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Funny Games, Painfull Viewing

By Albert Cudlban, published on Apr 6, 2008

In "Funny Games" (2007), the "thriller" from Actress and Executive Producer Naomi Watts, 'George', played by Tim Roth, begins to weap approximately 15 minutes into the film; and he doesn't stop crying until clear after he's dead and lying in a puddle of his own tears and blood. Which, at the film's conclusion, just makes you Wish you were George.

Director Michael Haneke decided to remake his original "Funny Games" (1997), for reasons which are unclear, considering that his production remains nearly identical.The only majorchanges coming in the form of a new cast, andrelocating the storyfrom... (more)

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Beowulf Pracis

By Albert Cudlban, published on Mar 29, 2008

Lo! Let this humble scribe profess and sayAnd tell of the great Zemeckis; He of Gump and The Frighteners, Back to th' Future, Cast Away.He, stone-romancer, life-giver to Roger Rabbit,Hollywood myth-molder, with blockbuster habbits.

From greatness had he slipped with Polar Express,An animated whim whose techniqueObscured content with it's CGI mess.The Z-ster's new technique, performance capture, Looked creepy and stilted, enacted no repture.

But Robert forged through the darkness With Beowulf, a 3-D spectacleThe Anglo-Saxon poem, brought to the screen flowing starkness.Though... (more)

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