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David Markham: Sword Swallowing Is A Good Gag

By Gary Schwind, published on Aug 22, 2008

David Markham is a variety artist whose specialties include sword swallowing, magic, ventriloquism, knife throwing and whip stunts. Before his performance as a part of Arabian Nights with the Mirage BellyDance Duo at Khoury's in Long Beach, he spoke about combining comedy and sword swallowing, discovering the "barriers" of sword swallowing, and what he recommends for someone who may want to swallow swords.

I’m interested to know how you combine comedy and sword swallowing.Sword swallowing is a good gag. [drums the table] Usually I make different jokes and do different stunts with it.... (more)


Miss Amanda Lee: What I Paint, I Am

By Gary Schwind, published on Aug 13, 2008

After seeing her paintings at the BeachFire Bar and Grill in San Clemente, I contacted Miss Amanda Lee about a feature. At her San Clemente studio, she discussed her artwork, her inspiration, and the importance of love and magic.

How long have you been painting?Pretty much all my life. My business has been serious for the last four years.What was it that made you want to get started?Painting is my passion. I find ultimate happiness when I am brush-to-canvas. I feel set free when I’m painting. I can be anywhere I want. If I wanted to be in a winter wonderland, I... (more)


Bayou Brothers: Infectious, Happy Zyde-cajun Music

By Gary Schwind, published on Jul 31, 2008

The Bayou Brothers is a band from San Diego that blends zydeco and Cajun music. Before a show at Iva Lee's in San Clemente, John Chambers (accordion and keyboard) Tim Cash (bass) and Ric Lee (drums) spoke about the band's beginnings, history, and what drew each of them to the style of music they play.

You’ve been together twelve years. How did this band form?(Tim) A jam session that we had. Ric and I were playing on it and John would come and play it now and then.(John) It was an open mic.(Tim) We were just networking and having fun. We had another guitarist as well. He’s... (more)

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Dropkick Murphys At Pacific Amphitheatre (20 July)

By Gary Schwind, published on Jul 24, 2008

I arrived at my seat just as the Mighty Mighty Bosstones banner unfurled and the band began its set. Each member of the band wore mismatched plaid jackets, pants, and ties, and the band jumped right into its set.Not long into the set, Dicky Barrett pointed to a guy in a pristine white shirt and jeans in the front of the audience and asked him to come up on stage. He said, “You might recognize this guy as a member of the cast of The Hills.” He proceeded to ask the guy where he was from. When the guy said, “OC,” Dicky asserted that the guy was from Newport Beach and then dedicated the song to... (more)

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The Mirage: Nothing Is More Beautiful Than A Confident Woman

By Gary Schwind, published on Jul 5, 2008

I saw The Mirage at Steamers in Fullerton, when the two women were part of a performance by the Translucent Ham Sandwich Band. At their studio in Laguna Hills, The members of The Mirage discussed falling in love with bellydancing, performing at a wedding of 1000 people, and how bellydancing helps women get fit externally and internally.

How long have you been belly dancing?(Meliza) We’ve been bellydancing together for about four years. I know you (Meliza) have a longer background than that.(Meliza) I started dancing when I was her age [motions to her daughter sitting on her... (more)

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Pretty In Stereo: "pretty Good...for Girls"

By Gary Schwind, published on Jul 1, 2008

Pretty in Stereo is a four-piece rock band from Orange County, California. The band has had its songs featured in television shows such as: Rollergirls (A&E), Laguna Beach (MTV) and a documentary about American Idol finalist Kimberly Caldwell on TV Guide channel. Before a show at OC Tavern in San Clemente, Cassie, Erin, Jodi, and Natalie discussed the origins of the band, how people underestimate Pretty in Stereo, and helping each other out in times of need.How did Pretty in Stereo come together?(Natalie) Erin and I met from playing together a long time ago. We met Cassie through Myspace... (more)

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Mirella Caldera: We Are All From The Same Cosmic Soup

By Gary Schwind, published on Jun 21, 2008

Mirella Caldera is a South American model living in Los Angeles. She has been featured in the Playboy Cyber Club's Hottest Girls of MySpace 2007. She will be featured in Lowrider Magazine in August 2008. She spoke openly about her interest in philosophy, moving between South America and the States, and her trips to an orphanage in Mexico. You describe yourself as an Alpha student of life and philosophy. What kind of philosophies to you like to study?

An ‘alpha student of life and philosophy’ means that I am a constant learner. I want to know about everything and... (more)

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Andy Walo: Do Your Own Thing

By Gary Schwind, published on Jun 18, 2008

Andy Walo is the guitarist for the Andy Walo Trio. At Springbok in Long Beach he discussed discovering his love for music at age 5, performing as a street musician and getting his first gigs in Copenhagen, and touring with Junior Wells.

As a five-year-old, you listened endlessly to The Beatles White Album.I’m glad you noticed that. That album is one of my biggest influences.That’s not what you expect a five-year-old to listen to. At such a young age, what drew you to that album?

Where I’m from, Stockholm, is about an hour and a half away from the UK.... (more)

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Kobe v. Michael

By Gary Schwind, published on Jun 7, 2008

Leading up to the NBA Finals this week, the topic of conversation in the sports media has been, "Can we start comparing Kobe to Michael Jordan?" And I mean everyone has taken this ball and run with it. The general consensus is that Kobe is not as great as Michael Jordan yet, but he's in the conversation.

Is he really? Let's just have a look.

Kobe is playing for his 4th NBA title at age 30. Michael Jordan retired a six-time champion but didn't win his first until he was 28. So, on the surface, it may look like Kobe is approaching MJ status. But here's the rub. MJ was the NBA Finals... (more)

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Bo Diddley, An American Original

By Gary Schwind, published on Jun 3, 2008

I don't normally do this sort of thing, but I feel I should say a few words about Bo Diddley. It's not because I had any personal tie with him. Although I did see him perform one time and that in itself is kind of an amazing thing. Not that I got to see him perform, mind you, but that I got to see him perform at the Ohio State student union for 10 bucks. Think about that. At that point, Bo was already in his mid-60s, and I saw him, a rock and roll legend, for a 10-spot at a student unition.

The reason I feel compelled to write this is because today, we lost something more than just a... (more)


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