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Involuntary Metamorphosis

By BOOKWORM, published on Jun 24, 2010

Why are humans so scared of change?

Life is constant change. Our bodies are created to change. The entire world is changing every single moment. The only way we can live is by changing. So if change is so ingrained in our bodies, the world and our lives, why are we still so scared and resistant to it?

I think of humans as caterpillars. They can be fat, round and lazy but with a secret potential to do anything, to fly. The process towards that immense potential however, is extremely painful. It feels like the end of everything, almost like death. And in a sense it is, it is the... (more)


Modern Day Narcissus

By BOOKWORM, published on Aug 4, 2009

Why is it that seemingly smart, educated girls can suddenly morph into brainless, eye-lash-batting morons the second a guy winks their way? It is something I must have been lucky enough not to inherit, or drink whatever water caused it, but no matter how many friends I lose to this plague, I cannot for the life of me, wrap my head around why. Once, twice he breaks her heart and yet as soon as the tears dry she runs back for more. And he, of course, feeds off of it, off of all the girls drawn to him like an insect to a Venus Flytrap. SNAP. That charming attraction doesn’t seem quite so sexy... (more)


I Walk On Grass

By BOOKWORM, published on Jul 30, 2009

I tend to ignore the flashing DON’T WALK sign every so often. Ok, maybe I ignore it more than I listen to it, but I have a theory. I mean machines can only be so smart right? They can flash and count down all they want but do they really know if a car is coming? And I’m not a 2 year old, I have eyes and a head that I can turn both ways and see pretty clearly that there are no cars coming. For miles. Not even a single speck in the distance moving closer. No engine sounds to be heard. So I cross, and while I don’t encourage others to follow, I stand by my decision. Because as a human, I trust... (more)


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