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3 Please Stop Sayings

By Glenn T, published on Nov 22, 2010

One of the most glorious things about modern pop culture is the speed with which it generates new ideas and abandons old ones. Pop doesn’t last long because it’s not supposed to, and as a result, it is a genre of content populated by things that burn quickly and bright, suffusing our everyday life - welcome or not - and then running off as briskly as they arrive. This pleasing cycle of brain candy is just the sort of thing that keeps the brains of the ADD generations satiated and fuels the information appetite of a society spoiled by the endless flow of the information superhighway.... (more)

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3 House Horribles

By Glenn T, published on Oct 28, 2010

As someone on the brink of first-time home ownership, I am keenly aware and even anxious about how to fill up my new house - especially since I’ve mostly lived in apartments for the last ten years or so. As opposed to apartment living, there is a veritable universe of options when it comes to things to populate a home with: furniture, appliances, decorations, etc. After watching years of Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous and Cribs, I have some very big ideas, and after living by myself for the past six years, some very strong preferences for the small stuff. But, in my searches... (more)

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3 Facebook Fails

By Glenn T, published on Oct 6, 2010

At present, there are two kinds of people in this country: people who use social media, and the incontinent. The age (or otherwise) excused from reliable bladder control notwithstanding, first MySpace and now Facebook have become as ubiquitously a part of our life as cell phones, DVDs and, unfortunately, Justin Bieber. This development means that the same internet which originally purported to be able to connect us all, is finally doing just that. And once we finally ditched the glitter-gasm spam-fest that MySpace devolved into (and left it for the tweens, permanently "aspiring"... (more)

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3 Facial Scares

By Glenn T, published on Sep 15, 2010

I’m not a fan of facial hair. I’m not sure if it was my ten years in the Navy, my early childhood spent in the universally bad-hair 70’s, or simply my overexposure to “true crime” television programming, but in any case, I’ve always seen hairy faces as the hygienic equivalent of failing to wash your hands after going to the bathroom, and a reliable means for identifying the least desirable elements of society. Sure, there are plenty of exceptions to this rule, as I have plenty of good friends with facial hair who are neither felons, freaks or otherwise foul-smelling. But a quick... (more)

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3 Fall Fashion Faux-Pas

By Glenn T, published on Sep 9, 2010

To be honest, I wouldn’t know “fall fashion” from its other seasonal counterparts, except that when it gets colder, I tend to put more clothes on. That being said, it seems that no matter how much advice is offered on what not to wear these days (i.e. a Google search of “what not to wear” yielded approx. 726,000 results), there seem to be more and more examples of people who either got dressed in the dark or let their pets/pre-adolescent children choose their clothes. I recently had an occasion to be at a grocery store near the middle of the day and it looked like everyone there had... (more)

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3 Are We There Yets

By Glenn T, published on Aug 26, 2010

It’s 2010. In fact, 2010 is careering towards its closing season, and let’s be honest, it really hasn’t been what we were hoping it would be. Nearly three decades ago, 2010 was memorialized by Arthur C. Clarke as a year which would embody even more remarkable technological advancements than we were to have seen in 2001. We were even supposed to have a propulsion system so advanced that it would get us to Jupiter faster than the ship that had left for it nine years earlier. From 1982, 2010 seemed like a universe away, and while some things have risen up to the challenge (e.g. computers, cell-phones,... (more)


Three Bad Kicks

By Glenn T, published on Jul 1, 2010

Well, believe it or not, the United States actually briefly caught World Cup fever. When 19 million people in this country tune in to watch anything it’s a big deal - when they do it to watch a game which has historically been relegated to "also ran" status, it’s monumental. And so it was last Saturday when a confluence of good timing, great marketing and a little Yankee good fortune made the United States vs. Ghana the most watched soccer game in U.S. television history. Of course, that’s nothing compared to the over 106 million people that watched the Super Bowl, but it’s more than the 18.4... (more)

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36 Things...

By Glenn T, published on Jun 17, 2010

For those of you that don’t know, your intrepid reporter turned a very young thirty six this past weekend, and as I’m known to do, I’m taking the occasion to memorialize the event in writing. Previously, I’ve set down observations on what each age is like - as a warning to those younger and as a opportunity to reminisce for those a few years ahead. But this year I’ve realized that there a great many things that I have learned in the intervening three and one half decades (give or take a year) - some the easy way, and most the hard way, but all valuable lessons nonetheless. So, THREE THINGS... (more)

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3 Ladies Magazine Lies

By Glenn T, published on Mar 20, 2010

A few weeks ago, I took on the bevy of men's magazines that seem to offer up the same needless and ill-considered advice month after month - and while I had previously believed that we were the only gender so easily duped by glossy pages, catchy prose and the promise of the company of the uber-attractive, it turns out I was wrong. Women's magazines seem to have been in abundant supply for much, much longer than their male counterparts. Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Elle, Marie Claire and more seem to have been on the newsstands as long as there have been newsstands. But, as it turns out, the... (more)

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Three Bad Accidence

By Glenn T, published on Mar 12, 2010

I had no idea how widespread this problem really was until I casually posted on Facebook about my frustration with a day of receiving particularly bad grammar. This innocuous action touched off a firestorm of commiserating comments from friends with dozens of examples that were much more egregious than the ones I had cited. In this era of real-time spell checking and centuries of grammar expertise literally at our fingertips, writing like a poorly educated first grader seems more inexcusable than ever. I'm the first to espouse the virtues of forgiveness, but at some point, enough is enough.Like... (more)

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