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Red Trails - I need to feel (Poem of the Cutter)

By D. Sager, published on Jan 5, 2012

A razor drawn, through the colors of my life

Red trails follow, enough to spite.

Angles deep and narrow channel

Direct the flow, excite the annals.

Now I’m left with the tint of life

Spreading quickly toward a light.

I yield again to the cutting's peace

Nothing left not even speech.

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Tags: peace, mental illness, questions, red, cutting, blood, suffering, struggle, masks, feel, razor, speech, tint


By D. Sager, published on Jan 4, 2012

Now love is to suffer at addictions hand,

The fight that happens I can't understand.

I wish it were you that love freed.

But addiction won, it a sturdy steed

Forcing itself on love's soft breast

Love itself would lose the test.

So take your leave I know you will

Follow your lust, I love you still

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By D. Sager, published on Jan 3, 2012

I gave love the last burst of my precious energy,

hoping to revive her before she passed on to the light.

No shock on earth could ever start that heart again,

growing cold as stone before my eyes.

The hardness creeps in like darkness at sunset,

first intriguing and beautiful, but then, a cold wind

blows from the darkness, night is coming.

One last chance I gave love, I started a fire in her,

using all the dead life I had in me as fuel.

Nevertheless, she refused to breathe.

Now I feel her life ebbing from my... (more)

Tags: love, darkness, cold, wind, sunset, stone

The Queen, Part 9

By D. Sager, published on Jan 3, 2012

We walked out of the camps, no glances this time, no questioning looks, instead I could feel respect, an empowering feeling, especially for a man like myself, merely a subject of the Queen. My Queen now followed me, letting me lead for the first time, she was still in control, and where else should a shield be, but in front? I walked confidently, knowing the way back, my pants sagging a little from the weight of the black piece stuck in my waistband. It was nice that they filed down the sharp edges of the sight and other areas that might snag should I pull it out quick. Now the knight had a... (more)


The Wind

By D. Sager, published on Jan 2, 2012

I could feel the strength of the wind.

Fresh, dark, mystical wind.

On the shadow side of the steep mountains,

clouds hovering, the wind teasing,

making smoke tails.

Strange feeling, exhilarating yet,

peaceful, almost entrancing,

the wind in my hair.

Smells, fresh, moist, sounds of a tree,

a falling comrade in the green forest,

all carried by the wind.

How is it that I fit in this mystery?

How is it this wind takes me?

Like a seed carried away from my past, by ever-present

but constantly changing... (more)

Tags: positive thinking, future, change, mountains, wind, tree

Beautiful Rejected Ones

By D. Sager, published on Dec 31, 2011

How strong am I? I didn't know until I faced death, loneliness, depression, lost a loved one, felt the pain of hating my body, experienced the betrayal of a lover, and wrestled with an addiction. These I have done and come back from, being rewarded with an understanding and compassion for those teetering on the point of no return. So many people on that edge, looking self loathing, rejection, and death in the face. These are the outcasts, the downtrodden, the incarcerated, the elderly, the dis-formed, the dysfunctional, the addicted. I will be a friend, a partner to those rejected... (more)

Tags: rejection, water, compassion, cold, self esteem, addictions, incarcerated, outcasts, downtrodden, elderly, dis-formed

I Know You

By D. Sager, published on Dec 29, 2011

I see you. Hiding there. You think there is no one like you, no one that understands, no one that imagines what you imagine, embarrassed by your fantasies, feeling guilty about the thoughts you think. Your mind goes on journeys, far, far away. You know I'm talking about you, the married man, the happy family man, entertaining those impulses. I see you young lady, thinking what it would be like. I see you, Mr. minister, thinking that your exuberance for religion, which you try desperately to follow, will save you. You do things that are leading you farther down the road to escalation, to... (more)

Tags: sex, love, relationships, mental health, secrets, habit, addictions

We Are One

By D. Sager, published on Dec 29, 2011

I hold you firmly, one hand placing yours above your head

The other, finding its way down the silken trails

of your neck, your breasts, your hips

Your sighs match my hunger, my hands eagerly finding all of you

My mouth, watering from anticipation, finds yours,

Our breath hot and sweet together, like warm chocolate

Tasting the dew from your flowering fields,

I join with you, deep in your love.

My kisses tender, biting your lip, then your neck,

Drawing a touch of red from my excitement.

We fall to the floor, wild vines of passion... (more)

Tags: chocolate, breasts, lovers, hip, fire, vines, lip, neck, dew

Diary of a Mad Man

By D. Sager, published on Dec 28, 2011

They said to me, “Walk!”. My feet wouldn't move, frozen by the accident. Appendages that normally would make me useful, mobile, independent, I now drag them along, taking care that I don't injure them, leaving me bleeding or with an undiscovered infection. The accident, as I call it, was not an accident. It was a purposeful intended act, inspired by lust and hate. They did to me that which I cannot tell, the acts so horrific. Regardless of the details of their brutal incursion, what I was left with was a handicap, one of the mind, not the body. Having to make do with a shredded normality, crawling... (more)

Tags: mental illness, handicap, struggle, wheelchair

She Sings

By D. Sager, published on Dec 26, 2011

She beckons one, she calls, she caresses you from afar.

You can't see her, she knows you

You can't hold her, never in your arms

Hearing her singing in the trees, their leaves rustling her name

Now you want her, feeling her desire

Now you long for her, feeling her power

Now you look for her, hour after hour

Hearing her singing in the wind, the breeze whispering her name

You know she will fool you, she will give you great pleasure

You know she will hurt you, she will give you great escape

You know she will lie to you, she... (more)

Tags: love, storm, thunder, wind, singing, leaves, whispering

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