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First my 13-year-old and now my 10-year-old?

By BusinessLife, published on Apr 29, 2011

If you read my last few articles on my challenging 13-year-old, (links for the series listed below), you may remember that I was at the point of either calling the police or taking him for a tough work out at the gym with a former college football player for an hour. Though his therapist thought the police might be a quick fix if he wouldn't mind, I chose the latter.

After reading a three-page contract to my son that I had prepared and telling him that this day was for him and was to help him fully understand what respect was in a physical way, he signed my contract and initialed where... (more)

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Whiskey and expresso for shoppers at shirt store

By BusinessLife, published on Apr 28, 2011

If consumers can drink coffee or eat pizza while they shop for books, then why not let them sip whiskey or java while they contemplate a rack of shirts? That, indeed, is much the premise behind's latest discovery of a shirt bar in Australia.

The store, showcasing a selection of designer shirts, which are oriented primarily towards men also offers an assortment of dark spirits and fresh espresso drinks for the pleasure of its visiting customers.

Some 17 whiskeys are on hand — 12 single-malts among them — as well as an array of other spirits, including rums,... (more)

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Time again to hope again. Tick tock. Tick tock.

By BusinessLife, published on Apr 24, 2011

Oh what a tedious, mind-numbing day of endless thoughts. Should I? Should I not? Would I, if I were 20 years younger or would I not?

But does it really matter much anyway? No matter the number of steps forward I take to connect, I find myself wanting to step back, almost as if never moving forward at all. But am I not supposed to keep hope alive?

Tick tock. The clock moves on.

And here I am no different than I was a moment ago...or was it 10 years ago? I really can't seem to tell much difference.

Sometimes time moves. Sometimes I'm not quite sure. I think the light... (more)

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The day of reckoning for my 13-year-old

By BusinessLife, published on Apr 22, 2011

I didn't sleep well at all the night before I was to take my son to the gym and have him work out as much as he could physically to understand what respect was, what it meant to respect me, his own mother, and what his consequences would be should he decide to say, 'to heck with you and your rules.'

After working out with my own trainer and watching time march by, getting other items accomplished with hands a bit shakier than normal, the time fast approached. It was 5 o'clock and time for my son and I to go to the gym and take on an entirely different type of work out.

On hand... (more)

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Easter chicks for rent from Michigan farm

By BusinessLife, published on Apr 22, 2011

You may have heard 'try-before-you buy' and offering household pets for rent. But has found a farm in Michigan churping with a unique Easter idea of its own.

The farm is now offering “Easter chicks” for two-week rentals, giving kids and families a short-term taste of what it's like to raise the real thing.

It's not uncommon to see chicks given as gifts around Easter, but the unfortunate result is that many end up in animal shelters once the holiday is over, according to a report on the Detroit Free Press.

In part as a solution to that problem, the farm... (more)

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Payback for my 13-year-old

By BusinessLife, published on Apr 19, 2011

As it happened, today was the day that I take my boys for their 'med-check' appointments. The therapist and also the woman able to prescribe medicine speaks to each boy to determine how things are going. Then, both boys head to the lobby and we talk about the boys and how things are really going.

After discussing my son's recent behavior, she said he's a teenager but he should not be disrespectful on a continuous basis. I explained my options and she suggested the following:

A) Have my son sit and watch my younger son enjoy his hour-long basketball/frisbee time with the trainer.... (more)

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My son trains with a former Wake Forest b-ball player but..

By BusinessLife, published on Apr 18, 2011

It all started...well, honestly, I really don't know when it all started. I can't exactly pinpoint the moment that everything went completely haywire.

I mean, really. I got married. I found out I was pregnant. I ate well.

I fell in love with Edy's chocolate mint chip ice cream and ended up writing the company, receiving free coupons. (You would have thought they would have hooked a pregnant lady up with some 50 or so half gallons. Sigh.)

So, anyway. Here I was, soon enough giving birth to my first child, a boy 7 lbs 5 oz. I read to him. I sang to him. I played with him.... (more)


Integrating your marketing cohesively

By BusinessLife, published on Apr 18, 2011

Two online marketing experts recently partnered together to launch a new marketing firm. So, how do these two break the ice? Well, how about the idea of asking you to dance. That’s right.

Visit Libeck Integrated Marketing and consider the idea of having Rebecca Ryan, a Search Marketing and Keyword Research & Tools expert and Liana “Li” Evans a Search & Social Media Marketing expert, award winning author of the social media marketing book entitled "Social Media Marketing: Engaging Strategies for Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Media," and adjunct professor for Rutgers... (more)

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The real estate industry: Now what?

By BusinessLife, published on Apr 18, 2011

AllanGlass, President of ASG Real Estate Inc. ® based in Los Angeles, California says from an early age through the end of his teens he loved the idea of helping people solve problems. So, he turned to real estate.

And although this line of work is not necessarily a business venture many might consider today, in Part I of my interview, Allan shared why he thinks it should be a career choice for several reasons some may not have considered.

Now, in Part II, Allan talks about the downfall of the housing industry, what caused it and what those in the industry should expect to... (more)


My teenager needs his spirit broken and not his bones!

By BusinessLife, published on Apr 14, 2011

Dear TAI (Talk About It),

I am a single mom with two boys. My oldest is 13-years-old. His disrespect for me is and has continued to grow for more than a year. I know and remember all the emotions and changes that took place in my teenage years. If a boy made fun of me or said something to me that hurt my feelings, this 30 seconds or so could ruin my entire day. But things are really getting out of hand. He basically lives on his computer playing this Wizard 101 game.

If I try to talk with him or remind him of his chores while he is on his computer his response is almost always,... (more)

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