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Is Caffeine The Reason Behind Your Chapped Lips?

By barbara mory, published on Feb 9, 2016

Drinking tea and coffee can cause chapped lips. Caffeine causes the body to dehydrate. Constant consumption of highly concentrated tea and coffee content means the caffeine level is also high. It results in dehydration of the body. Caffeine has diuretic properties when you consume it in excess causing your skin to dry up. As a consequence, you visit the toilet more frequently in a day.

Is it possible to neutralize the caffeine when you take lots of water? As long as you continue to take lots of caffeinated drinks in high concentrations the risks remains. Eliminating caffeinated drinks... (more)

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Know Everything About Festoons

By barbara mory, published on Feb 4, 2016

Festoons are a skin condition, known as malar mounds or bags that are not undesired and well understood. It is when the skin on the lower eyelid becomes harshly damaged, most likely from the sun. It leads to damaged skin that result into folds in the lower eyelids as well as swollen mounds on the cheeks. Many who have festoons are not even aware of what causes it and the condition.

Festoons are located on the upper portion of the cheek bone as many confuse this with puffiness under the eyes or eye bags. While eye bags are fluid retention or fat under the eyes, festoons are much lower.... (more)


10 Easy Ways To Heal Acne And Blemishes

By barbara mory, published on Jan 20, 2016

All over the world, there are people who suffer from acne and other associated problems, such as blemishes. For them, finding ways to escape from these skin lesions is more than essential. If you find yourself as part of this category, you should definitely keep on reading this article. Below, you will find ten easy ways to heal acne and blemishes. If you give these solutions a try, soon you will have a beautiful skin tone, free of acne. Do not be afraid to try out the solutions presented below, as they are natural and do not present any risks.

#1 Aloe Vera

The rich and healthy... (more)

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Ideal Skincare And Exercise For Women In Their 40s

By barbara mory, published on Jan 15, 2016

Women in their forties are more aware that they won’t look young forever. Therefore, many have made it their mission to find the best skincare products and exercise regimes to help maintain a youthful look. There are plenty products on the shelves for skincare but for exercising, the highest recommendation is for yoga to fight aging. This article will highlight the basic products to maintain great skin for women in their forties, as well as the best yoga moves for them.

Whether you are light or dark-skinned, the procedures are the same. The products, however, may sometimes vary according... (more)

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Banish Under Eye Wrinkles And Dark Circles With Acupressure

By barbara mory, published on Jan 8, 2016

When we do not sleep the recommended amounts of hour per night, this is reflected in the way we look. The face is the first place where the signs of tiredness are obvious, with the dark eye circles affecting our appearance. Apart from that, the inadequate diet and the insufficient water intake contribute to skin dryness, which in time can lead to under eye wrinkles.

If you are tired of this aged look, it’s high time you took the right measures. Below, you will find out how to banish under eye wrinkles and dark circles with acupressure. If you follow the recommendations that have been... (more)

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Skin Whitening Pills - Are They Safe?

By barbara mory, published on Oct 24, 2013

Overview on Skin Whitening Pills:

The skin bleaching pills are safe if you want to make your skin whiter. If you wish to make your skin even you can deal this issue without any side effects. Let us now expose the truth about the safety of the pills.

These pills are safe to take provided you believe your dermatologist. This helps to drift apart the dark spots, acne, freckles and age spots on your skin. This helps to get rid of all the discoloration of your skin and make it even. This helps to reduce the bumpiness of your skin without affecting the tone. It fights the uneven tone... (more)


Which Eyelash Option is best for you - Lash Tints & More

By barbara mory, published on Oct 19, 2013

Are you wondering how to get those luscious eyelashes? Batting the lashes to meet the cutie range can be achieved by exploring the eyelash extensions, enhancers beyond the mascara and lash curlers. They say beauty can be achieved with prove painful and expensive. In this article we're going to explore about the pros and cons of some of the eyelash enhancing options.

Lash tints:

If you wish to get the darker lashes you can look for the eyelash tinting. You can buy a home eyelash kit and apply on your own. You also have the option to visit the salon and get the tinting done with... (more)

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