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So, You are a New Supervisor in the Workplace

By Colleen Foster, published on May 17, 2018

Remember when you got that new job as a supervisor? You got promoted! You made it to the big league! All of your hard work paid off as a team member, and now you got your just rewards!

In any case, you walked a couple feet higher than the rest of us. Life was good!

Well, if you don't know it by now, being a team member with a new supervisor is not all it's cracked up to be. Not everyone adjusts to change as happily or quickly as someone who gets promoted. Try these three techniques to make your first six months smooth for you and your team:

1.... (more)

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Colleen Foster's Obituary

By Colleen Foster, published on Dec 1, 2017

Colleen Foster’s life here on earth was cut short Thursday, November 10th, six days before her 95th birthday. She planned on wearing a new purple dress to the birthday luncheon, her niece Nicole organized at Dave & Buster's. Instead, she will be laid to rest in her purple pageantry on Saturday at the Chapel of Lights Out, 1200 Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV.

Friend and foe are welcome to come to her celebration of life, as she did have a full one that garnered admiration and wonderment these past 94 years.

Born in St. Louis, MO on November, 16, 1922 to parents Margaret and... (more)

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Beware: Don't plant peppermint in your garden!

By Colleen Foster, published on Apr 27, 2013

Bought a new home recently? Planning on starting a garden? Well, before you begin, please, I implore you, heed my advice: whatever you do, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT buy any peppermit starters at your local garden center. And, God forbid, don't buy the seeds! Trust me on this one! If you didn't live so far, I would invite you over on a Saturday afternoon for a 'work-outside-day' in my garden and show you WHY it's such a bad idea to grow peppermint in your garden.

Let me start at the beginning, ten years ago as a matter of fact.

Once upon a time, I married my soul mate.... (more)

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Entering On-line Sweepstakes for Fun and Gain!

By Colleen Foster, published on Apr 9, 2012

"You are so lucky, Colleen!" "You ALWAYS win!" "You give the best gifts!"

These are typical statements made by my friends, as they compliment me for giving their child (or them) an awesome gift. Or, after I relay an exciting story of how I received a 'surprise' package from a contest I had entered awhile back in today's mail.

When I tell folks that I enter on-line contests, most are slightly amused, but not very curious. I, in turn, find that amusing, because I've had nothing but positive experiences!

For example, I won a year supply of Betty Crocker Fruit Flavored Snacks... (more)


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