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6 Ways to Better Maximize Your CRM

By Editor, published on Jan 3, 2019

Customer relationship management (CRM) software platforms make the world of business run a lot smoother. Just as the name implies, this software allows companies to cultivate and maintain a working relationship with individuals in their customer database. CRM platforms are not a new concept, but the capabilities of the modern platforms grant a new level of connectedness and engagement than ever before. Here we will show you how to maximize your CRM platform better.

1. Be Clear About Your Needs and Objectives

You cannot correctly strategize for your CRM campaigns and... (more)


How to Get the Right Insurance Coverage for Your Pets

By Editor, published on Jan 3, 2019

Pet insurance is a relatively new concept catered towards the needs of pet owners who want to have financial protection for emergency pet medical treatment. In many ways, it works just like life insurance you would get for yourself, except that the coverage is for veterinary care your pets may need down the line. To get a pet insurance plan in place, you’ll need to pay a monthly premium, where in some instances the coverage may also include accident and genetic illnesses.

Choosing the right pet insurance coverage

Many factors affect the insurance plan you... (more)


Progressive Jackpots in Bingo

By Editor, published on Jan 2, 2019

Progressive jackpots are a very popular attraction for online bingo players. They actually exist in brick-and-mortar casinos too but are only available on individual machines, of which there are no guarantees you can get a seat at upon your arrival in person.

Online bingo players can sit in any virtual room with a progressive jackpot when they wish to do so – there is no such thing as a busy room or occupied machine when you’re playing online!

One of the attractions of progressive jackpots is simply the life-changing sum of money that is on offer. The prizes are accumulated... (more)


Global Analysis of the Glycerin Market in 2018

By Editor, published on Dec 31, 2018


Glycerin, which is also called glycerol, is a polyhydric alcohol that is mainly found in animal oil and vegetable oil. Glycerin can be derived either from petroleum feedstock or from natural resources and is also generated as a byproduct during the manufacturing of soap and diesel. Glycerin is primarily used as a humectant in personal care or for moisture retention. It is also employed in industrial chemical manufacturing and medical formulations.

Market Segmentation:

The global glycerin market is primarily segmented on the basis of Application... (more)


Unique Gift Ideas For People Who Are Hard to Buy For

By Editor, published on Dec 31, 2018

Image Credit: Pexels

Finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones is truly a great feeling. It shows that you know them well, and the looks on their faces when they open the gift you’ve been dying to give them is priceless. However, not everyone is easy to buy for. Whether they already have everything you could think of getting them or they just have particular taste, looking for the perfect gift for those people who are hard to buy for can be a huge headache. Here are some unique gift ideas that will save you the stress and hassle of scrambling to find last-minute... (more)


How a Simple Thank You Note Can Benefit Your Business

By Editor, published on Dec 31, 2018

Keeping in mind that as much as 60% of a company’s revenue is generally coming from returning customers, people of business need to constantly come up with new effective customer retention strategies. With the primary focus on Digital Remarketing Campaigns, the majority of companies has completely switched to Online Marketing, ignoring traditional offline campaigns. However, to stand out in a very competitive crowd, a mix of both Digital and Traditional Marketing is still essential.

Sending handwritten thank you note is one of the most underrated techniques every business... (more)


How Augmented Reality App Development is Redefining Business

By Editor, published on Dec 28, 2018

Source: Think Mobile

Deloitte Global says that – ‘There are over a billion smartphone users who will create augmented reality (AR) content at least once in 2018, that means at least 300 million are already doing so monthly, and tens of millions weekly’.

Yes, the world today is redefining its way of working and adopting new technologies to overpower the market and fulfil customers’ expectation. Augmented Reality (AR) is one such advancement that many industries are looking to adopt and take one big leap in the ocean of possibilities. Who wouldn’t... (more)


5 Amazing Ways to Improve Business Cash Flow

By Editor, published on Dec 22, 2018

If you have a business, you may be aware of the fact that it’s a game of management, revenues, and expenditures. Anyone who can strike a balance between these business elements or can follow the concept of working capital cycle in proper way, they can help it grow by manifold without hassles.

The challenge, however, that a business face is generating enough revenue or money to stay competitive in the market no matter how good or bad the market is.

This is where the concept of business cash flow comes in. From time to time, you need to optimize it by cutting... (more)


Dream House Backyard

By Editor, published on Dec 22, 2018

Backyards are the most important advantage of a life in a house instead of in a flat. They can be simply magical. You can choose to make your yard practical or to transform it into a fairy-tale site. In any case, you can spend many happy hours out in the open, breathing fresh air and enjoying the sunlight. Here are some ideas for a gorgeous backyard that’ll make you avoid the indoors with all your might.

1. A place to chill

The first thing all of us need is a place to chill after a long day, so that’s what you need to make as a part of your dream backyard. Do it in any way you... (more)


6 Forgotten Offline Marketing Strategies

By Editor, published on Dec 22, 2018

Online marketing gives newcomers to the business world an opportunity to measure the ROI of every single dollar they spend promoting their business. This alone is an opportunity that they simply can’t ignore nor turn a blind eye to. As a result, these first-time entrepreneurs get so obsessed with digital marketing that they completely fail to give offline marketing even the slightest of considerations. This is a grievous mistake, seeing as how there’s much to gain from this. Here are top six forgotten offline marketing strategies that are still alive and kicking.

1. Business cards... (more)


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