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Hormones Of A Happy Marriage

By AM Nelson, published on Sep 5, 2008

The Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden recently released a study which compared gene expression in heterosexual men and the effect on monogamy. The gene R33-334 can have several genetic expressions or alleles. The possible allele 334 expressions are none, one, or two copies. What makes this gene interesting is the role in the brain-based hormone vasopression, which is notable for its impact on bonding.

Female partners reported higher satisfaction levels in relationships where the allele was absent, or none. While the presence of one allele created an increased chance of marital... (more)

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Red Bull Gives You Wings: To Meet Your Maker

By AM Nelson, published on Aug 15, 2008

Red Bull increases a healthy person’s risk of stroke after just one can. This disappointing conclusion has arrived from a recent Australian study, as reported on Reuters. The blood becomes “sticky,” after imbibing just one can of the sugar-free energy drink. This blood characteristic is common in a person prior to a stroke or other cardiovascular problem. The combination of a Red Bull type drink and stress could be deadly. Researcher Scott Willoughby, remarks about the healthy study participants:

“One hour after they drank Red Bull, (their blood systems) were no longer normal. They... (more)


Vote For The Snake In 2008: Unity Of All

By AM Nelson, published on Aug 15, 2008

It is not surprising that the omnipotent “Unity of All” campaign has reappeared. However, the past two years of silence from Satan and Death is surprising. Further, the dynamic leaders appear to have taken a grassroots approach that veers dramatically from the showy conventions of years past.

In front of Wal-Mart, just outside Salt Lake City, Utah, I had the privilege to experience Satan and Death in action. Satan seemed very comfortable in the 90 degree heat as he passed out snake-logo balloons to shoppers. Gummy snake treats were tied to the ends of red ribbons: to... (more)

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King Of Clean

By AM Nelson, published on Aug 12, 2008

“I’d like a number nine combo with a diet Coke, no mayo.” That is the oblong-shaped fried chicken sandwich with fries (for those who don’t have the menu memorized). I became a secret fan while living in the anti-fast-food, anti-drive-through town of San Francisco. The corner of Ninth and Howard in SoMa supplied my Jetta with gas, a walk-up Starbuck’s for caffeine, and a blessed drive-through Burger King for those days where grease was a necessity. Homeless are ever present to relieve your center console of change as the aroma of processed meat fills the car. Before the first bite, a soft... (more)

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Over The Left Shoulder

By AM Nelson, published on Aug 12, 2008

Of the superstitions that I believe, the wish of the Trevi Fountain holds me. Ten years ago I peered at Neptune's feet and threw Lira in the proper fashion: facing away, holding the coin in the right hand. Into the pool of countless coins, I found myself throwing Euro…last July.

The booty-pinching and hairy armpits that shocked the naïve ten years ago have been replaced with smell. Perhaps with the Pope at the Sydney youth rally, the incense had been locked away; this city could use more incense. The dizzying traffic exhaust combined with Metro body odor creates a daily... (more)

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Remembering to Walk: the Santa Monica Steps

By AM Nelson, published on Jul 9, 2007

I felt healthier already as her exhaust breath filled my nose with mint undernotes. I had found the Santa Monica steps. Sweaty accomplishment greeted my arrival. I wondered if my face would be aglow with Christmas spirit upon ascent. The gentle knee creak of my snowboard accident, the pull of my torn ankle ligament, the steering wheel shoulder tension...yes, I was long overdue for a local favorite worth remembering. The Santa Monica steps located at the end of 4th Street at San Vicente create a local gathering of stretching, panting, and exercising. Even cyclists gaffing plastic water... (more)

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Tested As Clean

By AM Nelson, published on Dec 7, 2006

In Orange Lake, CA reports of city-wide infestation have been increasing. Shaney’s restaurant has taken a proactive approach upon hearing of cockroach swarms in the employee locker room. Management ordered cotton-swab samples to be taken from multiple roaches. Thorax, leg, and eye swabs were examined. The roaches were reportedly clean from all infectious diseases. “The roaches have a clean bill of health. Servers will have to get over their prejudices and learn to get along,” stated Assistant Manager Wills Walkings. Across the street at Rose’s Café, owner and manager Rose Rock... (more)

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Going Beyond My Dog Ate My Homework

By AM Nelson, published on Nov 19, 2006

It’s Monday morning. The clock reads 7:05 and you realize the alarm failed. You are going to be late. That is, if you go in to work today. What would happen if you just didn’t call and didn’t go in? Hmmm…what could you do with your day? On Wednesday your boss phones your home. You let the machine answer it. “We’ve noticed that you haven’t been at work. Please give me a call. We hope everything is alright, but you need to give us a call. My home number is…” You decide that three days off is enough. You didn’t mean to lose your job. How should you handle this situation?... (more)

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Affirmative Good Buddy

By AM Nelson, published on Nov 19, 2006

Virginia state police are switching from 10-codes to plain English. The “10-4” (good-buddy) should now be “affirmative.” An argument for the change is an apparent difficulty during inter-state communication. Different locales use the same code reference to mean different things; there is not a standard code. It is a confusing method during emergencies. A 10-100 could mean a bathroom break, or a dead body, location dependent. Wikipedia illuminates the multiple meanings of the same numbers. The code systems are sometimes based on, or... (more)

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Park and Stab For Better Health

By AM Nelson, published on Nov 15, 2006

On Nov. 14 , CNN reported that a man stabbed his friend to death over a parking space. The victim had parked his vehicle in the man’s driveway, although plenty of street parking was available. Being new to LA, I notice restrictions on parking. One needs a permit for every neighborhood, and even then street cleaning can be a real doozy. Since I am unfamiliar with this newsworthy neighborhood’s actual condition, I beg the definition of “available” with Clinton’s reasoning. But even if this occurred in a neighborhood with restrictions as meticulous as LA, stabbing a man seems... (more)

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