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The Base Alloy of Hypocrisy

By Anastasia , published on Aug 2, 2012

Twitter is for the birds. Some of the birds, as we surely all know, have bird brains. The small-minded, the stupid, the mean-spirited and the down right vicious have always been with us; it’s just that Twitter and other social media give their ugly outpourings added effect. But how far should this be allowed to affect the rest of us; how far should the poison spread by trolls be allowed to impact on free expression?

The question is wholly pertinent, I assure you, because the police in England are now arresting and prosecuting tweeters. Last week a seventeen-year-old was detained... (more)

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Missing heiress may have worked as a prostitute

By Anastasia , published on Jul 31, 2012

Fifty-year-old Carole Waugh left her London home in early May to go shopping. She hasn’t been seen since. A former oil executive who worked for some years in Libya, Miss Waugh lived alone in here $1million flat in the capital’s Marylebone district. Since here disappearance her bank account has been plundered and property removed from her flat.

It’s a mystery that is getting more mysterious by the day. The police are now investigating aspects of her private life. It seems she was looking for love and may have been a regular visitor to a number of dating sites. But the story is even... (more)

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Blood in the Water

By Anastasia , published on Jul 30, 2012

Oh, to be in London now the Olympics are there. Actually, no. Now the Olympics are in London I’m not! The city is mad enough at the best of times, so I decided to escape during the build-up, first into the countryside and now north into Scotland. I’m in Edinburgh at the moment, on the threshold of a foray into the Highlands. While here I visited the Catherine the Great exhibition recently opened in National Museum of Scotland in Chambers Street, a fantastic experience which I intend to write about soon.

Thinking of Russia and thinking of the Olympics I have an angle that ties in... (more)

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Don’t Mess with Mr In-Between

By Anastasia , published on Jul 26, 2012

Never mind the issues, never mind the incumbent’s lamentable record, never mind a trillion dollar stimulus package that stimulated nothing, aside for the national debt; let’s just bash Mitt. And for what, I ask? For being a successful businessman, that’s what, for making money. So far as Obama is concerned the business of America is no longer business, though what it is, beyond debt mounting on debt, I can’t be quite sure.

Obama insisted last week that it was “extremely appropriate” to target Romney for his wealth. It would seem to be ‘extremely appropriate’ to tackle anybody for... (more)

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Animal Magic

By Anastasia , published on Jul 24, 2012

Mehdi Hasan, who writes for the left-wing New Statesman in London, is something of a paradox. It’s also a bit of a paradox that he writes for this publication at all, considering its traditions and political roots. The thing is Hasan is an orthodox Muslim. I’m not a Muslim, you see; I’m a kaffar, an atheist and a disbeliever, a person of no-intelligence; I am cattle. Let me be completely fair, least I be accused of taking his words ‘out of context’. This is the context;

The kaffar, the disbelievers, the atheists who remain deaf and stubborn to the teachings of Islam, the rational... (more)

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Darkness in Denver

By Anastasia , published on Jul 21, 2012

There are times when words are inadequate. There are times when only silence will serve. The recent massacre in Denver is such an occasion. In shock I was minded to say nothing at all, but in shock I have to say something.

Why speak, why say anything, other than to express a natural human sympathy for the victims and those they have left behind? Why? Because this kind of tragedy is the occasion for all sorts of comment, all sorts of judgements, often losing sight of the simple truth. The simple truth is all I am interested in.

Please, please, let’s stay focused. This horror... (more)

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Killing Babies or Selling Them

By Anastasia , published on Jul 19, 2012

The two extremes of China’s long standing one child per family policy were evident recently: the horrifying images of a young woman tied to a hospital bed while her seven-month foetus is forcibly aborted, and the equally horrifying reports that a new market has grown up in the sale of unborn children.

Kidnapping has long been a problem, another unwelcome feature of the one-child policy, but the latest trend is for women from poorer areas of the country to get pregnant with the deliberate intention of selling their babies. A trafficking network has made the whole process much easier.... (more)

Tags: china, human trafficking, one-child policy, demographics

Slavery is back

By Anastasia , published on Jul 17, 2012

Their heads were shaved. They were forced to perform long hours of labour on an inadequate diet. They lived in squalor, bedding often covered in excrement. They were rarely given an opportunity to wash. They were threatened with violence, even death, if they attempted to escape.

Where are we? Is this Nazi Europe? Is this the 1940s? Is this Dachau or Buchenwald? No, it is not: it’s England in 2012; it’s the county of Bedfordshire, one of the most prosperous in the country. There, near the town of Leighton Buzzard, vulnerable men were kept in conditions that one described as... (more)

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Shark Bites Surfer in Half

By Anastasia , published on Jul 15, 2012

An Australian surfer was bitten in half yesterday morning at 9am local time in an attack by a great white shark. Later named as 24-year-old Ben Linden from the city of Perth in Western Australia, he had been surfing with a friend close to Wedge Island, about a hundred miles north of the state capital.

A man jet skiing nearby described the gruesome scene, the sea red with blood and half a torso floating on the surface, all that remained of the victim. “There was just blood everywhere”, he told reporters from ABC Television, “with a massive, massive great white circling the body.

The... (more)

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Jurassic Poke

By Anastasia , published on Jul 12, 2012

I have sex on the mind. Indeed I do, extinct sex to be exact. How did dinosaurs do it, I want to know, particularly the real biggies like the brontosaur and the tyrannosaur? The answer, according to several palaeontologists, is that they did it doggie.

A surprising amount of thought has been given to a subject that previously had never crossed my mind. A lot of thought was given by the late Dr Beverly Halstead, an English expert on dino sex. “All dinosaurs used the same basic position to mate”, he once wrote, “Mounting from the rear, he put his forelimbs on her shoulders, lifting... (more)

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