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A word about VeroniqueChevalier:

She's been called the "Weird Val" of Cabaret, for her hilarious parodies and side-splitting covers. (Imagine if Jim Morrison and Elvira had a love child with a French accent). Deemed "too extreme for Simon" she was gonged off the first season of "America's Got Talent", after only 20 seconds, which only proves her gifts are wasted on the masses.

She is also a featured columnist aka the "Queen Of Quirk" and her work appears on Blue Railroad Magazine, along with fellow pensters Paul Zollo, Sr. Editor of "American Songwriter Magazine"; Deepak Chopra; John Doe of X; Peter Case of the Plimsouls; and Parthenon Huxley of ELO:

Oh Happy Day! On October 7th, 2007, I was named one of the Ten Top Finalists in the First Ever Broowaha Writing Contest, for my story:
"Giving It Up At Dorothy's Surrender"

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*** Favorite Authors: Ray Bradbury; Thomas Moore; Joseph Conrad; Alexandre Dumas; James Thurber; Willa Cather; Napoleon Hill; Henry James; Kate Chopin; Dorothy Parker; Sappho; Anais Nin; Brian Carey Chung *** Favorite Subjects: History (especially more than 200 years ago); Biographies of Great Personages; Art Tomes; Compassionate Sciences; Philosophy; Financial How-to's *** Other Reading Material: Music Connection; Ode Magazine; Atlantic Monthly; The Wall Street Journal; The Skeptical Inquirer; Dance Magazine; Vogue; Wonder Woman Comix; Nutritional Labels (you are what you eat!)


Mine, of course, as well as The Tiger Lillies; Kurt Weill & Bertold Brecht; The Doors; ZZ Top; Stevie Wonder; Irving Berlin; Joan Armatrading; Joni Mitchell; Stephan Sondheim; Dresden Dolls; Tom Waits; Beethoven; Frank Zappa; Frederick Chopin; Mozart; Von Williams; Marlene Dietrich; Edith Piaf; Tom Lehr; Weird Al; Ray Charles; Julie London; Sharon McNight, and a partridge in a pear tree... My newest project, which was accepted as an official entry on the 2008 Grammy Ballot, is entitled "Polka Haunt Us: A Spook-tacular Compilation". I conceptualized, wrote and was executive producer. Participating artists include: Lily Haydn- The "Jimi Hendrix Of Violin"; 2007 Grammy Nominee- Accordionist Alex Meixner; Japanese fusion guitar virtuoso- Goh Kurosawa; his brother bass virtuoso- Kai; Marion Ramsey- Broadway Diva & Sgt. Laverne Hooks of the "Police Academy" films; Norwegian Soparano- Elisabeth Ekornes, and more! Listen for FREE to full streams of all 14 songs here: Find out more about Polka Haunt Us here: http://PolkaHaunt.Us


Chinatown; Black Orpheus; The Hunger; The Man Who Fell To Earth; The Red Shoes; The Red Violin; Julia; Being John Malkovich; Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; The Double Life Of Veronique; Fantasia; Amadeus; Angels And Insects; Nosferatu (the original silent version); Blazing Saddles; Double Indemnity; The Thin Man series; Jules And Jim; La Vie En Rose; Airplane; Carmen Jones; The Turning Point; The Gods Must Be Crazy; Anything with the Marx Brothers; Chicago; Blood Tea And Red String; Camp Burlesque

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