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Ringing in 2014 with an Essential - Jazz

By Kim, published on Feb 1, 2014

It was a weather perfect day as guests filled the A Frame space at the "House that Betty Built" and everyone had warm greetings and attentive ears in as the Nick Mancini Quartet began our remarkable Jazz journey on January 19th, 2014. It's true, that the Jazz Aficionados that attend the monthly concerts are accustomed to undiluted Jazz & Blues. This Sunday afternoon, we experienced a round trip journey that that was an inspiring start into 2014.

Nick Mancini - Vibes and Piano

John Campbell - Piano and Vibes

Greg Swiller - Bass

Jake Reed - Drums

The engine... (more)


Hail! To the Montford Point Marines

By Kim, published on Sep 6, 2013

The perfect weather on Sunday, August 11th complimented the remarkable music shared by the RCM trio at the American Legion in Culver City. It was memorable tribute to a group of men from the Montford Point Marines, all part of an All African-American Regiment who served during World War II. They were largely unrecognized, and in the face of racism, prejudice, emotional and mental mistreatment, proved themselves loyal and fit for action. They laid down their lives for their country valiantly serving in Guam, Saipan, Tinian, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Japan and China.

The Montford... (more)


Number 13 is the Charm Anniversary @ the A frame

By Kim, published on Aug 15, 2013

Imagine a journey which takes you to the deepest back woods Juke Joint just west of the Mississippi. This is a venue that breathes and exhales the very essence of Jazz. What a Spiritual Haven and fortress from a hot summer day in L.A.

The elegant affair was dripping in the Blues, Soul, and Jazz. During this expedition you are serenaded by an angelic voice. Throughout the afternoon this angel’s halo was often tilted…just a tad, depending on the mood of the tune. She performed with sass, brass, and fervor. She is known as that "St. Louis Woman", the One and Only Denise... (more)


Stay in the senses of the Season

By Kim, published on Dec 26, 2012

Sounds of music, Distant & Close

Speaking of a child born years ago

We celebrate his coming, bringing greatness, giving joy

We yet long for, search out, journey towards

His season & All Year.

Sounds of music, articulating love, peace, & rememberance

reosonating reflection

Sounds of the moment, caroling correlation, & calm

Enter into the zone, without a phony sales pitch

Rather contemplation...flickering softly

Sounds of melodies, harmonies, symphonic & traditional

Holy & Sacred

Spiritual,... (more)


Enticing Elation - An Afternoon at the A Frame

By Kim, published on Jun 1, 2012

There was perfect weather and absolute joy to be found at the celebrated venue, "Jazz at the A Frame" in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, CA. on Sunday, May 26, 2012.

The Kenny Tres Posh Trio captivated the audience with a set of Standards, Swing, Straight Ahead, Be-Bop, tinge of Latin, and more. The kind of music which evokes a basking in a pleasure that captures your heart and soul.

Legendary Drummer Kenny Dennis began the first set with a grooving rendition of "Invitation" that included a nice trade of 4's between Kenny and Llew then Kenny and Hamilton followed by... (more)


20th Anniversary - 1992 Rodney King Verdict & The Uprising

By Kim, published on Apr 25, 2012

"Not Guilty..." The verdict rang through the air like a horrible dream that afternoon of April 29, 1992. A huge hush fell across the city racially, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually hurting and on the edge of heart failure.

"Not Guilty". Four faces sighed. The rest of us cried. As the afternoon wore on many died in an eruption galvanized not by this salient event but the response a series of actions, measures, and injustices. The Rodney King verdicts were a culmination.

In some respects, Los Angeles had not known such unrest since the Watts Riots of the summer of... (more)


Don Cornelius - Innovator in the History of Black Music

By Kim, published on Feb 3, 2012

In the stillness of late Saturday mornings, most teens were still finishing up their bowl of cereal or pancakes. All eyes and bodies were fully alert though for the weekly program that featured live music, dance, and artistic pleasure for all the senses. A television show that veteran Disc-Jockey and Mastermind, Don Cornelius from the Chicago area created and hosted. The infamous as well as infectious "Soul Train" program burst into homes across the nation in the late summer of 1970 bringing professional genius from African American Artists while local youth in the audience shared their talents... (more)


Reflections - Clear & Bright

By Kim, published on Dec 21, 2011

Ah! Here again

Like an old friend

Faith, Steadfast until the end

Only bringing to the beginning again

At last, Here again

As the days descend

Across the keys of my Flute

A melody haunting, joyous, bittersweet

Awaiting a listening ear, an attentive heart,

A sensitive soul, liberated beyond the world's control

Strong enough to behold, the message told and untold

Yes, Here again

Merry greetings, wondrous eyes, a magical smile

Of a precious child

Anticipating...not needing commercial persuasion

... (more)


Autumn Arpeggios at Jazz at the A Frame

By Kim, published on Oct 21, 2011

The remarkable advantage about going to the "A Frame" is you're always in for gorgeous gain. It’s like Christmas every month of the year. Although it’s true, Jesus Christ birthday isn't actually December 25th, and Christmas doesn't come once a month... If it did, I'd wage, he would celebrate it at this splendid venue that's akin to heaven on earth each month of the year.

Hosted by Betty Hoover and nested in the hills of Hollywood is one of the best Jazz venues ever.

On Sunday, October 16, 2011, The Peter Smith Quartet serenaded a focused and devoted audience with original compositions... (more)


Barefoot in the night on stage

By Kim, published on Sep 30, 2011

A spirit of history in the making was in the air that glorious Thursday evening of September 15th, 2011 at The Colburn School of Music -Zipper Hall in Los Angeles, an acoustically perfect venue.

Hosted by "The Movable Feast" presented by the Jazz Bakery with Founder and Jazz vocalist in her own rite, Ruth Price. The Jazz Bakery is a Non-Profit Organization committed to providing excellence in Jazz performers since its founding in 1992 by Ms. Price.

For me to say it was a summer serenade would be an understatement for the journey audience members were graciously taken on by... (more)


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