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Time's Joe Klein: The Lamest Writer

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 26, 2008

In today’s article for Time magazine, columnist Joe Klein shows just exactly for whom he voted on November 4 and it sure wasn’t John McCain. Tossing around such words as “stupefying ineptitude”, “final humiliation”, “overweening arrogance”, “paralytic incompetence” and the ultimate insult of all, “the lamest of all possible ducks”, Klein leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that he is a raging, left wing radical who bought into the Obama Zombie mantra of “change, change, change … Bush is bad … Obama is God … Give us the anointed one.”

Klein’s own incompetence as a journalist is overwhelming... (more)

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U. S. S. Intrepid Rededicated In New York

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 11, 2008

Her keel was laid Monday, December 1, 1941. Six days later Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Sixteen months later the U.S.S. Intrepid (CV-11) was launched from the Newport News Shipyard to push back forces of tyranny and hate. In 1944 Intrepid engaged the Japanese battleships Musashi and Yamato near the Philippines. After an all day battle, the Musashi was sunk and Yamato was heavily damaged.

In the 1950’s, after a refit and redesignation as CVA-11 – an attack vessel, Intrepid served in the Mediterranean Sea as a member of the Sixth Fleet defending Europe from further aggression from communist... (more)

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The Bible Is Not A Smorgasbord

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 6, 2008


Christians believe in the Bible.  America, whether you like it or not, was founded on Judeo-Christian principles.  But there is something non-Christians need to know about the Bible before you start using it to contradict that for which we stand.

The Bible is an all or nothing proposition.

Either you believe everything that is in it, or you believe none of it. You have to take all of it.  You cannot pick and choose parts of the Bible to guide your life and then leave the rest alone.  And that decision has some very, very serious consequences.

Anti-Christians love... (more)

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Behold The New Amerika

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 4, 2008

Watching Fox News shows a lot of votes going into the blue column. Obama currently holds 200 electoral votes and McCain holds a mere 90. If you ask ABC News, it's 200 to 124. Either way, it's looking like Amerika is about go the way of the dodo bird.

On the day the Constitutional congress concluded, Benjamin Franklin was asked, "What kind of government have you given us, Dr. Franklin?" His response was, "A republic, madam, if you can keep it."

Today, the republic of America has been given away. Should Democrats secure more seats in the House and Senate, it will be the first... (more)

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Why California Needs Proposition 8

By D. E. Carson, published on Nov 2, 2008

You haven’t even finished reading this and you’re already banging out a moronic response to this article. Read all the way through and then write in and with an informed opinion.

One of the initiatives on the California state ballot in 2000 was Proposition 22, a law that defined for the state of California that a legal marriage was between one man and one woman. That law passed with a handsome majority of the vote[1]. In that election 4,618,673 Californians voted in favor of Proposition 22 and 2,909,370 voted against it with 353,956 casting neither a yes or no vote. The percentages... (more)

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Is Barack Obama A Socialist?

By D. E. Carson, published on Oct 31, 2008

No man can know the heart of another, so it is impossible to say with 100% certainty that Obama is a socialist.


In a 1991 interview with a Chicago NPR station, Obama lamented that a casualty of the Civil Rights movement was that the United States Supreme Court had not “broken free of the constraints of the Constitution” and assumed the authority to “redistribute the wealth” and that redistribution is a cause that should be taken up by the legislative branch of the federal government.

More recently, Barack Obama spoke to average American Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Worzelbacher... (more)

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Racism Goes Both Ways

By D. E. Carson, published on Oct 12, 2008

I happened to be in a place where I could pick up a McCain/Palin yard sign today and I hadn’t gotten ten feet from where I obtained my sign (legally I might add – I’m not into snagging someone else’s yard sign unless it happens to be really cold and I need something to use to start a fire in my fireplace and then I’ll steal as many Obama signs as I can get my hands on – but that’s another story and I’m only teasing anyway) when this troll approached me pointing at my new acquisition.  The troll was approximately 4 feet 5 inches tall, lying down and she approached me in a single pile.

“Jus’... (more)

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Mccain Is Not Bush

By D. E. Carson, published on Oct 6, 2008

Obama keeps hammering on the notion that electing McCain is like giving George W. Bush four more years. Obama couldn’t be more wrong. George W. Bush has been one of the worst presidents in terms of fiscal responsibility. There is no question about that. But to lay that at John McCain’s feet is just as irresponsible.

Obama is capitalizing on the current economic turmoil to bolster his standings in the polls. He has managed to elevate himself to the level of messiah promising that he is going to save America. But the truth is that whatever Obama offers in terms of up front salvation is... (more)

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Open Letter To Dianne Feinstein

By D. E. Carson, published on Oct 5, 2008


My colleague M.B. Dion wrote a very pointed article about the new $700 billion bailout bill ( with which I have to agree.  Furthermore, I was outraged by something in the article.  Not something M.B. was saying, but by something he reported as being said by one of my so-called “senators”, Dianne Feinstein.   In the article, M.B. wrote, “According to U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), she received 85,000 protests from American citizens, people that she represents in good faith, yet she said, "they just don't understand". And of course... (more)

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Palin Holds Her Own in VP Debat But Doesn't Dominate

By D. E. Carson, published on Oct 3, 2008

Tonight’s only vice-presidential debate was better than most people expected, but just didn’t have the “oomph” to push anyone ahead of the other.   It’s probably just as well though since the media has been all over Alaska Governor Sarah Palin after her two interviews with two-thirds of Obama’s press department: CBS and ABC.

Palin stood her ground against Senator Joe Biden, who is foolishly wasting his time to run as Obama’s running mate – after all, if Obama does win (God forbid) by the time Obama’s through stuffing that second “S” into “US(S)A” there won’t be a nation for Biden to... (more)

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