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White House Weighs More Time In School

By D. E. Carson, published on Sep 27, 2009

So the smart-ass in the White House thinks he wants to extend the school day.  Better rethink that idea your majesty, or you're liable to find yourself on the receiving end of a lot of rotten apples.According to the Associated Press, Education Secretary Arne Duncan and HRH Obama think that making kids go to school longer will help them do better on stupid standardized test scores.WRONG!The problem with the American school system is it's run by the government and anything run by the government is a guaranteed failure from the jump.Government schools in America are indoctrination facilities where... (more)

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Just Who Is In Trouble Here?

By D. E. Carson, published on Sep 4, 2009

You've probably heard by now that Green Jobs Czar Van Jones has given the Obama Administration another black eye (sorry for the pun). Approximately two months before his nomination to an advisory position within the Obama Administration, Van Jones was addressing a group of students at the University of California - Berkley when a student asked him why it was that Republicans could get things done in the Senate without the 60 vote majority and Democrats couldn't. Jones' response was simply that it was because Republicans "were assholes."Of course, once word of this particular insult to Republicans... (more)

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Dancing With The Stars - Season Nine

By D. E. Carson, published on Aug 18, 2009

Last season, I wrote about how I thought ABC’s Dancing With the Stars might have jumped the shark as it were with the inclusion of Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak. Then, just when it seemed that things could not have possibly gotten any worse – they did.

Season Nine, which kicks off September 21 in a 3-night extravaganza, has the largest cast thus far – 16 celebrities who obviously didn’t have anything better to do between now and Thanksgiving. This is twice the number of contestants as the show had when it began and this season, host Tom Bergeron... (more)

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Mad Dash For Clunkers

By D. E. Carson, published on Jul 31, 2009

It's popular and it's stimulating the auto industry...sort of.  But one thing that Congress didn't count on was that it would be depleted so quickly.The plan for the program was to 1) stimulate car sales in this poor economy and 2) rid the roads of vehicles that go through gasoline faster than a Democrat goes through $700 billion.  The plan worked in that people were getting rid of old cars but according to one car dealer in the Los Angeles area who spoke on condition of anonymity, "The program's great, the problem we're finding now is people's credit is bad."Well, what that amounts to is that... (more)

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Commentary On Ratings

By D. E. Carson, published on Jul 28, 2009

The article in question is here.

So what are you trying to say with your rating?  You didn't like my article?  Why?  Because of who wrote it?  Because it dared to take a look at racism in America?  Because it laid the responsibility at the feet of those who deserved it?  Maybe it was slightly biased in favor of the police report, but in light of events that have transpired since then, perhaps this is a case where the police were telling the truth?  I mean, even Obama admitted he made a mistake there (even though he stopped short of actually apologizing for it).

No, I think the... (more)

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Just Who Is The Stupid One?

By D. E. Carson, published on Jul 25, 2009

When a person behaves in a fashion that is unacceptable in public, they deserve to go to jail.  That is what Henry Louis Gates, Jr., did and he got publicly bitch-slapped for it.  He deserved every single minute of his arrest and incarceration for acting like a stupid idiot with a chip on his shoulder.On Thursday, July 16, police acted on a tip from Cabridge resident Lucia Whalen that two black men were attempting to break into the house of her neighbor.  The neighbor happened to be Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr.  When police arrived, Sergeant James Crowley notified Mr. Gates that... (more)

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An Honest Look at a Dishonest Presidency

By D. E. Carson, published on Jul 19, 2009

What would you say if you turned on the news right now and heard that during his time as President of the United States, George W. Bush had:

·         Made a joke at the expense of the Special Olympics.

·         Ordered the installation of a teleprompter in the White House press briefing room for news conferences.

·         Given the prime minister of England a set of DVDs he could not play anywhere outside the United States after the prime minister gave the President a thoughtful and historically significant gift.

·         Given Queen Elizabeth II of England an... (more)

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Michael Jackson Dead At Age 50; Farrah And Ed Who?

By D. E. Carson, published on Jun 25, 2009


They alway come in threes or so the urban legend goes.  Earlier this week it was announced that former Tonight Show announcer Ed McMahon died.  This morning, we all learned of the passing of Farrah Fawcett and before I could get home from work, it was announced that Michael Jackson died.

The crowds and the traffic snarls around the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center were indicative of who was the most popular among those three, in spite of the fact that McMahon also died at Reagan UCLA.

The real tragedy isn’t that Jackson was the youngest of the three.  The real tragedy... (more)

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Lakers Deserve Win. L. A. Doesn't

By D. E. Carson, published on Jun 15, 2009

What is it about the Lakers winning the NBA championship that makes the people of L.A. into a bunch of stupid morons?

This time, the Lakers weren’t even in the same time zone as Los Angeles and their win caused the people of Los Angeles to O.D. on stupid. Why is it that you can’t get more than two or three hundred Angelinos together without having it turn into a full-on riot? Is it because the there’s too much crap in the air that they can’t breathe and so they have to set everything on fire and make it worse?

In 2000, the Lakers... (more)

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No Justification For Murder

By D. E. Carson, published on Jun 1, 2009

No matter where you stand on the abortion issue, yesterday's murder of Dr. George Tiller in church in Wichita, Kansas had no justification.  The killer was a radical idealogue who operated under his own volition.

Unless you're one of the brain-dead morons who read The Huffington Post, The Daily Kos or any of the other ultra left-wing bash sites.

Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic, among other wacko liberal bloggers, have tried to lay Tiller's murder at the feet of one Bill O'Reilly and the rest of the anti-abortion movement.

They couldn't be more wrong.

First of all,... (more)

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