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The Growth Story and Segmentation of Chemical Industry in In

By Asit Roy, published on Jun 19, 2018

The chemical industry is indeed considered one of the most vast industrial sectors in India and has is slowly progressing towards becoming the backbone of India’s industrial and agricultural development. This thriving industry has been segmented into various categories in order of their function and components. Read on to know more.

The chemical industry in India has been prevalent ever since the country got its independence and some also state that it was function even before the 1940s. Chemicals in today's manufacturing industry holds a very strong influence as they are crucial... (more)

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Medicinal Uses of Kaolin and Attapulgite Clay

By Asit Roy, published on Sep 28, 2015

The elements found in clay act as a natural relief to inflammation, wounds etc. as well as act as a very important part of cosmetic treatments.

Ancient Mesopotamians used to use clay as a medicine and since then, different varieties of clay including kaolin or white clay, attapulgite and fuller’s earth etc. are utilized for a variety of reasons.

Whether we look at spa treatments or home remedies, clay has had a very significant role in a variety of treatments including ulcers, radiation treatment, skin conditions etc.

Let’s look at two variants of clay that can be used... (more)

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7 Advantages of Thermal Paper

By Asit Roy, published on Aug 21, 2015

Thermal paper is a fine kind of paper that is coated with chemicals and grants ink-less printing. The paper is coated so that it becomes sensitive to heat. The heat via the printer allows sharp and clear images.

Such papers are commonly used for inexpensive devices and thermal printing such as cash memos etc.

Printing on such papers gives you sharp, clear and high definition images at affordable prices.

Thermal papers are necessary for thermal printers or devices which are basically useful for the running of business in today’s world. The cost involved is comparatively... (more)

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How to Make Sodium Metal?

By Asit Roy, published on May 18, 2015

Sodium metal isn't readily available naturally. This is because it’s a highly reactive metal. However, sodium metal can be separated from various sodium compounds such as sodium chloride. But, extracting sodium metal can be hazardous. The following article talks about the hazards associated with extracting sodium by yourself, and the widely used sodium production process discovered by Sir Humphry Davy. Read on.

Sodium metal is an alkali metal, has a low melting point, and is soft and highly reactive. It does not occur naturally in the metallic state, since it’s highly reactive, and has... (more)

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The Use of SF6 in a Refrigerant Recovery Machine

By Asit Roy, published on Jan 8, 2015

Refrigerant Recovery Machines help extract from and inject in refrigerants into cooling systems. They play an important role since they help handle refrigerants in a safe manner and prevent them from leaking into the air, thereby causing ozone damage. Refrigerant Recovery Machines - what they are

Refrigerant recovery machines are used to extract refrigerants from cooling machines such as air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers. Manufactured by a number of companies, these devices are used for a number of other applications besides extracting refrigerant gasses.

Owing to... (more)

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