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Will Of The People

By Credo, published on Dec 7, 2007

What happens when the people decide to come together? Eventually they (we the people) may decide to forget about our differences, forget about our past and decide to dedicate ourselves to the successful survival of our future. Who does the government think that he is, does it believe that it is even alive without the people who formed it, run it and who pays their homage to it in taxes? It (the government) can neither breathe without the constant worship and considerations of the people who believe in it (the government). Government is not animated in any sense of the word, by no means is it capable... (more)

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The Power Of Choice

By Credo, published on Dec 2, 2007

To begin to reason with unreasonable men taints the value of our time, we are forever trying to understand those who would but ignore human needs and the eerie cries of humanity. Most of us sit quietly on the fence of life while millions are extinguished around the world by machines or weapons of mass destruction that we support with our taxes and in some cases that we helped to design and implement. While we socialize, criticize, demonize, analyze, and politicize our united problems away, we run the risk of global genocide, because those who stand in the shadow of our lives have hid there, growing... (more)


Redressed Of Grievances

By Credo, published on Dec 2, 2007

I hear tell that there was a gentleman by the name of Mr. Bill Benson, some call him the "man" who made a phenomenal investigative discovery and I believe you heard me talk about this subject on many occasions so I won't bore you with the preliminaries.

In 1984, Bill Benson was traveling throughout the country checking the ratification of the 16th Amendment by each state in the Union of 1913, to determine the authenticity of this controversial Amendment. I believe he did this because he was jailed once before on some tax charges which were coordinated by the IRS.

Oh well the IRS... (more)

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The Science of Life

By Credo, published on Nov 12, 2007

The quest for fire and the curve of the wheel is among some of man’s most advent industrial realizations; they have stood as the chief instruments that have aligned the technological revolution. We have come a long way in a few years and I can’t seem to remember when it all changed. Not so long ago there was no television and very few conveniences, everybody sat around the table and earnestly listened to the radio with such intensity as if you were looking at a great movie or watching a grand play it was magical, and most mystifying to say the lease. In particular the Joe Louis and Max Schmeling's... (more)

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Victimization Of Our Elderly

By Credo, published on Nov 2, 2007

You know the best part of aging is that you live to reap some rewards that you have sown throughout your life, and it’s not always the kind of reward that you were expecting to reap. Most people who are reaching that age of retirement are the famous “Baby Boomers” who generally came from a large family and worked hard to help develop this country into the big republic that it is today. People then were told to go to school work hard, get a good education, get a career and than save for your retirement, a plan that most have failed because the careers were lost to industrialization, lost... (more)

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Closing Arguments

By Credo, published on Oct 29, 2007

"Your honor I object to these proceedings as it is a violation of jurisdiction in which I hold myself under the constitution of the law and not of private law. I am a state Citizen of the state of New York a resident of queens and not a member or citizen of the commonwealth." Judge: "Objection denied." Prosecutor: "YOUR HONOR THE PETITIONER'S ARGUMENTS ARE REMINISCENT OF TAX-PROTESTER RHETORIC THAT HAS BEEN UNIVERSALLY REJECTED BY THIS AND OTHER COURTS." My Response: "I wish to make an objection your honor and that, that objection be noticed on the record. On the grounds that the... (more)


The Paper Route

By Credo, published on Oct 28, 2007

At one time the newspapers and magazines use to be the major information exchange in most communities back when most folks took reading very seriously, it was sort of like an art form, no it was more than that it was apart of our culture at that time. Since then we have lost the art along the way including the art of conversation within our culture, we don’t even talk to each other at the dinner table any more. Maybe it’s because no one sits at the table together as a family any more. Our families have become strangers who happen to live in the same house with us, sharing the house like... (more)

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Slave Race: Are you ready for this?

By Credo, published on Oct 26, 2007

A close look at what you were never told Slave Race is a relevant appraisal of the effects of slavery on the nation, its people, on the ethics of its style of freedoms, and it leaps into an objective analysis of the biblical tribes who represented black people. We who are the poor down trodden of the earth are the unstable, unpredictable slaves having nothing else we’d desire to loose or contribute to this world without first satisfying the needs of the oppressed people of the world. The sons and daughters of the former slaves are forever surrounded by the oppressors at every quarter; on... (more)

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From Slavery to Death and Taxes

By Credo, published on Oct 22, 2007

Some things are free in this life and some things cost dearly. In America liberation was free to whites to experience, yet the wasted emotions of racism have fiendishly overcharged Black Americans. The cost seemed astronomical and un-apportioned throughout the free world or the colonial territories. As black people watched Caucasians through the times of oppression, standing in line receiving their lot (by way of the constitution) and rejoicing over their new freedoms they fell in continence and dried with distain, melting like the cream in the oven that fell from the pot and burned into steam.... (more)

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In Case of Katrina

By Credo, published on Oct 8, 2007

Severe devastation was left in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina breached the levees in 2005 resulting in thousands of victims whose homes and businesses were destroyed by massive flooding and water damages. This episode has seriously contributed to the escalation of homelessness and has greatly saddened the American people, yet we find that this was not the end to Louisianan troubles. It was surmised that the loss of property due to the poorly built levees and the horrific storm, Katrina victims cannot recover money from their insurance companies for the damages, a federal appeals court ruled... (more)

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