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The stupidity of fad diets

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The rise of the food dictators

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I am a British food writer/blogger based in Leicester. I love to cook and share the food that makes me happy. I really believe that anyone can cook a decent meal if they wanted too and I think many get put off because of fear of it turning out badly or that they simply have no confidence. Food has always been a part of my life particularly as I was growing up. My childhood was frought with abuse and mis treatment but food was always the one thing I could rely on, it made me happy and no matter what was going on in front of me I knew food was my comfort. I tend not to cook fancy cheffy dishes because there is a time and place for fine dining and in the home it has no real place. Don't get me wrong a pretty plate of food is appealing and making a little effort certainly helps, but I - and I suspect many others simply do not have the time for it.

Local hangouts:

Pubs, Food markets, Food festivals....anywhere I can smell bacon cooking!


Huckleberry finn, Hugh fearnley whittingstalls 'meat' Rick steins food heroes series.


Fleetwood mac, deacon blue, AC/DC, Rush


Lord of the rings, Star wars

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