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Lady Gaga: Trendy or Timeless?

By Deanna Meiresonne, published on Feb 1, 2011

Not like my take is a whole bundle of importance, but when I see something positive I do enjoy sharing that inspiration with other people.

[[[Desperate A.D.D. moment here: I'm waiting to be picked up for an 8am yoga wakeup call, and I just stepped outside to see if my ride was here, and even though it's a gray, slightly dismal morning, that first hit of morning air, when everything is still, and I wasn't rushing to my car, mmmm so refreshing. It was nice to stand outside for a moment and sun salute the sky with my GIANT ASS COFFEE MUG CLENCHED FIRMLY IN MY LITTLE FISTS OF MIGHT without... (more)

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You are My Sunshine...

By Deanna Meiresonne, published on Dec 22, 2006

...My only sunshine. There is only one true source of light, when it comes to receiving my daily dose of day-glow; that big bulb in the sky. But when life finds me squandered under the deary skies of Chicago, sunshine is a little harder to come by for about nine months out of the year. As Seasonal Affective (or should we say, Defective?) Disorder (SAD) becomes more and more well-known, people are being to recognize the trend between their levels of happiness and the amount of sunshine they receive. Guess that's what makes Los Angeles so dang enticing to us snow birds. Just as soon as Christmas... (more)

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