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How To Master The Craft of Writing Short Stories

By herbertp343, published on Aug 19, 2018

For as long as you can remember, you’ve admired the short story. There’s such an elegance about this form of fiction, and so many people don’t seem to understand just how beautiful it is. But you do. You love short stories, whether it’s a vintage apocalyptic Ray Bradbury collection, or getting a different new story in the new issue of The New Yorker every week. And in addition to having a love for sitting down at your favorite coffee shop and reading the terse tales of Raymond Carver and the creepy stories of Angela Carter, you also love writing stories. But lately you’ve been thinking that... (more)


Tips for Traveling to Israel on Business

By herbertp343, published on Aug 16, 2018

Israel, Tel Aviv especially, is quickly becoming one of the globe’s technology epicentres and as a result, a growing number of professionals are making business trips much more commonly than ever before. In the past it was common to see religious groups on pilgrimage to the Holy Land, but in today’s hi-tech culture, it is now just as common to see the business traveller as it is to see a pilgrim or history buff. If this is your first-ever trip to Israel on business, here are some tips that will make the journey a lot more enjoyable.

1. Have All Your Documents in Order

While you... (more)


3 Ways the Internet is Changing the Way We See Fashion

By herbertp343, published on Aug 14, 2018

Fashion is continually becoming a synonym of beauty and a symbol of elegance in society. The question of ‘what should I wear today?’ is one that people constantly ask themselves to maintain the best possible public image. Many people, including a great number of millennials, spend countless hours online reviewing the latest fashion trends, the most innovative clothing lines, and the products that will provide attention. In today’s highly connected environment, the best public image is a literal statement and social media has provided access to share in a limitless atmosphere.

... (more)


UK Home Construction is Finally on The Rise After a Decade

By herbertp343, published on Aug 13, 2018

New home building figures show an increase in house building across the UK, with plans for the highest number of homes to be built since the financial crash.

The demand for housing in the UK has been far higher than supply for many years now. UK house building ground to a halt after the financial crisis. Because of this, the government has recently stepped in to try boost construction. Figures show that new home construction is finally on the rise, with levels at a record high since the crash.

Government Effort

The government is consistently challenged about what they... (more)


South Korea: Court Reject Compensation claims filed by former “Comfort Women” Group

By herbertp343, published on Aug 7, 2018

A court has ruled against a compensation lawsuit that had been filed by twelve members of a former “comfort women” The group had sought compensation from the South Korean government following its bilateral agreement with the Japanese government. Through its lawyer, the group had sought a compensation of up to $91,000 for each victim of the victim.

The compensation lawsuit which was filed in Seoul back in 2016 aimed at forcing the government to compensate all Korean comfort women for the financial and mental damage it caused to them when it signed an agreement with the Japanese... (more)


Pastor Chris And His Healing School Put On Yet Another Successful August Session

By herbertp343, published on Aug 7, 2018

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's faith healing powers have been on display for the world to see. His popular Healing School television program has been viewed by millions through a variety of different mediums. The television program is currently available via satellite and through many terrestrial cable services. The program shows the pastor healing those suffering from chronic or acute maladies through faith in Christ. Many have anecdotally claimed to have been healed by simply watching the television program. It is this healing power that has made Pastor Chris one of the most recognizable... (more)


The 7 essential do’s and don’ts for the New Forex Trader

By herbertp343, published on Aug 7, 2018

Forex trade is the exchange of the major international currencies on a platform that is mostly self-regulated. This is a rewarding business which is open for 24 hours, except on weekends when it closes down. The trick to succeeding with forex trading is that you have to trade the currencies in pairs and you have to predict the best times to buy or sell your currency pairs so that you can make maximum gains. Here are some of the most important do’s and don’ts in forex trading.

Things you should do before you start trading

If you are new to forex trading,... (more)


How to Choose The Best Free Website Builder Software?

By herbertp343, published on Aug 6, 2018

Serving as the ideal solution for the small business enterprises looking for making a powerful digital presence, Website builders have made it all easy wherein the business houses are in no longer need of website developer for a full-fledged functional websites serving the utility in most effective manner. While it surely is a one-step solution, but the real problem lies in choosing the Best Free Website Builder Software. With so many website builders domineering in the digital era, it is quite difficult to choose the best for you business website. With the so many benefactors... (more)


Reasons to Try an Online Dating Site

By herbertp343, published on Aug 2, 2018

Are you single and lonely? Have you been wanting to find someone to enjoy your life with? If this is the case, the man or woman of your dreams could be only a few keyboard strokes away. You might not have tried online dating before. However, you have certainly heard about it. Online dating has been around for roughly 20 years. However, it has never been as popular as it is now. There are many benefits to using an online dating site to meet someone new. Here are a few of them.

1. You can avoid going to clubs and singles bars.

You might be a busy professional. You do... (more)


A Few Ways To Unload Unwanted Property

By herbertp343, published on Jul 31, 2018

Few people are fortunate enough to stumble upon unclaimed property. Most buy property for themselves and/or inherit property from elsewhere. Inherited property usually comes from parental figures, but other benefactors might include spouses, elders, siblings, or other extended relatives. Many people assume that inheriting property and other valuable possessions would be nothing but a boon. That isn’t always the case, though. Complexities could be lingering behind the scenes.

Virginia Wallace at The Guardian responded to a sibling worried about the power wielded by one of her brothers... (more)


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