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Who Can Sleep Releases new single “Falling Down”

By Katia Rekho, published on Jun 4, 2016

Watching them perform, your heart fills up with warmth and happiness. Their songs are full of incredible sincerity and you can feel the harmony in every bit.

Despite being surrounded by fans Dean Vivirito and Lexie Helgerson were willing to answer few questions.

Katia Rekho: What inspired you to write that song?

Who Can Sleep: It was a Saturday last November. We’d been in the house all day and decided to walk down to Glendale Boulevard (our main street in Atwater Village). Dean’s always looking at the sky, and loves to tell me about aliens. Walking back home an hour later,... (more)


And Who did You Dream to Be as a Child

By Katia Rekho, published on May 31, 2016

Do you remember how, being a child, because of the lack of information about all the existing careers in the world, all the boys dreamed of being astronauts and all the girls dreamed of being actresses or teachers? Growing up, they all regrouped in lawyers and economists. Only I continue studying the list of all possible vacancies in the world…

Once I was looking for an extra job in New York and I got an offer of being Oyster Opener. I even went to a one-day training. I was supposed to work at a bar, behind a separate mini-counter, and open oysters. It was the most regular American bar,... (more)


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