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Welcome To The New BrooWaha

By Ariel, published on Nov 9, 2009

When I wrote the first line of code of BrooWaha about 3 years ago, I never expected this project to become what it is today. As a graduate student at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, I was merely looking for a side project to apply what I had learned in school for the past 6 years and design my first website from scratch.

About a year after the launch, it became evident that the project had become more than a nerd's toy and needed more attention than I could give it in order to grow. David Cohn joined me in the adventure at this time and brought with him his experience in journalism and new... (more)

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Do You Want Your Face On Sunset Blvd?

By Ariel, published on Jan 24, 2008

Are you tired of waiting for your 15 minutes of fame? Wait no more. For a few bucks, you can now buy yourself a spot on a billboard seen by millions in Hollywood.

For $25, lets you buy a 3"x3" square on a 24'x26' lighted billboard. The picture you will upload will be shown immediatly on the on the online version of the billboard along with a link to your personal website. The actual billboard will be located at the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Bronson Ave. directly across from the Warner Sunset Studios building and will stay up for 9 weeks over the summer.... (more)

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Interview With David Cohn, BrooWaha's New Chief-Editor,

By Ariel, published on Jan 6, 2008

Who are you?My name is David Cohn, but I often go by the alias Digidave. I often joke that I am a jack of all trades and a master of none. I grew up in Los Angeles and did my undergrad at UC Berkeley. After living in SF for a bit and working at Wired magazine, I moved to New York to continue perusing journalism and to work towards my masters degree at Columbia's J-school. And now I'm back in the bay area. I'm lucky in that I've found a way to work on projects, like Broowaha, that I love. I try to be as much of an open book as possible on my blog. How did you hear about BrooWaha?I first heard... (more)


Idan Raichel at UCLA on November 15th

By Ariel, published on Nov 5, 2007

"The ethnic elements are cleverly rewired with modern grooves to create an ambient journey that thrillingly bridges the traditional and the modern." The Times (London) The Project is the brainchild of Raichel, who became fascinated by the music of Israel's growing population of Ethiopian Jews while he was a counselor for teens at a boarding school of immigrant youth, many of them Ethiopian and most of them without their parents. He was intrigued by the tapes of traditional Ethiopian music that some of the children played, realizing that, although thousands of Ethiopians immigrated to Israel,... (more)

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Update On The Southern California Fires

By Ariel, published on Oct 24, 2007

You may have heard, seen, or even smelled it yourself- it's not news anymore... Southern California is burning! Whether you live here, have family in the area, or are simply a concerned citizen, (and shouldn't we all be?), this should be of interest to you! The following are a few links to late-breaking news about the fires devastating the Southland: Satellite view of the fires: Zoom in and out on these images, updated daily by NASA: Another... (more)

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BrooWaha Writing Contest: And the Winner is ...

By Ariel, published on Oct 14, 2007

Dear BrooWaha readers and writers, It is my pleasure to announce that the winner of the 1st BrooWaha Writing Contest is: Tina Dupuy! Her article Stand Up, Sit Down, Do Your Civic Duty received the best ratings from the members of our jury, who were: · David Cohn , Editor at NewAssignment.Net, Joshua Marks , Features Editor,, David Domingo , Assistant Professor at University of Iowa, Glenn Koenig , Staff Photographer at the Los Angeles Times, and Al Miller , Professor, Communications at Moorpark College Here are a few quotes by a few of our jurors summarizing thoughts... (more)

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BrooWaha Writing Contest: The Results Are In!

By Ariel, published on Oct 8, 2007

Dear BrooWaha readers, The BrooWaha Writing Contest officially ended yesterday at midnight and it is now time to announce the pre-selected articles. More than 50 articles qualified to enter the competition and we had a difficult time selecting the 10 articles to make it to the last phase of the contest. Congratulations to the authors of the 10 articles below, you have been selected! · Boob Scotch by V (writer), September 12, 2007, published in BrooWaha Los Angeles · Ten Ways To Make Your Summer Last by Venditto (writer), September 17, 2007, published in BrooWaha New York... (more)

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Google Street View now in Los Angeles

By Ariel, published on Sep 9, 2007

This is a month old but still worth mentioning... Google has added several cities to its Street View service on August 8th and our beloved city of angels is now part of the few locations you can browse from the comfort of your home computer. The other cities added to the service last month are San Diego, Houston and Orlando. For those of you who don't know what Google Street View is, check out the video below in which a Google guy will enthusiastically take you through the service dressed in a sexy orange spandex:

Want to give it a try now? How about you start on 3rd Street Promenade... (more)

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Los Angeles Triathlon Tomorrow

By Ariel, published on Sep 8, 2007

The 8th Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Triathlon will start tomorrow at 6.45pm from Venice Beach. The event consists of a point-to-point course that starts with a swim in the ocean off Venice Beach, then bikes through Hollywood and into downtown finishing at STAPLES Center after completing a downtown run course. The start and finish lines are 24-miles apart. Needless to say this is not your Sunday morning jogging. The favorites for this 2007 Los Angeles Triathlon are the winners of the 2006 edition (slideshow ), Greg Bennett and Emma Snowsill, both from Australia. The total prize this year for... (more)

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1st BrooWaha Writing Contest Opens

By Ariel, published on Sep 4, 2007, the Citizen Newspaper Network, is launching its 1st writing contest for authors in cities all across the country. The contest will be judged by industry professionals and journalism professors from companies and universities such as the Los Angeles Times, Variety Magazine,, the University of Iowa, and Moorpark College. Authors who have been looking for a new and exciting outlet on which to publish high-quality, cutting-edge articles: look no further! During the month of September, BrooWaha is organizing a writing contest which will reward the best local... (more)

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