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Talk About It - Charlie Sheen's Next Goddess?

By BusinessLife, published on Mar 8, 2011

Dear Talk About It,

I found out from a friend of mine who does exotic dancing that Charlie Sheen is open to bringing in another goddess in his home! I'm so excited I don't know what to do. I have watched all of his shows and all of his recent interviews and think he is so hot! I really want to be with him but I'm having a hard time deciding how I can capture his attention. My girlfriend knows this guy who knows one of Charlie's former bodyguards who can help give him something from me. What should I do?


Hot for Charlie <3


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Let's Talk About It...

By BusinessLife, published on Mar 8, 2011

Okay, we have another question that takes us into the bedroom.

Let's Talk About It,

I am a sorta cute divorced woman. I'm 35 years old. I have a daughter and she's 9, but I want to get on with my life. I need to have some grown up time, too. So, this boyfriend I been with for a couple of weeks wants me to dress up in little girl's clothes and wear patent leather shoes when we are you know, together. What should I do? Do you think this is weird?


Little Bo Peep


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Time to TALK ABOUT IT...

By BusinessLife, published on Mar 7, 2011

So, as it is always fun to find out what's going on with the lives of others and fire off our opinions based on 'been there done that' or for whatever reason, here's the premis for 'TALK ABOUT IT.' No matter what the topic, if there is something on your mind, and you would like to hear what any of the Broosters might have to offer as advice or suggestions, now's your chance for opinions from around the world. So, here's the first question. Enjoy!



I've been... (more)

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Dear Diary, Why Can't Men Be Men?

By BusinessLife, published on Mar 3, 2011

Dear Diary,

I think I know a lot more about what I want from a man than I have been willing to share. I guess it may have to do with the fact that having to ask a man to be a gentleman and a champion of my honor seems a bit sad. I grew up thinking that men were physically stronger and that part of their role in a long-term relationship (marriage) was to love and honor a woman.

I would love to be loved by:

Surprising me with a homemade card that has a line or two about something lovely about me Having a picnic on the living room floor Being read to slowly and with care so... (more)

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Where is Leonard Nimoy when you need him?

By BusinessLife, published on Mar 3, 2011

I wish Leonard Nimoy were still around. Do you remember his show, "In Search of" where he would travel far and wide to discover new things. He would investigate and research to find out the truth of where things came from. I think he might do well to bring his show back to life to be "In Search of A Man With Substance."

Imagine looking into the cracks and crevices of a man's world, searching at sporting events, sports bars and pool halls and in corporate America. Now, I certainly don't mean looking too closely. Again, a full set of teeth and well-educated is a great start. But then again,... (more)


Randy, I'm out of your face. Ready to apologize yet?

By BusinessLife, published on Mar 2, 2011

So, once again, off to work out I go. I live in a small town in North Carolina. Since I am going to provide some specifics to paint my lovely picture of life as best I can, let it be said:

I live in High Point, NC.

I live on the north side of High Point. This may not matter to anyone but me. But should one other person be aware of this area, the north side means I have my own Wal-Mart and am closer to the Palladium Theatre and the old Chick Fil A is currently being remodeled and there is a RUSH workout center right across the street from my...(yes, my) Wal-Mart.

This leads... (more)


Dear Diary, Since Legolas Isn't Available, What About Him?

By BusinessLife, published on Feb 23, 2011

Well, since we don't have a 'Dear Broo' columnist (hint: great idea), I am taking my search to find a man deep within the inner sanctum of my own noggin. Between me, myself and I...and of course you, maybe I'll find a man of interest. If not, I plan to live out my remaining days at a beach in a hole that I dig out myself and become a hermit. So, let's get started.

Dear Diary,

I figured you would be a good source of information as you know me pretty well and you have a good idea of what is realistic and what is utterly absurd. I have indeed come to the conclusion that the only... (more)


In Search of A Man

By BusinessLife, published on Feb 21, 2011

Let's be perfectly clear. I do believe there are indeed men, or what I would consider a man who comes equipped with a backbone, can plan activities and does more than ask, 'so what do you want to do this weekend?' I really have every confidence that God hooked us up with some men who have some of the basic functions in working order. I am not here to 'beat up' on the opposite sex. However, I would like your help, both men and women deciding where it is a single woman is to go to find a man of some actual substance that can transition from a terrific friendship to a great flirtatious fun adventure.... (more)


The Audit of Broo: An Internal Dissection By Its Own Members

By BusinessLife, published on Feb 18, 2011

So, hoping to have some additional information from one of the owners of Broo, Tony Berkman I set this information aside for a few months. To be fair, a businessman's day can often be unending.

The questions that I sent his way were many and he mentioned that he looked forward to providing me with his feedback. I will consider this reply as Tony is planning to provide his feedback soon and I may even have some of the information by the time this article is posted.

So, enjoy the findings of a SWOT analysis on Broo and be sure to stick around for some even more insightful... (more)

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Visiting My Parents at Arlington National Cemetery PART II

By BusinessLife, published on Feb 10, 2011

My parents were marked. I should say the place where my parents resided was marked on the map. How nice. Since my car was in a paid parking lot, I asked if I would have to pay for the time there. The woman behind the visitor's desk stared at me as if she thought I might be an idiot or just plain stupid. She advised me that I would not have to pay. I just needed to take a little piece of paper that she now handed me and present it to the parking attendant. She suggested I ask the traffic attendants what to do from there. What I wanted to suggest to her would not at all have been polite. But... (more)


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