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Truth Or Dare Part 1

By Credo, published on May 10, 2009

Truth is a very complicated creature to domesticate, although we have tried, we can’t train it or house break it because somehow it will always find a way to do its own thing and tell it like it is. Since we can’t change the truth without lying to ourselves, without some form of deception or cognitive dissonance steady growing among the people, I dare you to tell the truth, the truth about anything. Try telling the truth about our history, I mean the whole unadulterated truth, with no holds barred, with no excuses and without fear of reprisals. Can we say that we are spiritually wealthy enough... (more)

Tags: religion, god, truth, bible

The Prison Industrial Complex In The Eyes Of Mumia Abu-jamal

By Credo, published on Feb 27, 2009

Every industry in the western hemisphere that once was thriving and booming has systematically disappeared into a vacuum with the exception of one, the only growth industry within the United States is the corrections industry (“the correction industry is booming”, as Mumia Abu-Jamal would say). Today the ultimate solution to America’s economic problems is exclusively addressed by the status quo of the bureaucratic power structure by way of this growing industry. Mumia Abu Jamal believes that the correctional institution as we know it is an expandable... (more)

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Unique Questions To Ask Your Local IRS Agents During An Audit

By Credo, published on Feb 6, 2008

Among many of man’s daily business responsibilities stands the most feared and troublesome prospect known to society and that anxiety is the notorious IRS (Internal Revenue Service) audit. From the moment our phone rings in the morning and wakes us up until the time we lay our heads down on the soft pillow at night to go to sleep we subconsciously consider taxes and that dreaded day of the income tax audit. Every aspect of our lives is controlled by taxes, it is the determining factor which governs our shopping habits, plus it regulates all common practices, from how much you can spend on... (more)

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NYC Is The Best Of The Best

By Credo, published on Jan 17, 2008

There is much history behind these tall buildings, the grand hotels, the paved streets and the exquisite restaurants that are located in this mystic metropolis, yet this history merely stands behind the shadows of the history of the greater New York area. New York can be an exciting place for tourist as many of them arrive to be greeted by tall buildings, hundreds of opportunities and thousands of people who appear to canvas the streets of this fair city.

The greater New York has so many opportunities and activities that it's virtually impossible to include every New York City... (more)

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Endeavor To Create An Amazing Home And Garden

By Credo, published on Jan 16, 2008

In the best of homes and gardens there is no better habitat than one with a beautiful and impressionable landscape, with it you can certainly count on property values rising each time you make even the slightest improvement. Surely a wonderful well kept flower garden summed up by a dedicated landscaper can really make a grand impact on the appraisal of your home, and this improvement also allows you to contribute to the development of the neighborhood (your neighbors will certainly thank you for it). In my experience well maintained gardens generally yielded many types of colorful flowers,... (more)

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To Be Patriotic Is To Question Why & Not Just To Do And Die

By Credo, published on Jan 14, 2008

Even thought the military is still in the process of defending what they believe to be their country’s sovereignty from the clutches of terrorist, soldiers are beginning to ask themselves many painful yet inaudible questions that generally get a negative response from state side citizens who believe them to be unpatriotic for even asking these questions. Are we fighting the war to free the Iraqi people or are we fighting the war to steal their oil, are we fighting and killing to stave off terrorism or are we committing mass murder and ethnic cleaning? Do we have a legitimate stake in... (more)

Tags: iraq, religion, christianity, terrorism, iran

Paridise Lost And Found

By Credo, published on Jan 12, 2008

During the war, soldiers and other poachers killed vast amounts of herds, planted landmines and destroyed the park's infrastructure. By the 1990s, the park that was once hailed as paradise was all but abandoned and the area was not unlike many other communities of waste and ruin that we are told about by our parents when they generally want children to eat up and not waste any food. There are so many people in the world who are not as lucky as you, so thank the lord and eat hardy. I know all of us can remember that episode as a child, I certainly can relate to that myself. The... (more)

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Pardon Me

By Credo, published on Jan 10, 2008

Pardon me,

If I have forgotten to greet you since you joined this web site, publicly I like to say; welcome to all new and future BrooWaHa contributors, subscribers and evaluators.

The New York edition has now grown to 71 members, the membership and fan club is constantly advancing right along side of each online journalist due to great compositions, excellent topics and even among on going debates. This web site is becoming extremely popular and eventually there will be no room available on the BrooWaHa servers to accommodate everyone’s... (more)

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Intertwine Systems Of Youthful Domination

By Credo, published on Jan 9, 2008

Abuse sneaks in like a mouse in the midnight, it tip toes softly with patients and certainty, then remains in your life like an incurable disease, exploding every fiber of your health before it is done, sometimes it may never leave and if it does leave, you may wish to leave with it by committing suicide. A moral testament to our lives is that we only have one time to get it right, and the eternal obligation to assist others who have strayed from life’s royal path.

People have broken the silence before but they haven’t... (more)


Beautiful & Creative Cultural Images

By Credo, published on Jan 8, 2008

Some of the most creative striking images appear most often around the world in diverse cultures. What Americans may perceive as beautiful is quite often very different from the cultural perspective convictions of our international neighbors. Quite often many of us are fascinated about the cultural differences that we see in the Arts, the architecture of foreign buildings and international fashion.

One can’t help but notice the huge difference in the style of dress seen between the East orient and the... (more)

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