'd jump in your bed

Displaying a sheepish yet daring look in a flash

Everything's Everything

Her spotted face would convey

Come on already...let's play

She hated New Year Eve Night

Parties, Noise, Illegal Shots in the air

Did not fare with "Keke Dog"

Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Show

She'd stare at the T.V. for the countdown and mo'

... (more)


A creative excursion for the palette

By Kim, published on Sep 9, 2010

In the heart of a business laden Downtown Los Angeles is a venue that's unique.

"Ciudad Restaurant" is more than another local joint with the usual Happy Hour of blaring events or commentaries, rambling news and predictable appetizers.

It is undoubtedly one of the coolest places in the city of the Angels. This restaurant is opened for lunch, happy hour, and dinner and serves a wonderful range of Latin and South American food you'll ever experience. Yes, it’s an encounter beyond words. Dining here is glorious. The atmosphere is soft lighting, stone floors, high top chair seating... (more)

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The Hidden Getaway in Downtown Los Angeles

By Kim, published on Sep 5, 2010

Just when you may have thought you'd exhausted the downtown Los Angeles eatery scene, take a moment and look. On one corner there's a "Bar-B-Que King" Cafe. Directly next to that is a venue called, "Refill Restaurant??"

But, on the corner of Grand and 7th is a heavenly haven. Bottega Louie. High ceilings with a touch of elegance, decorative open space giving an invitation for casual to intimate conversation at any table. The natural lightening streaming through the large windows and brick oven in plain view with conscientious attendants’ only adds to the ambiance.

Each individual... (more)


Lyric, Love, Lasting Tunes - Patrisha serenades with charm

By Kim, published on Aug 19, 2010

It was a lazy Sunday morning, and the church bells had already voiced a song. In the midst of the busy main streets, another song bird sweetly shares her melody with accompanying musicians sent from heaven on August 8, 2010 at the Cafe Laurent in the community of Culver City, CA.

I was oblivious to the hustle and bustle of the surrounding crowd as Patrisha Thomson gave a wonderful gift of standards, ballads, and original pieces to an attentive crowd. Her voice is one that conveys tenderness and acute awareness to melody, harmony, and the essence of each song. She lures you into the tune... (more)


Summer Interlude in the Inner City

By Kim, published on Jul 21, 2010

Jazz in the Garden, is a musical journey that takes place during the summer months in the historical and cultural area of Leimert Park. It is hosted at the home of a most engaging Jazz Aficionada - Yvette Coleman.

This particular occasion was special for several reasons. One of the most crucial was that it was a benefit concert for the legendary "World Stage Gallery" in Leimert Park - Los Angeles, CA. The founders of this cultural oasis are the infamous Drummer, Billy Higgins and Poet and Community Arts Activist, Kamau Daaood. The mission and purpose of the World Stage to this remains... (more)


Advantaged girl

By Kim, published on Jul 21, 2010

Advantaged girl...just because you stare

with a lowered scowl in your eyes

All know your disguise

Mere fluff

Full of immaturity & lies

No one cares

That your body language dares

There’s nothing to back it

Except your bogus privileged packet

That brought you into this world

It’s not really a gift, you know

Don’t look at your nose

As if one in your presence is a so & so

Stop your whiffs and stiffs

Trying to put others down

With a huff and a frown

You’re only emanating the image... (more)


Just one mo' time at Alva's please

By Kim, published on Jun 4, 2010

As the sun prepares for bed surrounded by a blue sky with hues of pink and orange, we find that fighting the usual freeway traffic is not an option Friday, May 28th on the kickoff of Memorial Day weekend. It was smooth sailing all the way to San Pedro.

We were about to experience some Jazz History in the making at the lovely and intimate Alva's Showroom in the heart of San Pedro, CA. This gorgegous space is perfect for those that want to experience music in the most unadulterated sense of the word. The showroom sits approximately 60 people. The tables are close but not intrusive and... (more)


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