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Blues, Ballads, Communing, and Creative flow

By Kim, published on Oct 6, 2007

Nestled in the heart of Leimert Park at 4339 Leimert Blvd. you will find "Babe and Ricky's Inn. A mellow and almost quaint place in appearence. One will experience "the Blues" at its best at this sanctuary. Babe and Ricky's is owned and operated by Laura Mae Gross known as "Mama" by her patrons, musicians and community members she provides a haven for well-known and aspiring amateur musicians to epitomize the Blues. The home-like venue gives an opportunity for ardent music lovers to mingle from all walks of life. As soon as you step inside the door there is a feeling of fellowship and oneness... (more)

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A Musical and Artist Explosion at Fais Do Do

By Kim, published on Oct 1, 2007

The music could be heard from ust a few blocks away. Music that drew one in to experience the joy. Tucked away on a block in Los Angeles on Adams near Fairfax sits Fais Do Do. The club displayed soft lights but a roar of guitars, horns, electric bass, and drums emerged from the stage as one entered the room. The high ceilings and decor that reminded you of the decade when Rock, Rhythm & Blues, and jazz still prevailed. Battle of the bands is not the description I would give to the stage celebration at hand, instead A Rock Explosion that surpassed race, sex, age, and creed as musicians from geographical... (more)

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Jazz Heaven Class

By Kim, published on Sep 30, 2007

As one is driving on the busy and congested Crenshaw Blvd. traveling south on a Saturday afternoon between 12 and 2pm, take a breath of fresh air and stop in a cultural haven just a few blocks east of Vernon Ave. At the middle of the block on Degnan Blvd off 43rd Street is the home of the World Stage sitting in the hub of Leimert Park. As you enter the door you are invited in to join a Jazz Journey. You find yourself surrounded by the great artists such as Billie Holiday, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, and Billy Higgins the father of the World Stage. Aspiring and ardent pupils... (more)

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Billy Childs Trio creates a Masterpiece at LACMA

By Kim, published on Jun 13, 2007

The air was sweet that balmy evening at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art as fans enjoyed relaxing, drinks, and snacks at the Friday evening series of Jazz at LACMA. But as the famed pianist, Billy Childs began to play the atmosphere changed into an unbelievable combination of arpeggios, chord changes, jazz, Blues, and classical interludes illustrated with exquisite melodies that set the night ablaze with passion never before experienced. The gifted musician was accompanied by a brilliant bass player Hamilton Price, who danced his rhythmic changes. Mr. Childs’ solos swept the fans musically... (more)

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Francisco guides us soulfully into 2007 at the Biltimore

By Kim, published on Jan 24, 2007

It was a brisk night as I made my way inside the festive Hotel. Francisco Aquabella was on the Biltmore Hotel's "Havana Nights; New Year's Eve Extravaganza." That last word is an understatement to the humble, exhilarating, mind-blowing approach to the percussionist's brilliance. With each song suited for dancing as well as conscientious listening. One could easily get lost in the jubilation of the evening. Francisco's soulful and passionate pulse presented the woodwind soloist with praise but Francisco was legendary throughout the night with mellow, vibrant, complex beats sailing melodically... (more)


Summer Delight in the Inner City

By Kim, published on Feb 22, 2019

Jazz in the Garden, is a musical journey that takes place during the summer months in the historical and cultural area of Leimert Park. It is hosted at the home of a most engaging Jazz Aficionada - Yvette Coleman.

This particular occasion was special for several reasons. One of the most crucial was that it was a benefit concert for the legendary "World Stage Gallery" in Leimert Park - Los Angeles, CA. The founders of this cultural oasis are the infamous Drummer, Billy Higgins and Poet and Community Arts Activist, Kamau Daaood. The mission and purpose of the World Stage to this remains... (more)


A Down Home Sunday Dinner

By Kim, published on Feb 22, 2019

A serene road leads to the oasis of Betty Hoover's venue filled with versatility, warm connection and pure charm on Sunday afternoon, July 18th in the backdrop of Hollywood Hills, CA.

The Bobby Floyd Quartet captivated the audience with a fulfilling selection of tunes that spoke eloquently in dimensions that were soulful, spiritual, sensitive, and composed.

A surpreme experience from Rickey Woodard on Saxophone, Graham Dechter on Guitar, Steve Barnes on Drums, and Bobby Floyd on Organ and Piano unfolded from the first tune performed.

Jack McDuff's "Rock Candy". A 12 Bar... (more)


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