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Paranormal Activity

By DLFerguson, published on Dec 7, 2009



Paramount Pictures/Dreamworks Pictures

Directed and Written by Oren Peli

Produced by Steven Schneider and Jason Blum

Two annoying characters who spend most of their time arguing while living in a strange house that makes noises is not a horror movie. It’s called marriage. Which can be pretty horrifying itself. But I digress. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY presents itself as a horror movie but it’s the least horrifying movie I’ve ever seen. With perhaps the exception of “Open Water” but... (more)



By DLFerguson, published on Dec 7, 2009

It’s long been said in Hollywood that if a studio doesn’t screen a movie in advance for critics to review that usually means the studio has no faith in the movie and they expect the critics to tear it to bloody little bits. I’m not so sure about that. I think that sometimes a studio recognizes that critics just won’t get some films. Some films are as uncomplicated as a mayonnaise sandwich and those are the films that audiences will get right away. Such a film is ARMORED which shouldn’t even be called a ‘film.’ The term ‘film’ is too pretentious for... (more)

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Dirty Pretty Things

By DLFerguson, published on Nov 23, 2009

One of the things that made “Serenity” so memorable was the performance of Chiwetel Ejiofor as The Operative, the movie’s main bad guy. Even though he was the antagonist and performed a number of truly horrific deeds during the course of the movie, there was no denying that Chiwetel Ejiofor’s acting ability blew everybody away and made The Operative a character that maybe I couldn’t root for or like but I came away from the movie feeling as if I fully understood his motivations. This cat was cruel but full of heart. Emotionless but radiating nothing but feeling. Cold as a February night in... (more)

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By DLFerguson, published on Nov 14, 2009

            Back in the 1970’s there was a television and motion picture director who became a legend in his own time.  Known as “The Master of Disaster” Irwin Allen is the name that was most associated then and now with the disaster movie.  The formula of a disaster movie is very simple: hire an all star cast of actors.  Half of them should be one-time Hollywood A-listers who can’t find work anywhere else and the other half should be unknowns or rising stars.  Stick them into a disaster such as an earthquake, a mile high skyscraper on fire or an overturned ocean liner far out on the ocean.... (more)

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The Seventh Seal

By DLFerguson, published on Nov 13, 2009

I strongly suspect that THE SEVENTH SEAL is one of those movies that a lot of people say they’ve seen but they never have. You know what I mean. When you say that you’ve seen THE SEVENTH SEAL it seems to automatically cloak you in a shimmering, gauzy aura of intellectual film respectability. Hey, anybody can say they’ve seen PORKY’S or VIVA LAS VEGAS. But say that you’ve seen one of the true and honest masterpieces of world cinema, directed by the great Ingmar Bergman whose movies take us to existential levels that had never been imagined before he came along, people kinda take a step back... (more)

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The Haunting

By DLFerguson, published on Nov 12, 2009


            One the questions I get asked quite frequently by email, Skype, telephone and notes rubberbanded around thrown stones is: “What have you got against horror movies?  You’re always knocking horror movies and saying they’re stupid and make no sense.”

            That’s actually not true.  I’ve said that a whole lot of horror movies make no sense.  Even more not only make no sense, they’re stupid.  Most horror movies depend on The Idiot Plot: a plot that depends completely and solely on everybody in the movie acting like an idiot to keep the story going.  But there are... (more)

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Better In The Dark Celebrates The Spooky Season

By DLFerguson, published on Oct 5, 2009

October is here again and that means Halloween will here before you know it. And so will the annual BETTER IN THE DARK Obscure Horror Movies For Halloween Episode. But until it gets here why not pass the time until then by revisiting some of the BiTD horror themed episodes and past Obscure Horror Movies Episodes? Maybe you've missed some of them or you'd like to recommend them to friends who haven't discovered BiTD yet.All of these episodes can be found here: Enjoy!Episode #12: What Made Haddonfield GreatIn this landmark episode, released in anticipation of the HALLOWEEN... (more)

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The World According To Garp

By DLFerguson, published on Sep 30, 2009



Warner Bros.

Directed and Produced by George Roy Hill

Screenplay by Steve Tesich

Based on the novel by John Irving

I don’t believe in coincidence. I firmly believe that what may seem like unrelated incidents are no such thing at all. They happen for a reason. From the world-shattering to the utterly mundane. Indulge me for a minute, okay? I promise I’ll be brief as I explain.

I recently got an email from a reader... (more)

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By DLFerguson, published on Sep 26, 2009



Touchstone Pictures

Directed by Jonathan Mostow

Produced by Max Handelman and Elizabeth Banks

Screenplay by John Brancanto and Michael Ferris

So we’re on our way to the theater to catch an early evening showing of SURROGATES and my wife Patricia mentions that the few reviews she’s heard or read about the movie aren’t particularly flattering. I smugly reply that Bruce Willis has had a pretty good track record with... (more)

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Friday Night Lights

By DLFerguson, published on Jul 29, 2009

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS2004UniversalDirected by Peter BergProduced by Brian GrazerScreenplay by Peter Berg and David Aaron CohenBased on the book: “Friday Night Lights: A Town, A Dream And A Team” by H.G. BissingerI’m not a football guy at all. My sports are baseball, boxing and tennis. I can understand the complexities of Star Trek technobabble or Pre-Crisis DC Comics continuity with no problem but trying to understand the rules of football makes me feel like the village idiot. Oh, if you invite me over to your house to watch a game with you, I’ll show up gladly with... (more)

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