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How to Rank your App Best on Google

By Caroline Murphy, published on Jun 6, 2016

ASO is a process that helps keep your APP on Top chart ranking. However, it involves continuous monitoring and improvement throughout the life of the APP.

Following are certain key areas that will help in your ASO states state of the art website design company.

1. Title, keywords, and description:

The most important step in APP creation and maintenance is Title, keyword, and description.

a) Title: It should have a title which explains the user or the downloaded the functions and the uses of the APP. It is highly recommended if the title has certain relevant keywords.

... (more)

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The Reasons for Mobile SEO and Its Importance

By Caroline Murphy, published on Jan 23, 2016

The sales quotient is at an alarmingly high rate for cell phones but in comparison to responsive web design India the cell phone users are looking forward to acquiring more comfort than they actually receive in desktops. the search engine optimization for mobile is also a crucial factor in digital marketing. The mobile sales have overtaken the desktop sales, so users have more connectivity at their disposal. 67% of website users lean more towards the purchase done from mobile friendly sites, then companies rely on SEO to make the transition of the mobile friendly site to a responsive website... (more)

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10 Proven Ways for a Happy Marriage

By Caroline Murphy, published on Jan 13, 2016

These cheerful marriage tips have been demonstrated to work in a wide assortment of connections and I needed to impart them to you. Ideally, they will contribute quality to your endeavors to assemble an enduring and upbeat marriage.

10 Tips to construct a solid and glad marriage

1. Build trust into your marriage. It requires the push to constructed a glad marriage succeed. In this way, be resolved not to be a tease or get excessively close with individuals from the inverse sex. On the off chance that you do, in the back of your brain, you could start to view another person as choices... (more)

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3 Facts about Website Design to Understand Web Design Better

By Caroline Murphy, published on Jan 4, 2016

The true understanding of web design does not come from getting the aesthetic feel of the website, instead looking inwards and knowing what happens behind the scenes of a website conveys the real barebones of web design. Unfortunately, not many of us grasp the working of a website from the technical aspect of it, where each small tweak could make or break the user experience. Minute nuisances like extra milliseconds of loading time, the compatibility of media formats or even the age of code can push the website the website rank deeper down the valley of search engine results page.

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3 Tips to Streamline the Responsive Web Design Style

By Caroline Murphy, published on Dec 22, 2015

Since responsive web design (RWD) is the cheapest and the most convenient option to make that possible, it is no surprise that website owners are revamping their website to accommodate smaller screen on mobile devices. In case you are developing a new website, there really isn’t any reason why you should not be using RWD.

However, it is not all about just making your website responsive. Implementing RWD is swift, but how do you plan on making it useful? It is really simple to identify a sloppily done responsive design. If you are not confident, it is advised to stick with the traditional... (more)

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3 Responsive Tips That Can Make Your Website Stand Out

By Caroline Murphy, published on Dec 5, 2015

This is no longer a trend but a norm of life. We are not only plugged in our phones, some of us are largely dependent on their phones for day to day activities. Many of us, (including myself) often panic if the phone is not within an arm’s length. Such is the impact of the smartphone circa 2015.

Mobile is ubiquitous. And mobile is here to stay.

With the rise of mobile phone and its usage, naturally spiking the internet usage, for a website owner it is increasingly necessary to make the website mobile friendly. In the past wherein websites were designed with desktops users in mind and... (more)

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5 Simple Rules of Typography to Enhance Your Web Design

By Caroline Murphy, published on Nov 13, 2015

If you ask about client needs to any Web Design Company India, they would confirm that they all want a beautifully designed website, yet it is surprisingly hard to find good web designers who know some things the rest of us don’t.

Since there are dozens of websites which are prime contenders of being the worst website of all time, we can only learn from the mistakes of others and not repeat what they repent.

Know the Foundation and Rules of Design

Websites are majorly comprised of text. From the point of view of a designer, it should be treated as a typographical design, and since... (more)

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4 Top Tips to a Prosperous SEO Campaign

By Caroline Murphy, published on Nov 6, 2015

As a designer, is your website really search-engine friendly?

There are a lot of things already said about SEO in the ocean of ‘Top Ten Tips’ and numerous other guides on the internet, which has given rise to a multitude of myths and misinformation being circulated. With this article, we plan to highlight the various methods to a perfect SEO campaign, while keeping the design intact.

The following is some of the tips, from a respected Website Designing Company in India.

Search Friendly Navigation

First and foremost, if you are still taking Flash as your backbone for the... (more)

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5 Top Reasons You Need To Hire a Professional SEO Company

By Caroline Murphy, published on Nov 1, 2015

Well, first off, if you plan on making profit with your website, you do not need five reasons, you just need the one reason – profit. Then again, you must’ve heard the success stories of people or of web design that has prevailed with SEO. The expansion of the term, ‘content marketing’ has led all business owners to believe that just by taking small actions like starting a blog they too can attract pools of traffic.

That isn’t necessarily false but if you have a team of professional web designer and SEO executives, the story is quite different. Hiring specialized web designer and SEO... (more)


3 of the Simplest SEO Tips for Web Designers

By Caroline Murphy, published on Oct 27, 2015

There is a difference between a beautifully designed website and one that is commercially popular; although that does not mean that the two can’t merge. Wherein, an apt designed website is aesthetically pleasing, a SEO friendly website is Google pleasing. Search Engine Optimization is basically a technique to help the search engines access your website, produce organic results while also using it as a marketing tool. If you want to reap complete benefits of your website, SEO is a necessity.

Fortunately there are simple ways one can improve their place on the Search Engine Results Page... (more)

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