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The LGBTQ Community and Therapy: How the Process has Changed

By herbertp343, published on Dec 17, 2018

Societal attitudes are changing and evolving by the day. Actions that used to be shunned, outlawed or prohibited are now accepted, and in many cases, even celebrated. For instance, the LGBTQ community has experienced an immense welcoming into the mainstream over the last 20 years. But before Gay Pride parades took place in nearly every major American city, and before Disney World instituted its Gay Day on the first Saturday of June, being gay wasn’t always considered to be “OK.”

Ill-informed psychological theories and therapeutic techniques for the gay and transgender community... (more)


4 Reasons Why You Need to File Missing Tax Returns

By herbertp343, published on Dec 16, 2018

You've gotten caught not filing all your tax returns. It can be frustrating trying to deal with all the red tape that a governmental agency has in place when this happens. One of the best ways to start moving forward with the IRS, however, is by filing those missing tax returns. Here are four reasons why you need to submit this missing paperwork right away.

To Create a Warming Relationship

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The first reason to file missing tax returns is to show you're making an effort to comply with IRS rules. This action can show... (more)


How to lighten your Home Loan burden

By herbertp343, published on Dec 12, 2018

The aspirations of millenials to buy their own home has become a trend at the present age. With the decline in interest rates, the surge for housing demands has become significantly higher. Several banks and other financial institutions are offering personalised home loans catering to the needs of the individual. In addition, banks are also offering attractive rates of interest which has resulted in making home buying process quite a seamless experience for many.

Getting a home loan has become quite easy for home aspirants. But before stepping in to finalise your home loan, you... (more)


Blockchain & IoT: A Match Made in Heaven

By herbertp343, published on Dec 12, 2018

We have all heard about IoT and Blockchain. Most of us have a good understanding of how these two technologies are redefining connectivity, and in many cases, the internet itself. Some tech enthusiasts go as far as to say that Blockchain and IoT will be the foundations of the new internet, also referred to as Web 3.0.

Decentralization is the future of technology. This has been an approach which has piqued the interest of most major players in the tech genre for a long time now. The decentralization architecture offers several advantages when compared to traditional... (more)


Can BJP Make Way Into Mizoram?

By herbertp343, published on Dec 11, 2018

Mizoram election news

As the North eastern state of Mizoram with a voter count of just over 7 lakhs goes into polls, all eyes are fixed on the poll results. For the last 2 terms or close to a decade now, the state has been ruled by Congress and is in a way the last bastion of the party in North east. The Congress and Mizo National are the two key parties here and power has shifted between the two since the formation of the state in 1987. As per Mizoram election news, the turnout in the current election has been close to 75% which is lower than in 2013 when close to 80% of... (more)


Should You Outsource Software Development?

By herbertp343, published on Dec 11, 2018

As a business owner in a modern, technological society, you may have come up against the decision of whether to choose a software development outsource provider. It is often hard to find software that meets the specific needs of your business, especially if you operate in a niche industry. You may have the resources to assign your own IT team to write or adjust the software to fit your requirements, but many companies don't have those resources. Even if you do have the budget, manpower, and the equipment to manipulate software, it may not be the most cost-effective option.

Software... (more)


Homestay Living Conditions for International Students Explained

By herbertp343, published on Dec 8, 2018

When you apply for a foreign university the accommodation question is at the top of your list. There are not that many choices that you actually have. You can stay on campus, rent a flat or a room, split the rent with a friend or lastly stay with an actual American family. Yes, you've heard it right. Americans are very hospitable and some of the families are happy to welcome exchange students to their hearth. The USA is, after all, a country of travelers so a lot of people's ancestors have been like you. Young people adopted by the local society. Naturally, the descendants will want to... (more)


Why a Link Strategy is Critical to Successful SEO

By herbertp343, published on Dec 8, 2018

According to industry experts, the most important strategies in search engine optimization (SEO) are link building and content development. Search engines use this information to determine a website’s relevance when bringing up search results for a specific topic.

A well-developed plan helps companies target specific audiences using keywords that match the content of their page. And while content is important, links also help determine a site’s “authority” to search engines. Links to your page from highly ranked companies will increase the trustworthiness of your webpage and... (more)


3 Types of Men’s Fashion Shoes You Can’t Live Without

By herbertp343, published on Dec 7, 2018

Have you ever discovered theperfect pair of shoes online only to find out that they don’t match with anything you own in your closet? Although online and offline menswear stores constantly rotate footwear trends, you should still be able to find trendy shoes that blend seamlessly with your wardrobe. Even better, you can probably score a pair of mens designer shoes during a heavy sale season like Black Friday.

In order to avoid another situation where your shoes look completely out of place with your wardrobe, it’s important to think about the styles of clothing you already own.... (more)


5 Free Apps You Need to Know About

By herbertp343, published on Dec 4, 2018

As of 2018, there are some 2.53 billion smartphone users in the world. This number is expected to rise substantially over the next two years, possibly even passing the five billion mark by 2019. Whether you’re an iPhone or Android user, chances are you’re reading this on a digital device right now, and that you’ll spend at least a few more hours today engaging in activity on one of your smartphone’s apps.

The first generation iPhone was released on June 29, 2007, changing the landscape of the technological and social world forever. When Steve Jobs founded Apple back in the spring... (more)


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