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8 Great Summer Dates

By cherry-eyed, published on Jun 5, 2011

1. Stroll the Highline. New urban oasis on an obsolete elevated railway on the westside. 2nd section opens this week on June 8th.

2. Visit MoMA; World class museum where you can impress your date with your infinite wisdom of Picasso's eating habits. Hours extend to 8 on Fridays, and 8:45 on Thursdays in July and August.

3. Kayak the Hudson or East River. Maybe not for a 1st date (unless you decide your date is a jerk in the first few minutes, and you want to take the chance on seeing them tip into the murky East River after a barge comes by) but brilliant for those who are outdoor-inclined.

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The Need to Capture the Moment

By cherry-eyed, published on Jan 29, 2011

Recently, at a show in NYC, I witnessed something first-hand that was, for me, symptomatic of a larger trend riddled with irony. As the headlining band was playing, arms seemed to sprout up all around me. Each pair was trying to steady a camera or Iphone at their apex. Movement to the rhythm ceased as the occasional flash went off from the less inhibited (or tech-savy). Shortly after, you have the customary proof-reading, marked by faces angled downward towards the illumination of their little toys.

What made this noteworthy for me, was not only the sheer number of people engaging in... (more)

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The Commute Dispute

By cherry-eyed, published on Aug 7, 2007

The average American commutes slightly over 50 minutes to work each day. Then 50 more minutes back home, pending the virulence of rush hour traffic and delays many will encounter (esp. here in the Tri-State area). Simple arithmetic yields that more than 17 full days of your life this year will be subsumed for the often arduous task of transporting yourself from place of residence to place of employment. Juxtaposition that with the dismal, if not repugnant, fact that the average American takes a measly two weeks of vacation a year, and you’ve got enough to compel almost anyone... (more)

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In Praise Of Baldness; An Evolutionary Advantage?

By cherry-eyed, published on Jul 10, 2007

I am faced with the unappealing certainty that I am going to be bald. In fact, I'm currently careening into the ranks of the shorn-headed males who owe their nude shiny scalps not to any cosmetic predilection, but rather to that complex synthesis of genetics and environment for which there is little control over. Despite reassurances that the genes responsible for baldness are inherited from one's mother, the collective glares emitted from atop my father and his brothers in pictures and at family gatherings have become seared into my mind as a forewarning of what’s in store for me down the... (more)

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