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3 Tips About Choosing Car Auction Websites You Can't Afford

By Denis Lilleus, published on Dec 4, 2018

It is paramount to choose the right online car auction sites to buy vehicles from, especially if you’re a first-time buyer. While buyers may be intrigued by the possibility of buying a used car of their choice at a rock-bottom price, there are only a couple of reputable auction sites who can help the buyers with what they need. Any site you choose must be easy to access, user-friendly, safe, and most importantly stock a vast array of vehicles. Here are 3 prime considerations to help you out with finding the best car auction websites. Take a look.

1. Auction Site’s Reputation

... (more)

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A Look at Different Types of Horse Trailers Available on the

By Denis Lilleus, published on Jun 19, 2018

Whether you own horses or deal in them, you must consider investing in a horse trailer that can help you transport these beautiful beasts.Horse trailers are designed specially for this purpose and usually have adjustable vents and windows to ensure comfort. Many trailers have adjusted suspension to help avoid stress that can result from bumps. Investing in new horse trailers, however, can leave you thousands of dollar poorer. Instead, consider investing in salvage horse trailers for sale. Many auctioneers organize several horse trailer auctions throughout the year. You can participate in... (more)

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Salvage Car Myths Debunked

By Denis Lilleus, published on Jun 15, 2015

‘Kicking the tires’ is one of the most time-tested axioms to buy a used car. Then again, when you wish to buy a salvage car, this axiom might not stand true. Mostly, salvage title is given to a vehicle that has sustained damaged worth 75 percent or more of its actual value. For example, if a vehicle with a worth $10000 gets damaged in an accident or any other calamity and incurs $8000 as cost to repair, banks or insurance companies would most probably give it the title of “Salvage”.

There are several Dallas car auctions taking place, wherein distributors sell salvage cars at great prices... (more)

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Your Choices in Boats Depending on Types and Sizes

By Denis Lilleus, published on May 10, 2015

There are usually three kinds of boats available –cruising boats, fishing boats, and water sports boats. In order to choose a boat, you need to know your needs. Your choice of boat depends completely on the purpose for what you are thinking of using it for. Once you have decided on the type of boat, you need to make your selection based on the brand, make, model, and size.

Here is some quick information on several types of boats and their sizes to pick the best option:

Types of Cruising Boats : Pontoon - 16-30 feet

As the name suggests, these rely on pontoons that basically... (more)

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Tips on Buying a Salvage Ford Ranger

By Denis Lilleus, published on Mar 16, 2015

The year in which the vehicle was manufactured

Going through the above set information, and any additional facts will enable you to evaluate whether or not the model of your choice is equipped with the features that you consider desirable. The VIN is an extremely important report and you should not under any circumstances finalize a vehicle whose VIN report is missing because it may be stolen or may be involved in some serious accidents.

Request the vehicle maintenance history: Most providers offer detailed maintenance history to their preferred members when requested. You should... (more)

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Exploring Auto Auctions

By Denis Lilleus, published on Nov 14, 2014

Did you know that the concept of auctioning can be traced all of the way back to 500 B.C.? Auctions are absolutely the best way to get a product of your choice within your budget. Many people even sell their prized vehicles through auto auctions. However, the concept of an auto auction is comparatively new as it first started happening in the 1930’s.

Online auctions started around the year 2000. Such auctions gave the buyers the opportunity to bid on products from anywhere in the world. Auctions are great for industry leaders, business owners and people who take a lot of business trips.... (more)

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The Greatest Collection of Classic Cars

By Denis Lilleus, published on Oct 7, 2014

Everyone wants to own a classy, stylish vintage car that will add grace to their driveway. A lot of car enthusiasts like to own vintage cars. These cars are a hit among people because of their beauty and high performance. Recent news that took the world by surprise was about a sale of 543 classic British cars by dentist James Hull.

Greatest Collection of Classic Cars

In May 2014, it emerged that James Hull, a car enthusiast, entrepreneur and philanthropist, was one of the biggest private owners of vintage cars in the UK. Unfortunately, the car enthusiast had to put up his precious... (more)

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Online Auction of Used Industrial Equipment

By Denis Lilleus, published on Sep 22, 2014

Used industrial equipment, including salvaged ones, are still worth buying as they can give you the best cost advantage in the industry. Of course, you need to be very meticulous while searching for one. Searching for salvage vehicles has become easier nowadays with the advent of online bidding. All you need to do is, use any popular web search engine to find a salvage auction site and start placing your bids.

Some important factors you will need to consider for purchasing salvage industrial equipment are as follows:

Ensuring that equipment is repairable

It is of the utmost... (more)

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Vending a Salvaged Vehicle

By Denis Lilleus, published on Sep 17, 2014

Has your vehicle ever met with an accident or faced a hurricane? If yes, then you are probably aware of the difficulties and problems related to the ownership of an accidental or damaged vehicle. Many people got their cars damaged during Hurricane Sandy. If a car has suffered more than 2/3rd damage, then the car insurance company may tag it as a total loss vehicle; and give it a salvage title.

In short, repairing will not pay off as the total cost for repairs will be more than the car value itself. However, you must be curious as to how these vehicles can be titled as salvaged vehicle?... (more)

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How to Get a Supercar without Spending a Fortune

By Denis Lilleus, published on Sep 8, 2014

When an emotionally man sold his business, an old house and a few cars in order to buy a Lamborghini Gallardo; he actually made headlines! He was just trying to get on with life after an emotional setback. After all, he had sold all that he had to buy the most expensive car on the market. The down payment alone was a whopping $75,000.

Not many people have the guts to sell off everything that they own to buy a car that they are so passionate about; not that they really should! With online auto auctions, you can own a popular luxury vehicle without burning a hole in your pocket. One can... (more)

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