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Love has to be Learned

By David Torkington, published on Feb 24, 2015

There may well be such a thing as love at first sight, but if this is not followed up by a lifetime of trying to love more fully, and more deeply in sickness and in health, then disaster will follow. The love at first sight that begins in flames will soon end in ashes. From rapture to routine, from routine to rupture. Learning to love God may end in flames, but it never begins there, that’s why far fewer begin the journey.

It begins with a faith-filled conviction that there is no more important journey, not just because it leads a person to experience the love of God, but because it... (more)

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By David Torkington, published on Nov 4, 2014

I know it all sounds too good to be true, because even Utopians need roads and bridges, civic buildings and public amenities. They need to protect themselves too and armies and navies don't pay for themselves. So how did they do it?

They invented a unique method of public service that expected every citizen to be responsible for financing one major public work once in their lifetime. It may be erecting a statue, building a temple or equipping a battle ship to defend their shores. When they'd done that they'd be free of any other financial responsibility for life. Now this act of public... (more)

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Perfect Man, Perfect Mother

By David Torkington, published on Jul 21, 2014

Of course I can’t remember being conceived nor growing into a baby in my mother’s womb. Nor for that matter do I remember being baptised a week later. I was totally dependent on my mother for everything, not just in those first weeks of my life, but for many months to come. I, not only depended on my mother, for my physical growth and development, but for my spiritual development too. I received my first experience of God’s love from her love of me. Exactly the same happened to Jesus. St Paul said that he was ‘like us in every way but sin’, that’s how God had planned things from the beginning.... (more)


Mystical Marriage

By David Torkington, published on Jul 12, 2014

Without thinking I asked him what he was doing and he replied – "I do be digging the garden.” Some months later I met a nun who taught Irish in Dublin and I asked her about this expression that I’d never come across before. She explained that it was an English translation of what in Irish is called the present continuing tense. “Well what does it mean?” I asked, “What was he trying to say to me?” “Oh, what he was saying was this.” she said. “I have been digging the garden, I am digging the garden, and when you stop asking the obvious, I will continue digging the garden!” We haven’t such a tense... (more)


Pentecost - Repentance

By David Torkington, published on Jun 9, 2014

This law was not primarily a list of rules and regulations like the laws that were given to Moses, but the same personal love that God had showered on Jesus. It was this love that enabled Jesus to practise to perfection the New Commandments that he taught his disciples. Namely, to Love God with their whole hearts and minds, and with their whole being, as he did, and to love others as he did too, and still does. What had been given to Jesus throughout his life on earth, had been given in full measure after his Resurrection, and in such a way, that he would be able to give it to others to... (more)

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Only You Have Been Keeping Me Out

By David Torkington, published on May 14, 2014

He was in his eighties. I learned far more from him than his fellow monks learnt from me. He told me how, for many years, he had been in spiritual darkness where many times over he had questioned the faith that had led him to the monastery, where he was called upon to guide others. Then, one day he became ill and was admitted to the monastery hospital, where he received Holy communion each day. On three distinct occasions, just as he was about to receive communion, he heard these word – ‘Only you have been keeping me out’. He insisted that he didn’t hear them in his head, or through some sort... (more)

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Reflections on the Resurrection, Cimabue's Glorification

By David Torkington, published on May 5, 2014

I had but three hours in which 'to do' the same city while awaiting my connection for Rome.The day was hot and I was tired and felt inclined to curl up in the waiting room to try and make up for the sleep I lost on the train from Brussels, but how would I ever live it down! Somehow I managed to force myself up and out of the station to try and imbibe as much culture as I could in a few hours. By accident rather than design I found myself in the church of La Santa Croce gazing in awe at the works of Giotto. But it wasn't Giotto who impressed me most but Cimabue, whose stunning crucifixion hung... (more)

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Thanksgiving - Praying the Our Father

By David Torkington, published on May 1, 2014

Praying the Our Father - The Ladder of Perfection

My earliest and happiest memories are of going to visit my grandfather. It wasn’t because he played games with me, gave me my favourite chocolate or even money to buy myself an ice cream on the way home, it was just because I loved him. He was such a lovable kindly man that it was more than enough just to be with him and feel myself enveloped by his love. This was before I even went to prep school. By the time I did he was dead ‘though by today’s standards he was still a young man barely old enough to draw his pension.... (more)

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By David Torkington, published on Apr 23, 2014

It took me a long time deciding whether or not to use such an uncompromising word, but frankly I have no choice. If we really believe in God and what he has planned to do for us, has already done for us, and is doing for us now to put his plan into operation, to unite our destiny with his, then there is only one way to respond. He has chosen to give us his all, how can we do less than give our all for him. The trouble is we have grown up in a Christian world where nominal, or part-time Christians abound, and the truth is we are probably numbered amongst them. Nominal or part time Christians... (more)

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The Mystical Meaning of The Resurrection

By David Torkington, published on Apr 20, 2014

The Resurrection pinpoints the moment in time when Christ is so possessed by Love, that he is raised up outside of time into a new form of existence, beyond all the laws and limitations of the space-and-time world to which we belong, and into which he was born. Before the Resurrection he was subject to all the restrictions that bind the rest of us. He too could only be in one place at any given moment. Contact with him therefore was necessarily limited to where he happened to be, how long he was going to stay there, and how many other people wanted to see him. Once Love had lifted him out... (more)

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