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The 411 on Eggnog

By BusinessLife, published on Dec 6, 2010

During the "happiest time of the year," here is the history on eggnog, some recipes to try out and a bit of Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation...(because it has a small clip of eggnog being consumed and it's extremely funny but adult only appropriate). What's not to like?

Eggnog, along with fruitcake is more than likely a love or hate holiday item. After all, it is only available one time a year and hasn't caught on as a 'must have' beverage. So, where did eggnog get its start? Here are a few ideas.

Many believe that eggnog is a tradition that was brought to America from Europe.... (more)


The history of fruitcake & The Fruitcake Lady

By BusinessLife, published on Dec 6, 2010

The oldest reference that can be found regarding a fruitcake dates back to Roman times. The recipe included pomegranate seeds. Pine nuts, and raisins that were mixed into barley mash. Honey, spices, and preserved fruits were added during the Middle Ages. Crusaders and hunters were reported to have carried this type of cake to sustain themselves over long periods of time away from home.

1400s - The British began their love affair with fruitcake when dried fruits from the Mediterranean first arrived.

1700s - In Europe, a ceremonial type of fruitcake was baked... (more)


C.S. Lewis & Narnia: Stories Behind the Seven Chronicles

By BusinessLife, published on Dec 5, 2010

One challenging topic to explain to your children can often be faith. But an extraordinary man decided he would tackle such an intangible subject, his belief in Christ, and bring it to life in a series of children's stories. The man was C.S. Lewis. The book is, "The Chronicles of Narnia." This Friday, December 10th, the fifth chronicle in the series of seven stories, "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" sets sail on the big screen nationwide.

In truth, The Chronicles of Narnia has been adapted several times, complete or in part, for radio, television, stage, and cinema. In addition to numerous... (more)


New Unemployment Figures Stun U.S. Economists

By BusinessLife, published on Dec 3, 2010

U.S. economists are stunned by November's job loss rate. This is after 2 million Americans have seen an end to their unemployment benefits while 15.1 million people are still without a job.

U.S. employers added 39,000 jobs to their payrolls in November, the Labor Department reported. That marks a major slowdown from October, when the economy added an upwardly revised 172,000 jobs.

U.S. economists had expected November's increase in jobs to be anywhere from 97,000 conservatively all the way up to 150,000.

While private businesses continued to hire for the eleventh month... (more)


Flying the friendly skies just got a lot friendlier

By BusinessLife, published on Dec 2, 2010

Holiday travel can often be the worst part of the holidays but New York’s JFK and LaGuardia airports are actually adding services for its customers, making flying a bit more friendly. Delta Air Lines and airport restaurant operator OTG Management have found a new way to serve the appetites of its customers. At gates 21 and 22 in JFK Terminal 2 and at gate 15 in JFK Terminal 3, Apple iPad kiosks are stationed near departure gates to order meals from participating airport restaurants. Delivery to your gate is guaranteed within 10 minutes. The iPads are said to offer travelers the ability... (more)


Ominous Signs: Feds Find New Way to Cost You Money

By BusinessLife, published on Dec 1, 2010

Milwaukee, Wisconsin Alderman Bob Donovan, who says some of his city's street signs have been effective for close to 100 years may have another sign in mind to offer the federal government. This comes after the more than 800-page "Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices" has Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) agreeing that U.S. street signs can not be properly read by drivers.

Since they can't be properly read, the federal government says street signs can no longer be made using all capital letters, and when signs are replaced they must be replaced with signs that use lowercase... (more)


Broowaha's Newest Writer: Cynthia Occelli Interview PART TWO

By BusinessLife, published on Nov 30, 2010

Continuing my interview with Cynthia Occelli, self-described “author, mother, businesswoman, with a law degree & a black belt in shopping,” Cynthia shares why she started a blog, how she began growing blog traffic and what provides her the most joy from every post she shares.

BusinessLife: So far, you have been quite candid about your own personal struggles and how you used them to help better yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually and in the world of business. You've had an amazing life.

Cynthia: Yes.

BusinessLife: When did you decide you wanted to share information... (more)


BrooWaha's Newest Writer: Cynthia Occelli

By BusinessLife, published on Nov 24, 2010

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much are a few sentences worth when the words give you hope, opportunity and empowerment, both at work in your personal life? That’s what I hoped to find out by interviewing a new member to “The BROO,” Cynthia Occelli.

Cynthia’s blog, “LIFE: It isn’t for the faint of heart,” (, is filled with a multitude of relatable life lessons that, Cynthia says come straight from what she has learned herself, throughout her own journeys in life.

I first discovered her blog on one of my regular visits to BlogCatalog.... (more)


New Biz BUZZ: Find Out What's New in Business 'Cool'

By BusinessLife, published on Nov 18, 2010

Business never stops. Competition is everywhere but as owners, you have to make time to find out what companies are finding success whether they are your competition or not. You can and will find inspiration in the most unlikely places. But you can’t overlook the most likely ones such as the top business ideas and opportunities featured in various publications online and available at your fingertips 24/7. To get you inspired and ready to find new ways to better your business and help your customers better theirs, here are some innovative ideas that are making their mark in the business... (more)


I Want I'M TIRED to Die!

By BusinessLife, published on Nov 17, 2010

I am tired of wishing my life away and tired of all of the tears. I'm sick of wondering why things are and wanting someone to make things better. Why do I have to succumb to such daggers of anguish that tear at my soul and leave me without any possibility of experiencing a moment of peace of love or anything of substance that might seem to supply food to my soul?

It never ends. I get just so far and then - STOP! I am knocked down and pummeled by society's neglect of its own, leaving those without protection to wither and die inside.

It's sick isn't it? How is such complacency... (more)

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