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Creepshow Is The Reason For The Season

By Hunter Addams, published on Sep 26, 2012

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I give you to, Creepshow.

Every day, I'd get home from school and put on a movie. Either I would rent some ultra-violent sleaze-fest from Tonys’ Video down the block (Tony, who would let me rent 555, but thought Rocky Horror was inappropriate because of the "gay scenes.” ...go figure), or I would slip in the Videodisc of one of three movies; Creepshow, Altered States, and Halloween 3. All Videodiscs I still have, mind you! They are hanging with pride on the wall in the bedroom. Altered States being that mind blowing trip that fuelled... (more)


You Don't Have To Go Home, But You Can't Stay Here..

By Hunter Addams, published on Nov 10, 2011

I saw Allan again today. I can't go to The Bank anymore without seeing him. Can't help thinking that the entire evening had been a Catch-22, just waiting to happen.

A few months back, (7 months, 2 weeks and 4 days to be exact) Allan and I had gone out for the evening. We hit up our usual haunts; Redline, Scavenger, Bar-Hops, etc. At The Bank, Allan had this strange feeling that someone had been following us.

He was a tall, lanky fellow. About 6' 3"; couldn't have weighed more than 135 lbs, soaking wet, with bricks in his pockets. Longest goddamn trenchcoat I had ever seen. It... (more)

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By Hunter Addams, published on Feb 9, 2008

We all have our stories of low times and hard-ships. But no one wants to hear it, because we get up, we move on and we make it work. The ability of New Yorkers to wade through the crap that life spits at you is amazing, and many of them still seem to be able to keep a smile on their face. Life continues on, no matter what, and we all know it.

That's what keeps me here: The people in this city. They survive. We work hard, we earn our cut, and we keep our mouths shut about it too. I'm not talking about the select few that get to sit in a cute little office all day, sipping a mocha... (more)

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9 Down, 6 To Go..

By Hunter Addams, published on Feb 8, 2008

So, who's left in the race? Romney dropped out today, claiming that staying in the race would make it easier for Obama or Clinton to win, even though he actually has more support from the Republican Party itself, as well as its traditional republican voters. And now Limbaugh and Coulter are pushing for people to vote for Clinton to keep her in the race, just so McCain can unite the GOP against her. Is this starting to seem like a set up..?

The Democrats have Obama, Clinton and Gravel, the Republicans have McCain, Huckabee and Paul. Lets go down this list.

The Celebrity, Obama:

... (more)

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The Bored Of Education

By Hunter Addams, published on Jul 2, 2007

Three people have been arrested in Beijing for running a high-tech college exam cheating scam. In the last few years, China has seen an increase in the amount of these crimes. Beijing considers the college entrance exams to be so important, they hold it under state security. So those caught cheating are usually doing so in a very inventive way. From cheating wallets and sneakers to paying off people in the offices to wear pinhole cameras, and taking pictures of the papers in order to take the test early and sell the answers to the exams prior to the exams. The scam these three were running involved... (more)

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Dear Conspiracy Theorist Community,

By Hunter Addams, published on May 31, 2007

I recently just watched a video attached to an article on The article, Activists Go Face To Face With Evil As Rockefeller Confronted, was about "InfoWars Reporter" Luke Rudkowski and some people from who stood outside of David Rockefeller's home in Manhattan, waiting for the "arch-elitist" to come out. Not because they were meeting with him, or because they had an appointment. But, because they wanted to ambush him with a question, which never really got asked. The article states: The group scouted out Rockefeller's address and waited for him to exit, watched... (more)

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Giuliani: America's Mayor

By Hunter Addams, published on May 17, 2007

Acting like a 10 year old, he demanded Paul "tell us he didn't really mean that" after he DARED to suggest that maybe the US wouldn't have been attacked on 9-11 if it weren't for the fact that the US has been bombing the middle east for 10 years, and that 9-11 was a retaliatory attack.

Giuliani feigns ignorance to this fact and the audience, as well as the mainstream media, has taken Giuliani's side based on the image he has created for himself through his PR work after 9-11. "Americas Mayor" is nothing of the sort, most of us New Yorkers didn't like him when he was in office, and we... (more)

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Welcome To The Grindhouse (children welcome!)

By Hunter Addams, published on Apr 10, 2007

Over this past weekend, we all heard about the screening mix-up. The kids and their parents who went to see The Last Mimzy and got a dose of a chained-up woman giving birth to a mutated baby in the beginning of The Hills Have Eyes 2. Honestly, I wish I had been there to see the looks on the faces of these unpleasantly surprised theater patrons. Although, as strange as it may sound, we may have all just been privy to the birth of another mutant. A mutant mind who may one day grow up and do something amazing for the film industry. Let me explain.. When I was eight years old, Monkey Shines came... (more)

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The American Dynasty

By Hunter Addams, published on Apr 6, 2007

dy'·nas'·ty 1. a sequence of rulers from the same family, stock, or group. 2. the rule of such a sequence. 3. a series of members of a family who are distinguished for their success, wealth, etc. Clinton has been quoted as saying Bush Sr. is "like a father" to him, and they have both teamed up for multiple disaster relief type of organizations. Clinton and Bush, both being members of the CFR and Trilateral Commission (which was started by David Rockefeller), had multiple members of their staff who were also members of the CFR and TC. Both organizations being heavily influenced by Bush Sr... (more)

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You can't take a vacation from Paranoia..

By Hunter Addams, published on Mar 20, 2007

Something struck me as very odd when I was on my recent vacation. I went with my girlfriend to Universal Studios in Orlando. We had gotten the 7-day pass so we could take our time seeing everything and going on all the rides. Looking forward to a fun week of silly pictures and overpriced meals, we weren’t expecting to experience what we had. Airport security is a nightmare, and damn near everyone knows that already. Between the numerous scans and searches, the countless times you have to flash your ID and plane ticket, you cant figure out if you’re getting on a plane or testing to buy life... (more)

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