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Most Common Myths of Using Moisturizer for Mature Skin

By jazz pollard, published on Mar 15, 2018

The skin care industry is nearly a $130 billion global market. Practically every company in the beauty business manufactures and promotes some type of anti-aging and moisturizing products for maturing skin. With the competition at a very aggressive height, any online search for skin care needs will generate a nearly endless list of possibilities stating why each new product is better and more effective than the last. But don’t be fooled by these marketing strategies when it comes to your skin and anti-aging products. In choosing the best face moisturizer for your maturing skin, continue reading... (more)

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8 Ways To Get The Body Back In Shape

By jazz pollard, published on Feb 7, 2018


US$13.5 billion — that was how much Americans spent in 2015 on surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures, the highest recorded so far, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. So, if you’ve been pondering on the “ifs” and “what's” how to remove cellulite, below is a summary of 8 procedures you can consider to firm up — well, any part of your body:


It is the first ever cellulite treatment approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2012. The procedure begins with the administration of a local anesthesia. Thereafter, three... (more)

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How to Keep Your Sanity Intact While Menopause

By jazz pollard, published on Oct 2, 2016

Women and estrogen

Puberty, PMS, pregnancy, post-partum, perimenopausal and menopausal are distinct phases in your life which, if you’ve personally gone through all of it or, are going through one, you’d be better able to understand. All of these phases can drive a woman (and their men) insane!

What characterizes every stage is hormones wildly spiking and rapidly declining in a roller coaster ride that can easily put people a woman’s relationships and reputation on the rocks — but, please, to the men out there, have more heart and open up your minds because it’s all because of... (more)

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How To Get More Energy Without any Energy Drinks?

By jazz pollard, published on Aug 3, 2016

When your energy levels are nearly close to being drained, you probably find yourself reaching for caffeine. According to a recent USDA report, study shows that women consume about 165 mg of caffeine a day, while averaging to about 225 mg by the age of 50. This energy crisis is causing us to reply on caffeine and energy drinks to help you get through the day. Instead, beat the fatigue and learn how to get more energy without any energy drink.

Cut the Caffeine

The first step to boosting your natural energy level is to skip the artificial caffeine. If you’re among the 90% of Americans... (more)

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Pucker Up With Lip Plumpers

By jazz pollard, published on Jun 20, 2016

In case you do not want to undergo the trouble of an expensive and possibly unpleasant cosmetic treatment, you may buy the fuller lips right over-the-counter. You heard that right. Obtain plumped with just to die for the lips without having the discomfort and get it in an easy swipe!

To put it succinctly, lip plumpers happen to be lip gunk cosmetic items individuals affect their lips simply such as lip balm, lip gloss and lipstick. The main nevertheless among lip plumpers and even almost all of these alternatives of lip product is the fact that using a lip plumper can in fact make the... (more)

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Anti-aging Skin Care Regimen: Take Care of the skin and Grow

By jazz pollard, published on Jun 8, 2016

The skin as the outer surface layer of the body always ages faster than other body organs. This is because it is exposed to the direct environmental conditions that favor its aging process. The skin aging can be minimized by application of the anti-aging skin care regimen. Aging of the skin is common to people in their late 20s, 30s and 40s years of age. You should not be worried with this; consider the following routinely care of the skin to prevent skin aging.

Brighten your Body

As people grow older, their skin gets wrinkles and duller. This is because the skin cells gets sluggish... (more)

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The Best Anti Wrinkle Cream Ingredients

By jazz pollard, published on Jun 2, 2016

Finding an anti-wrinkle product is very difficult since most products on the market don’t really work. When you’re in the market for such a product, you need to know the right ingredients that are effective and safe. To help you find a product to fight wrinkles, here are the best anti wrinkle cream ingredients you should look for.

Palmitoyl Oligopeptide

Peptides have been among the most popular anti wrinkle cream ingredients for a long time already. Palmitoyl oligopeptide is one of the top anti-wrinkle ingredients found in the best anti-aging formulations. It essentially works... (more)

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6 Diet Mistakes That Lead To Weight Gain During Menopause

By jazz pollard, published on Feb 25, 2016

When women speak of menopause, they actually mean peri-menopause; a period in a woman’s life when she is transitioning from being pre-menopausal to menopausal and becoming infertile without the worry or risk of getting pregnant or having her periods. The majority of women are weary of the signs and symptoms that accompany menopause. Weight gain is one of the menopausal symptoms that often affects a woman’s self-esteem as it changes the appearance of the woman. For many women, the body chooses to hold onto the fat -- especially around the tummy. This has been associated with the declining level... (more)

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Benefits of Rock Climbing

By jazz pollard, published on Feb 17, 2016

Rock climbing is an activity that involves people trying to climb up walls or rocks. It can also involve movement down or across a rock using your hands and legs. Here, you will be aiming at reaching a certain place, following a redefined route and without falling. It is majorly meant to test a person’s concentration levels, their balance, strength, endurance and control. Frequent climbing has been known to have numerous benefits that range from health to social and finally, mental ones.

Height Phobia

However, most people still do not participate in this game mostly due to fear.... (more)

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Try This Green Smoothie For Quick Weight Loss

By jazz pollard, published on Feb 10, 2016

Green smoothie is a form of naturally made supplements that when taken on a daily basis can help in weight loss. Such smoothies help you feed in healthy ways since you are required to avoid junk and any other food that contains fats. These smoothies have high fiber that enhances proper digestion and low in fat, hence you can lose so many calories in a short while. Fast weight loss can happen as long as you are obedient to the rules in the smoothie intake. The smoothie should also be rich in nutrients that help in body building and boosting immunity.

Weight Loss Smoothie Ratio

¼... (more)

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