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Africa’s Darkest Heart

By Anastasia , published on Jun 1, 2011

A few years ago I spent some time in Uganda, Kampala mostly, though I also managed to get up country. I'm very sociable and I like making friends, not at all a problem in this lovely country, for the people are even more sociable than me. A close interest was always taken in my planned excursions, with advice on what to do, where to go and what precautions to take. It’s when I said that I was going to go to Kigali, the capital of adjacent Rwanda, that I was most surprised: I should not go, I was told with genuine concern, there are too many witches there.I've since learned how powerful the... (more)

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Lost in the Well of Souls

By Anastasia , published on May 31, 2011

In Potsdam, the capital of Brandenburg and the heart of old Prussia, there is a shrine, sacred to the memory of all those who fell for the fatherland. It’s the final refuge for their spirits, their souls. It’s also a celebration of militarism, a celebration of German martial achievements, without qualification. Among the millions of names you will even find those of Hitler, Goring and all those hanged at Nuremberg. Outside, in the main grounds, the guard marches up and down, dressed in Second World War uniform, including the old-fashioned coal scuttle helmet. Yes, they are there, goose-stepping... (more)

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Let them eat Bombs

By Anastasia , published on May 31, 2011

Do you know who is responsible for famine in North Korea? Could it possibly be Kim Jong Il, the Dear Leader and his incompetent regime? No, of course not: it’s the United States, or at least it is according to ex-president Jimmy ‘Peanuts’ Carter. He made this announcement recently on a return from Pyongyang, saying that America was responsible for ‘human rights violations’ in withholding food aid.

I feel that poor old Peanuts must have been through a systematic course of Juche, the governing philosophy the socialist paradise, returning home a little like the Manchurian Candidate, ready... (more)

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Better a Dog than a Woman

By Anastasia , published on Feb 23, 2019

Amina Filali was a sixteen-year-old Moroccan girl. I say was because she is now dead. She killed herself last weekend in a particularly horrible manner – she swallowed rat poison. Why? Because she had suffered a double violation: she was raped by a man and then raped by the law of her land. She was forced to marry her violator.

Under Article 475 of Morocco’s Islamic penal code a rapist, even the rapist of a minor, can escape prosecution if he agrees to marry his victim. It’s a way, you see, of preserving the ‘honour’ of the violated woman’s family.

Amina’s attacker originally... (more)

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Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here

By Anastasia , published on Feb 23, 2019

A picture is worth a thousand words, even when that picture is an amateurish drawing. The drawing in question shows a fourteen-year-old boy, stripped naked and suspended above a charcoal fire. He is secured to the ceiling by a rope tied around his wrists and a chain around his ankles. As he writhed in agony away from the flames, he was secured in place by one of his tormentors by means of a steel hook through his abdomen.

The boy’s name is Shin Dong-hyuk. The time is 1996. The place is North Korea, a concentration camp, to be more exact. Shin was born there, the product of a casual... (more)

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